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This is very misleading.... it is not a Cowboy Boss Boxed Set. It really is one book about a cowboy boss.... then three others or four others. However it is not Volume 1, 2, 3, 4 of Rancher Boss. The book was actually ok but just ended.... I have no idea if you have a follow up book covering others in the story. Typically a boxed set is of stories that all go together. Not other publications authored by the author., I love the author and her books. This is the on top of that of her books i have read so far., I had been immediately drawn into this book because the characters were so vividly real and so was Pete's ranch!

You felt like you were right there on the hacienda with the horses, Lacey the horse trainer, Pete and Riley the dog.

I warmed up to Pete and Lacey straight away who are best friends and have known the other person since childhood. And am adored how playful they were with one another.

Emma who involves work on the ranch sometime later it was falls for Pete is a bit more difficult to read because she is so closed off and Pete has a hard time getting Emma to relax and be more personable and not hide behind her professionalism and reliability.

If you have ever before had your own illusion of having your own hacienda you will enjoy this book. But this book is more character driven than plot driven.

This book also offers a very creative and sweet ending.

I received an advanced copy of this book for my honest review., Pete and Lacey have known the other person since they were kids. When Pete was 20 he lost his daddy and took over the ranch. He lost his mom when he was younger. For the next four years it's been him and Lacey taken over the farm. They know they want help so Pete puts in an ad in the paper. Emma lost her mom when the girl was going too. Increasing up it has only recently been her sister, dad and Emma. Then when Emma comes home from college the girl looks for a job. When she pulls upward to inquire Pete about the job is is smitten. When Pete sees her he has to be with her. Can these two work and date? Or will Lacey be a problem? Great read. This book includes five extra publications. The first extra book is called Priest with Jace and Daphne. The 2nd extra book is called Gamed with Quinn and Owen. The third extra book is called Protector box set with Ava and Brian. The fourth extra book is named The Single Dad with Blake and Emily. The last extra book is called Slammed with Evie and Zack., Cowboy Boss is a captivating and interesting story that you is just not be able to put down until you've read it at least one time. It's Emma's and Pete's journey through life and each other. You will particularly like how strong they developed to be and how they remained true to each other. Pete did not think he needed anyone in his life until he hires Emma. Pete tries yo vreak Emma out of her shell while still trying to be her boss. On the other hand, he fails miserably. It is impossible for them to deny their emotions for every other. But starting a relationship might affect their working relationship. How are they going to manage a relationship that doesn't cause problems?

Its essential read. Pick up your copy today.

I under your own accord submitted an ARC review for this book., A fun read.

Pete decides that he needs to get another worker on his ranch, but he is a traditionalist and only advertises the job from your paper, not on the internet. Emma is back again home after completing her degree in agriculture and she is looking for an outdoor job. Her daddy tells her of the add in the paper and she goes out to the farm and applies. Emma gets the job, but she is working on not developing a connection with her boss. There is an attraction between them, but starting a relationship might affect their working relationship. How are they going to handle a relationship that doesn't cause problems?

I voluntarily reviewed a sophisticated Reader Copy of this book., Cowboy Boss

Pete was one fine hunk of man. I could imagine the smooth TEXAS accent that rolled off his tongue as he chatted every word. This guy had all the charm of a true cowboy.

I loved how when this individual liked what he found, he went after it, even though at first he was power down. No, a true southern man doesn't give up, they find another way around to gain access.

Pete was sexy, hard working, loyal, tough, but nice. He was that once a lifetime find.

Emma and Pete's story was what everyone dreams of. Riding off in the sunset with her everything, her Rancher.

I voluntarily read an ARC in return for an honest review., Opposites appeal to is what they say and so Emma and Pete's story comes to life. Pete owns a Hacienda with his closest friend Lacey and they need help. Emma is in lookup for a job and answers an advertisement from Pete. The perfect circumstance of the workplace but time is necessary to warm upward to Pete. Can Pete have these two women in his life (one as his childhood best friend and the other as his lover)? Expresse never disappoints! I under your own accord reviewed an advanced visitors copy of this book

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