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An awesome tale of love and devotion. I have read and reread it many times. you can feel yourself in the story as it unfolds., I'm sure that almost all of us at eventually has known a real 'Miss Hattie. ' Maybe a teacher or a fellow church-goer that is a little older, fairly sweet, kind, and gentle but not especially pretty. Haven't we viewed her when she is bringing food to the elderly or helping care for an injured child and asked yourself " Why isn't the lady married? She would make a great wife and mother. " Then we just get used with her and feel that she just doesn't want to get married to. This was the circumstance of Miss Hattie Colfax at the turn of the last century. After the death of the girl father, Hattie continued to run the family farm while caring for her failing mother. Helping her was the girl former " plowboy" who is now sharecropping the girl acreage with the idea of buying the fields from her when he has acquired enough money. Handsome Reed Tyler has helped work the Colfax farm since the associated with eight and now at 24 he sees that he has a good chance of purchasing the acreage that he or she needs to make a life with his beautiful future husband. It isn't until the 29 year old Hattie is courted for the first time that Reed realizes that it isn't very his fiance, but Hattie that he really wants.

Zero one does Americana like Pamela Morsi. Not only are they well written, nevertheless they are well researched and true to the times that they are placed in. (I have to confess that I am one who takes to the internet and the catalogue to check out facts that I find dubious. In this case, I looked up rice growing in Arkansas. And, yes, the lady was spot on. ) When you sometimes wonder how your grandparents or great-grandparents lived, Ms Morsi's textbooks may be helpful to you... and entertain you completely at the same time. Her characters are extremely well developed that you feel you know them completely and without resorting to dastardly villains and chilling plots will give you hours of reading pleasure. I suggest this book.

Sexual situations may offend some readers, This guide is written with Morsi's trademark charm. She manages to write textbooks with romantic tension and dubious characters who end up surprising us with their graciousness. There are no true villains besides weather and fate in a Pamela Morsi novel.

What I usually love in a Morsi hero is his unabashed lusting after some obscure part of the heroine's anatomy. She can make a hillbilly's foot seem swoon-worthy. With this book, there were so many references to Hattie's horse face and broad grin, that I just didn't have the lust. That also didn't help that Reed's fiancee was such a big part of the plot. It smacked a little of emotional cheating, for all that perhaps Reed didn't recognize his feelings as such.

Hattie was delightful: spunky, strong, good-spirited and happy. I wanted to be the girl friend. Though not graced with an attractive face, the lady didn't wallow in the girl misery. In addition, she knew the lady wanted more out of life, and sought to grasp on to whatever additional happiness might come her way.

The environment around Arkansas rice areas was unique and educational. I had formed no idea Arkansas produces rice and is still today gets the maximum rice yield in the U. S. I really like it when casually dropped details in a historical story make me turn to the Internet to check out there more information. Not surprising Morsi manages to provide drama into farming. She has a great capability to make us appreciate the efforts and genius of the past, and bring them alive through great characters and touching romance., This is a unique story about finding love – when the other person has already been other people you know for years. Hattie Colfax is a basic woman of 29 years. Both parents are dead and Hattie has already been tending her farm with only help from Reed Tyler.

Reed started working at the Colfax plantation when Hattie’s father appointed him to help out there at their farm; Reed was less than 10 at the time. This individual loves the land; Hattie has promised to sell it to him when he has saved enough to buy it. Reed is 24 years old.

Bessie Jane is the beautiful, spoiled 17 year-old engaged to marry Reed; she wants to get married to NOW and Reed with patience tells her they must wait. Reed refuses to marry until he provides for a wife.

This specific quiet situation is abruptly overturned by the information that Ancil Drayton, a recent widower with seven children, plans to court Miss Hattie. It takes Reed some time to realize that he is jealous; he’s never appeared at the five yr older Hattie as a woman.

It is really an absolutely beautiful story; why only 4 stars? *************SPOILERS **************** Any time Ancil Drayton becomes infuriated that Hattie shies away from his kisses, he or she calls her cruel titles. Then he tells other men why he really wants to marry Hattie – and it has nothing to do with the girl fine character or elegance. Hattie is a strong woman; I cannot picture her standing for such cruel treatment just to get married (never thoughts that he’s a suggest, weak person).

I simply could not understand why Bessie Jane suddenly agreed to marry Harmon. They had been in love with the other person for years. Bessie Jane’s dad hated Harmon and tossed him from his home. She was a snob and performed not want to get married to a junkman. What abruptly changed? *********************

It is really an original story that is really nicely written. The characters are real and engaging. I was hooked from page one.

Courting Miss Hattie ~ 1992 RITA Award for Best Novel

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