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Coraline finally gets to see what's behind a locked door in her smooth. There's a passageway leading to a home with the exact same layout. Her "other mother" and "other father" reside there. Sure they may have strange button sight, but this world has great as well as clothes--although, these things are artificially wonderful. When Coraline returns to her real home, the woman parents have disappeared. She gets to go back to the parallel world and face the dangers and creepiness posed by the "other mother. " Coraline must be brave to rescue her parents and three children the "other mother" has trapped. I actually how to start why I anxiously waited so long to read CORALINE. I'll always be rereading this., The story of Coraline is one for all ages, even if you think you won't enjoy it, odds are you'll more than likely enjoy it. It's written in such a way that is blunt enough to keep kids interested, yet innovative enough to keep the older readers interested as well. As a 17 year old who have always had a fascination with childlike imagination and ponder, this delightful tale captivated me in ways that a lot of reports don't.

And most of this has related to the key character, Coraline Jones. Her attitude and foolish bravery is exactly the kind you will see in someone so young. Not quite understanding of the situation, but yet having the wits to resolve it. She really is a smart little girl.

The story is packed with all sorts of twists and turns, and it moves at a very solid speed. You could get through it really fast if you just sat down and read it, but this is the sort of story you'd want to take your time on. Maybe one or two chapters a night, before bed. Probably read it to your kids and enjoy it with them.

Overall, very enjoyable, I give it a five out of several!, Neil Gaiman walks the same hollowed ground as Roald Dahl and Clive Barker; creators of luxurious, detailed modern fables that scare the crap out there of youngsters.

Gaiman’s Coraline has gone from cult classic to timeless classic since its release in 2002. We all relate to a child that doesn’t get enough parental attention, and Coraline’s heroic journey — to rescue her kidnapped parents, free the spirits three lost children, and destroy the wicked Other Mother — is as epic as any used by Hercules, Odysseus, or the Knights of the Circular Table.

Coraline shares many themes with these classic tales: it’s about compromise and bravery, and being careful what you wish for. Coraline learns that sometimes you don’t appreciate what you have until you almost lose it.

“It is astonishing just how much of what we are can be tied to the beds we wake up in in the morning, and it is astonishing how delicate that can be. ”

Coraline also learns the importance of working in the direction of your achievements, and the Zen art of The Journey over The Destination.

“ ‘You really don’t understand, do you? ’ she said. ‘I don’t want whatever I want. Nobody really does. Not really. What kind of fun would it be if I got everything I ever wanted? ’”

Coraline is a beautifully rendered trip into a surreal world that feels a lttle bit like a Tim Burton fever dream, or The Brothers Grimm in a poor mood. But Gaiman’s vision is uniquely his own. One other Mother is as wicked a witch as any conjured by Disney, Mother Goose, or L. Frank Baum, and Coraline is the sort of main character you never tire of cheering for., I love this book. Before i read it, I had developed only seen the movie (directed by Henry Selick) and it was already dark and twisted as it was. But the book posseses an ominous feeling, the one which won't shake but you like it, you want it to stay. Truly captivated by Neil Gaiman and this book, highly recommend., This story is amazing for kids in the more youthful ages. I just love it!, This kindle edition is difficult to read on smaller tablets, at least on a Fire HD 6 this book failed to allow zooming or reading in landscape. It also doesn't show in the Comics software (as opposed to The Walking Deceased in spanish for example), so you do not get panel-to-panel navigation either., Neil Gaiman did an amazing job of subtlety making his book Coraline creepy from the very beginning. In the beginning of the book it seems like a normal fairy tail but you can tell that something mysterious is happening. Close to the middle of the book you definitely know something creepy is happening but don't know very well what it fully is or the reasons it taking place. By the ending of the book it makes you wonder what the reasons are for that to happen and wonder if it actually is over.

The issues I had with the book was that the middle just appeared to be there to make the book longer. The middle of the publication seemed to repeat its do it yourself over and over which made the book get a little boring. The ending of the book felt so rushed that it was challenging to keep up with. Since the ending of the book was so rushed it lacked the high quality the rest of the book maintained.

I actually recommend this book to people who choose fairy reports with a twist. Coraline feels like a regular fairy tale but with a morbid spin. This publication is also good for individuals who like books that are a little little dark. Some of the characters in Coraline are extremely creepy and strange., It was unfortunate that I actually got my hands on the Coraline movie before I even knew there was a book. Right after scouring used bookshelves I actually finally cracked and purchased it on Amazon here. I had read from the writer and other reviews that this book enchanted children and terrified adults. I am apparently not normal. Avoid get me wrong. I actually LOVED this guide from starting to ending and devoured it the second it was in my palms. It's very well written and has some wonderfully distressing images. I wish that I had the book before the movie. And I aren't wait to read it to my daughters.

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