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Any book by Dan Flores is worth a read. There are a variety of books on coyotes, but this one is the best overall I've read. It includes several broad themes: coyote resilience, coyote individualism, coyote biology (including a little evolution, but all the science is definitely understood), coyotes and people (in the broad sense--native American stories, coyotes in metropolis and more), and much of the book deals with the persecution of coyotes, This last is important, and Flores discusses a century of shooting, poisoning and cruelty--still going on--that must have killed several tens of millions of them. A sorry tale it is, mostly a taxpayer subsidy of gardening hatred of predators.

Flores says that the coyote resilience is because they can function well as individuals or in groups, and can quickly modify to the ecological probability of an area. This resilience evolved in part because of a different sort of persecution: baby wolves kill coyotes and coyotes had to evolve ways to cope with that. Human eradication of baby wolves in nearly all of the UNITED STATES opened up opportunity for coyotes. Flores thinks coyotes are a lot like humans in being flexible and handling stress.

There's an amusing but serious point in American attitudes. Folks who like the pet say " ki-YOH-tee" and those who dislike the animal (and non-urban Westerners) say " ki-yote. " There's a lttle bit of any cultural war over coyotes, although not as severe and militant as over wolves.

Flores discusses coyotes in cities, generally Mis Angeles and Chicago, although they've managed to get to Fresh York and even Staten Island. They're in every declares but Hawai'i. Flores covers coyote mixing with wolf and dog populations. Perhaps the coyote is establishing subspecies better able to cope with a persons environment of cities and suburbs. The elimination of atroz dogs from cities (violently done in the nineteenth century and domestic puppies gone feral do not last long) did a similar thing elimination of wolves did, opening up areas for coyote opportunism. Coyotes can be dangerous, killing a toddler in California in 1981 and an grownup woman in 2009 (in Nova Scotia). Some do eat cats, but coyotes cleaning up outdoor cats is something of an metropolitan myth; they eat rodents and rats and insects, and don't raid dumpsters.

One almost side discussion is whether there really is something called a Red Wolf. Some research has shown they have 80% coyote genes and if they are not a real species, we're spending a lot of money to them. Flores looks at the evidence and finds it rather more complicated., Good natural history of North America's most fascinating critter. Amusing, amazing and well documented science. Great for young folks enthusiastic about sciences, Native American culture and attached to of animals., This is a great and useful read with a noted outdoorsman, with some remarkable facts about the 'yote. ' A trip through the biology, history and cultural connection in our four legged neighbors, who are around in metropolis as well as the country. Having lived in the North Forest, and Southwest desert and mountains for over 60 years, I can confirm this author knows his stuff., Great writing by a scientific story teller. Fascinating read about a fascinating subject. Tons of interesting info that is as much about human nature and human history in The usa as Mr. Coyote. A person can't help but enjoy and marvel at the correlations between the protagonists. Like so many things in the us today the answers for this co-existence and cohabitation question seems so simple it will never be solved with the intensive passions the song dog evokes. Bottom line Dan Flores makes a great read of the survivor of the Age groups., I've always loved coyotes and had known something of their lore and history, but Dan Flores brings it all to new heights. A delightful, sometimes sorrowful, read that should make coyote-lovers away of even the most everyday reader., I'm not even finished with it yet, nevertheless for this book, being a slow reader and wanting to absorb and reread all of the juicy detail may be a good thing. Guide is very well arranged and makes no claims without substantiation, and it is doing a great job of putting everything about coyote's in context. I'll not go the Aztec way and commence worshiping them, but I do wish coyote's would come through the yard more often., Great history about an amazing animal being persecuted by a below amazing animal., Not really your typical animal story. Very informative. and exclusively different

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