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For entry level JSF developers the book would be extremely helpful. It requires you through the essentials very well, and describes it in a simple concise mannger. However, if you are an intermediate to advanced JSF developer the book does not help much in understanding the deepers dos and don'ts of JSF - this while about fifty percent of the book are covering the very essentials of the JSF essentials.

Sections that would be helpful in the book are:
1. Building for proper handling of the back button.
2 . Older JSF issues in rebinding in ViewScope to the already initialized properties and how to circumvent.
3. Handling forms (and form resubmission) and guidelines on when to redirect, website link and post (related to back button).
4. The FacesContext and its glory

In brief - a very nice book for those starting with JSF - if you however are looking for the JSF secrets and expert advice - then this guide is not for you.

Gwie, Far too many books nowadays fail to actually tell you the biggest launch of the century, and fail to prioritize the " must knows" from the " extras". Actually, far too many are just plain wrong in some critical aspect. This, however, is well written from your teaching/learning perspective, and also complete, relevant, well prioritized. Oh, and right: ), Still reading and studying it but great so far, Good coverage of the basic principles necessary for a solid base.

The flow could be improved. Sometimes the creators jumped from point x to point y assuming the readers are able to see the logic. But I came across them to be very long jumps. Still a very good book., I absolutely liked this book, because it offered me answers where other books on JSF could not. It really is well written, and introduces the principles as you need them. Strongly recommended., Book is compheresive and detailed.
My only objection subjective is all about JSF itself that it doesn't meet my expectations. Beside that, guide is spotless., I feel totally satisfied with the book contents. It's good reference for JSF. Guide covers every aspect of JSF from concepts to its implementation., This is a great book that make clear all of coffee server faces 2. zero. It might be good a new version of the book with jsf 2 . 2.


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