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Discover CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing from its inventor in this readable, informative book. If you want to know the dimensions of the future of modern biology, CHECK OUT THIS BOOK. This invention can be as important as the breakthrough of antibiotics or semiconductors, and opens the entrance to amazing cures, artist babies, and even Jurassic Park! There are hazards and moral issues aplenty to consider. Because this book covers all of this, it is important for humanities readers, not just science buffs, to read. Techies, twist your friends' arms and help them if they trip on a detail. Don't overlook this book. Even high-school kids can edit family genes now., This is a great book about a very important recent development in biology. CRISPER-Cas9 and related technologies have given biologists great power to rewrite the genetic code also to control its appearance in amazing ways. Life is held in the hands like clay that can be molded and reshaped. Not only is the topic extremely important, but the authors are preeminent in their field, while at the same time their writing is accessible and easy to read for a non-expert. Despite the fact that I possess studied biology on my own, I do not think a reader needs much background in biology to understand the publication. This is a " must read" for individuals who want to learn about, and maintain informed on, the technology of gene modifying. Absolutely fascinating, and a little scary., Everyone should read this book because hereditary engineering is here. Dr Doudna presents a definite explanation for why we should be concerned but should not panic. Creating designer infants is probably going to be both so difficult and dangerous that it will not be attempted. The personal issue is will getting rid of certain genetic diseases which can be eliminated with genetic executive be available to all or will we create an elite class. If the only safe way to edit genes is in the petri dish, what about the numerous who, for ethical/moral reasons, will continue to reproduce the old-fashioned way?, If you've ever thought " Hey, Let me know more about this CRISPR thing, " then this is the book for you. Authored by two of the scientists who will eventually receive the Nobel award for the work they describe here, A Split in Creation diligently recounts the developing the world-changing tips for gene editing, and takes an honest stab at examining its ethical implications. Difficult exactly captivating, but it is real, and it is honest.

One note: While We think the authors make a valiant effort to make the technical products accessible to readers like me, whose study of biology ended in high college, there is a lot of real science here and it's easy to get lost. Anticipate to read slowly., Fascinating book. That is a great review of the history of genetics and particularly the latest breakthroughs. First time I understood CRISPR and also fabulous at speaking about all of the ethical, social, legal issue in gene editing. Need to be careful about diathesis., Jennifer Doudna does an exceptional job of explaining and defining conditions that we the layman are probably not familiar with. The lady gives a history of the program and floods in the blanks of the system. She further gives some of the moral issues involved and gives us a view of the future to come in this research., Two points here. just one. An excellent presentation of the details of CRISPR and CAS. 2. A good important discussion of the positive prospects of CRISPR/CAS to enhance the human gene pool as well since the hazards associated with its use., This book describes the concepts of CRISPR really well. In addition, it brings into focus the advantages of society to understand the impact of this technology. I only wish there were more pictures.

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