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This book is a winner. Is actually a great tutorial about how to develop an effective business from the day you select you have a product to sell (or before). It reads as though your best friend wrote the book and is trying to help you away by learning from their experience. This book will save you from the many mistakes we non business minded craft people make with a simple, but extremely important, guidance to increase your business. I sure wish I had known all this way back again when I was start..., I've read lots of books on selling online, but this is the most down to planet and helpful book We have read. The information is dependent on what they did to make their business successful, so you know it's tried and true. From the finish of every chapter, you get an assignment. To make the most of the book, I did not navigate to the next chapter until I'd completed my assignment. I've learned more about selling online from this book than every other. This is good stuff and if you pass on it - you're transferring on an opportunity. I HIGHLY recommend this guide - it is going to make all the difference in your business., I have already been considering a business online to sell a hand made doll that I call a " critter" and have watched the Liberty Jane clothing line as they relocated through the many stages of their business. Then when I saw that they experienced written a helpful " how to" book - I was anxious to read it. It is a step by step helpful book about what to do based on lessons they have learned. The book is written in basic words and explains all of the new technology in easy to understand language. This book was perfect for me and gave me confidence which i can actually have a craft business., This book is truly excellent. It is thorough, yet concise, so is not overwhelming. I am a very goal-oriented person, and so i relate really well to it. If you have trouble setting goals, it is going to encourage you too! I really appreciate this powerful resource. It lays an excellent basis for producing a business - which is ideal when you don't know where to begin, or if you have never done the business aspect of your craft well., The particular advise in this guide is helpful, if a little bit dated. It is my observation that Ebay, use of which is highly advocated in the strategies within this guide, has lost a lot of its popularity. I think there could be better, more timely strategies to be experienced, but I honestly don' know very well what they could be., The durability of this book (in addition to it's easy to understand information and sound advice) is the way it gives you a daily "push in the right direction". It encourages you to stop ONLY thinking about starting your online craft business and DO IT. Sometimes everything that must be done to "start up" a business can seem overwhelming. Imagine if you had a business mentor that stopped by your house daily to share with you what you needed to do that day to have your business up and working in fifteen days. Wouldn't that be such a motivation that help to you in making your goal a reality? That is exactly the approach that Jerrika and Cinnamon Miles use in this book. Study a chapter and get your "TO DO" list for every day. Every section brings you one day better to the realization of your goal. A must read if you want to stop dreaming and actually begin., It's got a lot of attributes: It's easy to read; From the Step by step guide to starting a home-based business and It has a day-by-day format that is not hard to adhere to.

In case you have ever pondered ways to get your small business idea off the ground, then you need this book - it's packed with valuable information that provides you with the resources you need to get things going.

Jerrika shares the LJ journey from the beginning and includes the pitfalls to avoid as well as what worked for them. His background in Advertising lends credence to the lessons of the guide. Cinnamon has a Q & A in each chapter that provides additional insights into how they built LJ into what it is today.

You may not regret taking a chance about this book - you might just jump-start your new career., This book is incredibly well written and very insightful, especially for anyone who has tried (and failed) to this point to successfully market their craft business. The particular advice about how to create a successful following so that once you do list something on Ebay it gains a ton of bids in a very short time is well worth the price of the book by itself. Of course, they cover far more than just that. We would really very strongly urge anyone who has ever thought about trying to sell their art or their crafts and make a living at it to buy this guide and follow the advice. They do focus a lot on selling through Amazon, but I am sure the advice works equally well if transferred to Etsy or any other hand created goods site. I want to put it to use to start marketing my artwork!

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