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Combating for Honor combined two of my favorite worlds. JB Salsbury's Fighting crew, and Harper Sloans Corps Safety.

Caleb Dean show's up in quiet little Wish Town to be at the summer house he frequented as a child. Requiring a location to concentrate on his training while preparing for his next big fight. The temperature is hot and the training is even hotter.

Honor Cartwright, the awkward sweetheart from his past practically knocks him or her on his ass when she shows up at his place. No longer the teenager who captured his eye, this produced up version of the blonde beauty has Caleb's undivided attention.

While seeking to find a common ground which allows Honor to give Caleb an opportunity... The miscommunications of their past and the goals of these future make this journey to fall for the other person the absolute sweetest trip. Along with the healthy dose of laughter we've come to expect from JB Salsbury.

This book doesn't waste time. It knocks down walls and builds up relationships. The help of the Corps Security team adds the most amazing secondary history of family that's not tied by blood, but by bond.
So to me, this book was two fold. It was a beautiful... and... CRAZY HOT love story.

It was the story about connections that go past duty, and his passion and support that actually get when you travel to Wish Town. Curl up on the couch and get comfy. Because once you open this book, you won't want to close it., I totally became adoringly obsessed with this story!!! I've never read anything with this writer but I'm bound to next. I'm such a huge Harper Sloan fan and was excited to hear another author was taking us into Wish Town.

I love a fighter. I really like a man who can be a violent storm in the ring/octagon and a gentle protector to his female outside it. Caleb was so swoon worthy!

"What drives me is much stronger. It's love for the girl who took my heart fourteen in years past and never gave it back. "

If that doesn't make a woman melt I'm not positive so what can? Caleb and Honor knew the other person as kids. She was the loner/outsider. Caleb didn't really have group of friends there as he traveled for wrestling and moved away, but he never forgot Honor.

Honor was smart, quirky, and strong. The lady could have been beat down is obviously but she never stops fighting and I actually think that's why the woman and Caleb hook up so strongly.

I also cherished the medial side characters who were Caleb's training buddies and I'm assuming they are this author's main figures in other books therefore it will be fun to see their stories.

This was fun, sexy, and simply beautiful. I loved every minute!!!, Kindle Worlds brings together two series. Typically I've only read one of those series, but this time two series that I actually love combined to make one great story.

The setting for this book was done in Harper Sloan's Corp Security world. The main characters and story are from JB Salsbury's Fighting series. Normally we dont get a slew of characters from the “world” the writer is writing in but this time we got plenty of acquainted characters from both series who interacted through the whole book..

Caleb Dean were raised vacationing in Hope Town. He always loved the city and when he needs a location to train for a big upcoming UFL fight he picks to train there right on the lake he has such fond memories of. Just what he didn't expect to find is the produced up version of the young girl who he or she always had the dur for all those high seasons is the cook appointed to feed him during his training.

Honor Cartwright grew up poor, surviving in basically a shack ready eccentric Grandfather who filled her head with a lot of history of previous wars. She always loved him or her, no matter his eccentricities. But she never had the confidence to attain out and make friends of those in the town she grew up in so now that her Grandfather has past she basically a slave to one of the town bullies she grew up with who is the owner of the shack and the land she grew up on.

This book had it all.. A nice romance with a man full of honor who in turns fights with honor for Honor.. Plus, plenty of humor and figures from two series I actually love., I've read all the Corps Security and Hope Town books as well as the Combating Series and let me personally just say, this is a perfect mixture of those worlds! I handed Caleb Dean my heart in the prologue and i also didn't want to be happier because all through the story, I just kept falling more and more for him. I actually adored Honor and SENSED her thoughts and inner struggles but even more, how she remained true to herself and how her character evolves. I actually loved the blend of characters from the various series and how well the storyline flows., I like JB Salsbury. I've never really read a book I didn't like from her. The only one in the Fighting series I didn't read was the last one. I actually wasn't too enthusiastic about reading about school kids, so I don't know about that one. It was great to see characters from the series make an appearance in this guide. It would have been 5 stars, but I just seemed it was all rushed, and things were left hanging with the " dirt" on Honor's family. It seemed like everyone had a lot of free time issues hands, to do whatever. Simply no real emotional draw for me on this one, simply a decent read., Cherished, loved, loved this book. As a HUGE fan of Corp Security and Hope Town series I actually had to read this book also it did not disappoint! Loved the integration of Corp Security. Caleb and Honor were destined to be together but what a long road. Loved how bullying was dealt with plus the relationships between the fighters. This guide is full of love and just made me personally feel good! So happy I found this book, it's a comprehensive guide! Very recommend, specifically if you are a fan of Corp Security series., I actually love all JB's book's but I really, really love this story. Maybe because coach anyone how to awhile or that this story features the Corps Security family I also adore, but this is definitely one of my all time most favorite. I would like a Caleb of my own (ahhh don't we all). Watching Honor get over her past and find her own was great. I can't stand lovato. I also really liked Jonah and Blake being a steady part of Caleb and Honor's history. Missed them...

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