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It is a rarity. Many have written opinions about slavery. Couple of have done what Olmstead did - endure problems by spending the time and effort to get a first hand look at slavery in multiple locations in order to provide a comprehensive overview. A single drawback - it is limited by being only one man's experience, and, after a while, his thoughts and opinions overrides his experience. To be fair, he or she documents the reasons for his thoughts and opinions very carefully and cogently basing it on his experience. The remarkable man. An excellent resource., Am a tenth generation southerner, 7th generation Texan, so naturally prejudiced in favor of the old south - but this travel diary describes the antebellum south as it truly was - a real mess. It is famously accurate regarding Olmsted's moves in Texas - where the most civilized people he encountered were the Hill Country German immigrants, who brought their culture, free thinking and the work ethic with them unchanged - and uncontaminated by the slave economy.

Somewhat nicely debunks the The show biz industry notion that the old South was anything but a "3rd world" plantation economy - with captivity being a corrosive influence on everyone and on all aspects of community - except those that chose not to participate in it - like the Texas Germans - who infamously were killed as traitors for refusing to serve in the Confederate army.

An abridged version should be in every history classroom, since you cannot fully understand America without understanding the Civil War and its causes., Great book, just as marketed and a very god look at the period when cotton was california king in the south., Such a wonderful experience for me personally to check out this. It is much like a Paul Theroux travel book only more filled with down to earth content. I really got to feeling like I was accompanying the author. For each morsel of thoughts and opinions there are 10 of actual experience and dialog. And he catches it all, the relationship together with his horse, with the scenery, the weather, the houses and fields, and of course the primary thrust is the people he meets.

A step back: The creator is a New York Times reporter who travels through the southern slave states prior to the Municipal War. He's just following the roads on his horse and inquiring for a spot to stay as evening approaches. Staying mostly in peoples homes, not open public lodging. He carries with him a strong give attention to the economics of where he visits and the way slave labor works into everything. He would like to understand slavery from the perspective of those he or she encounters, and is effective at soliciting lots of commentary. The majority of the conversations are with the white people, many of whom own slaves. But there are also good quality back and forths with the blacks, mostly but not exclusively slaves.

I've learned a lot here about the texture of how slavery was experienced in the south. It is not one dimensional, there are all sorts of folks with pros and downsides and expressions of the unwanted effects. This is not edited material, there isn't an effort to convince you in any way. I actually could talk a whole lot here about the amazing things I've learned, but that's of little value. Please read it yourself., The Cotton Kingdom; The Traveler’s Observations on Cotton and Slavery in the American Slave States. Based upon Three former amounts of journeys and investigations by the same creator. In two volumes Volume 1 1861 Edited with an intro by Arthur Schlesinger 1953
In 1852 Olmsted, a special correspondent for the now Nyc Times, journeyed by horse through the southern slave states staying mostly at plantations.
The farms vary from promising small to large both in acreage and number of workers, mostly slaves, some free blacks and white. He reflects how poorly the people live both culturally and physically in comparison to northern owners and workers. He surmises that because the farms are so spread separate normal town amenities such as schools, churches, your local library and newspapers are rare. He continues that this remoteness also leads to tight-knit family members as there is little other social entertainment. He gives the reader a picture of the South’s plantations—low on hospitality, energy, food variety, literacy and good agricultural practices.
Olmstead comments on the condition of the customarily dilapidated main houses, of poor quality and variety of food—primarily bacon, cornbread and molasses sometimes coffee, associated with squalid travelers’ sleep accommodations. He describes how the people live, their clothing, their tools, crops and soil conditions. Male slave personnel looked in good condition as we were holding very valuable assets and aside from field labour they could be hired out or sold. On the other hand, women were valued for their slave production; Virginia being the greatest makers. Even with slaves, work wasn’t done well or quickly—thus crop production experienced. He discusses at size the economics of growing cotton, cost of slaves etc . by observation and U. S. governments stats.
At the ending of the book, along with much philosophical verbiage, he concludes that slavery not only is economically and morally harmful but is so equally to both owners and slaves.
Appendices A. The Conditions of Virginia—Statistics. B. The Slave Trade in Virginia (A day of servant trading—reviewers note). C. Price of Labor in the Border States. D. Data of the Georgia Seaboard. E. Olmsted on the Northern and Southern Figures. Editor’s Appendix: F. General Bibliography. 625+pp. No sketches, no maps, often no names of places where Olmsted visits. Sometimes repetitive and verbose.
I highly recommend this book, an eyewitness account, of situations in the South ahead of the Civil War., The actual this book so interesting is the immediacy of Olmstead’s journey. We travel with him and sweat in hot weather, slosh through muddy streets, worry about the horse, and get fleas from dirty beds. We’re little by mosquitoes. Get captured at night in the rain. If you think the wild west was wild, read Olmstead. There were white people in the Nineteenth Century To the south less civilized than the Indians they disparaged. Their observations on the The southern area of attitude in the direction of slavery breaks or cracks no new ground, but the examples he provides will make us Southerners squirm. I've written an assessment the book on my blog (http://www.writepersona.blogspot.com/search/label/books). Scroll down to May 20, 2013.

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