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It was an enjoyable book that I found to be motivating, inspirational, interesting, and helpful for the creative artist in all spirits. I would also highly recommend this to authors looking to navigate the current book publishing market. This book is not restricted to writers as most anyone can benefit from the moving to the motivational in this piece and incorporate it within their lives in some way.

This was entertaining, uplifting and educational on many levels. There were some offerings and guidance I already participate in, but to read it from another helped solidify, “Okay, I’m doing what I’m supposed to or I’m on the right track. ” There have been a great many other things existing in this that I hadn’t considered. It was an encyclopedia of all things pertaining to creative imagination on all levels whether it’s an artwork project or a business opportunity to finding creative methods for doing things. There is the spiritual as well as the practical.

The particular book is broken up into two sections or parts. The first part is the initial incubation levels of creative imagination that concentrates on getting creative called, " Courage during the Creative Process". The second part of the book is for those considering turning one’s creative work into a business and putting it out there for the world. That area is named, " Courage to Make a Living - and a Contribution - with Your Creative Work. "

The focus of part two is heavy through to fascinating tidbits for the writers and authors out there. I'd definitely recommend they check this book out. There are also exciting reveals from the author Doreen Advantage plus some of her challenges, challenges, and how the girl was able to station that into abundance and blessings in her creative career. This can also help anyone looking to be inspired regardless if they're considering turning their creative imagination into a job or not. It’s difficult to get through a book as I have a short attention span, but this was interesting and exciting enough for myself personally that I couldn’t wait to turn the page.

The chapter titles below can assist in giving you a good idea of some of the subject areas covered. They all start with, " The Bravery to.... " The Bravery to Be Your Imaginative Self, to Feel Your emotions, to Get Clarity, to Start Creating, to Work Inspiration, to Quiet Your Mind and Be Receptive, to Make Time for Your Creativity, to Keep Focused.

The second area has the same beginning, " The Courage to... " The Courage to Visualize Success, to Place Yourself Out There, to exhibit Your Creative Project to Others, to Turn Dreams into Reality, to Market Your Creative Work, to Acknowledge Payment for the Imaginative Work, to Handle Ambiguity and Uncertainty, to Become Your personal Authority Figure, to Do Whatever it Takes.

This is an excellent book that I had created recommend for anyone looking to dive into the colorful modern world of imagination., This book is a down to earth guide for being creative and working with the roadblocks that sometimes can get in the way. It is rather motivating and something I will refer back to often. It guides you through the whole process from experience your feelings, to conveying yourself and all the way to making a living from your art. This book does not include much in the way of creative exercises, however.
If you want ideas for art jobs that isn't the character of this book. If you want down to earth support and guidance for practicing your creative imagination this book is a great aid for that., This book is fantastic for those with a project however they have no idea where to begin. This is giving practical tools to overcome all the range of fears an artist can have before assuming it s artwork.
It is giving you courage and energy to move as well as insatiate your creative job and overcoming the concern of your criticize ego and system belief of outside. Precious and a treasure of ideas and insights. Thank you Doreen for your congrats and life dedicated mission to give your gift in people., One more incredibly helpful book by the talented Doreen Advantage. This book is filled with heart and reality. I love how this book has practical applications, and Doreen's honesty really shines through the pages. Love it!, Started reading and wish I had a few days before school started to finish it. I want to take my time and enjoy this book., This book is just what I needed to read right now to get started on task management that has been bouncing around me for some time now. Doreen you are incredibly right when you admit it arrived to me for design, and if I may write it, the idea will scurry off to somebody else who will. Say thanks to you for this book of wisdom! Highly recommend., Wow thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Doreen is so informative, helpful and encouraging with what the girl has written.
It is so nice that Doreen shares the girl knowledge to help others achieve there potential in their lives.
Would want to be more like this amazing lady. Say thanks to you Doreen - enjoy you a lot., This book is inspiring and useful!! I love it!

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