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As an inveterate couponer myself, I am always thinking about books that dispense advice about how best to save money using coupons. Jenny Dean's "Couponing for the Beginner" has a lot of good information that both beginners plus more experienced couponers can utilize.

The book is a how-to guide made for complete couponing beginners, so Dean starts with the essentials, defining the various conditions associated with coupons and explaining the different types of coupons that are commonly available. From there, the lady explains the rules that stores commonly apply when people use coupons, various ways to get coupons, how to organize coupons and plan shopping trips, and, most important, how to increase the value of coupons by combining offers (she provides several examples with the price tag on specific items showing how the various strategies can reduce the price tag on specific items, sometimes to zero or below). Typically the material is simple to understand and after reading this book most people should easily be able to whittle a few dollars off the price tag on their next shopping trip.

Even experienced couponers should be able to find some value in the book. Dean discusses a number of common retailers and provides links with their rewards sites and specialty sites that provide in depth information about coupons and sales at specific retailers. For individuals that frequent a particular medicine store or grocery, these sites can offer some tips on saving that may not otherwise have occurred with them. The Kindle version of the book contains a couple of dozen links to various coupon related sites, many of which might not exactly be familiar even to those who use coupons regularly.

My only issue with the book, and it's a substantial one, is the price. I actually received the book for free as a campaign, so price wasn't an issue. However, the author usually charges . 99 for a book that's barely 50 pages long and contains a fair amount of filler (a discourse on the economics behind coupon usage is interesting for those with a marketing background but doesn't really provide any valuable information). It may be difficult to justify paying that much money for your short a guide, particularly when much of the information it consists of can readily be seen elsewhere.

In my view however , the material for the most part justifies the cost (I did deduct one star from my review... if the book were priced at one or two dollars, I'd have given it five stars). The discussion of putting coupons is more comprehensive and provides more putting options than most books do, and the top number of links and specifics about individual retailers make the book a good research that can be referred to frequently when needed. For anyone who is new to couponing, adopting the advice in the guide will probably save them at least just as much the price tag on the book on the first shopping trip alone. Couponing does save money, and also this book one of the better guides you'll find on using coupons., fantastic and understandable even for us right brained people. I actually used to coupon but never like this and I love this guide. it's very easy to understand but filled with all the information you need to make successful and cheaper shopping trips.. and hey, maybe even make some money along the way. jenny explains things so well, shows you spreadsheets and takes the headache out of trying to figure it radical. I love the fact that it has a listing of couponing sites as well since i am never quite sure which ones are good, I also love that she informs you about the different stores and just how their coupons and rewards work. makes you feel certain when you go in. you know what they say " knowledge is power". this is a book for the beginner however when you are done you can feel as if a pro. thank you jenny for writing this and making such an enjoyable and understandable read that is actually useful to us that are on a budget or that just like the " hunt" of great deals.. which is the majority of us today. don't hesitate to get this book people. it can wonderful and will save you big bucks!!, For me it started with viewing extreme couponing on TV. Things have changed from 2011, you are not able to get 100 sports drinks or 100 toothpastes. This guide is more realistic, my husband was amazed when I started conserving $$$ and he was beside me when the total came next to nothing using extra bucks from cvs. The girl tells you how to watch for the store's different policy's, how you can save money stacking coupons, esavings etc . and how to prepare for your first shopping trip. This is worth the tiny money and it is useful, however you will have to buy the book like I did. You can get some tips from the show but things have changed over 4 years. Good book!!! I am proud of myself, This is possible to save money, you just have to know how!!!!!!

You know I went to Barnes and Noble and they don't even stock books on couponing, you will have to order it here., One reason I actually LOVE this book that teaches about couponing is that it isn't 12 in . thick, yet it shows you everything you need to know and that you would get from the fuller books. I rarely make it through books with lots of extraneous information or maybe " chatter", as if the author is being paid by the term. This compact little guide is packed full of all the information you need to become an " Extreme Couponer"! I highly recommend it., At first I thought I would not learn anything new from this book. But I actually was wrong! I figured out a lot of things about couponing that I experienced never heard of. Furthermore, there are several backlinks to places where you can get coupons and other information.
It was well written and laid out so that I could understand it and follow it.
If you are a new comer to couponing I would recommend reading it. In case you have been coupon usage for awhile you might be surprised and learn something totally new that would help you too., Great! You can learn to coupon and place up coupons, different types is helpful.
Makes you want to try it and I did
Save, so far about . 00 in couple weeks!
Weeks! Perfect for a beginner like me., It is really an awesome guide. A must have for anybody couponing. I have been couponing for around a 12 months and I still figured out so much from this book. All the links and websites this wounderful woman has in this book are really helpful. All the information you need in one destination to save you money. It's worth it and pays for itself if you put all the information to use., This was a great beginner's guide to couponing. Very thorough but could use a section on using coupons at Wal-Mart. I actually only had a few of minor issues with the book. One was that the author tells you in a single chapter that you can "buy" coupons on the internet then tells you in the very next chapter that you aren't really buying coupons. The other is when the lady advises you to look in the recycle dumpsters on school property. Those dumpsters are for fund-collecting purposes and routinely have signs on them telling you that you might not exactly take items out of those dumpsters.

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