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Not really had a lot of time to use the tested recipes yet. I do wish it had some more basics in there for when I'm in a rush. I watched her on television set helping Wolf Gang Puck on one of the house shopping shows advertising his pressure cooked. That particular pressure cooker I do in fact purchase and therefore sent for a number of textbooks for electric pressure cookers especially her's. Mine will not have any temperature settings so it's just turn the knob to the time your cooking food for and that's it. This book or any of the mediocre does not cover one with just the one setting so it the actual recipes a guessing game as many have " do that setting, wait for X level of minutes and change it to this setting" I can't do that Lorna. The girl does have lots of handy little tips and writes in a common " non-gourmet chef" way. I do wish the girl had put all the handy " cooking at a glance" charts in a single place, like maybe your back of the book. The only other thing I would suggest is, I may know about more of you but I'm a really sloppy cook and (as my mother-in-law would say) I actually cook all over the house! There's flour and peels everywhere like a bomb went off at dinner time. So I said all that to say I like cook books with covers and pages that may take some amount of motivated cooking ingredients strewn about without pages getting stained and/or stuck with each other. js. But that's me personally. Except for the aforementioned considerations, not a bad book., a classic that I actually found via a friend. I actually am new to pressure cooking so was thrilled to have this cookbook with the preface sections. Lorna gives general " science" and Rules of Thumb for various foods, and you'll find you can be successful adjusting tested recipes on a try. I actually bought the Kindle version for 99 cents - a great deal and a genius use of my iPad in the kitchen., The very first thing I do when I got my pressure cooker (stove top, not electric) was browse the instruction book that emerged by it. Then I set it aside and read this book. I never picked up the training book again. This is a great resource with everything you need from recipes to cooking chart. The instruction book informs you (predictably) not to cook beans or rice in stress cooker. I mainly use my cooker for beans following Lorna's recommendations. I've never had an issue and am very happy with this book!, Bought an electric pressure oven - which I absolutely LOVE. Purchased this book to use as research since I have cooked with standard pressure cookers before. Basically I have been using the book as a reference for things that I need times for and for a number of the recipes., Lorna fills in the blanks with a good tips from her experience like using more water than the recipe calls for to make up for the fluid lost by the steam. The recipes weren't glamorous--just basic recipes. I actually read a few and tried them but nothing really stood out as a favorite to go again to. I did make the risotto in the pressure cooker using the girl recipe and I was impressed that it was so well cooked and not hard/crunchy. And, I actually didn't have to stir it for 20 minutes to add the essential fluids but i like my other recipes better--more flavor.

I'll try more tested recipes and update this as I go. The book was highly recommended by others so maybe I actually am missing something., This specific was my first pressure cooker book. Sass educated me so much. I possess since purchased her other books and just love them all., After numerous trials and errors with pressure cooker recipes and books I possess finally found a keeper in Cooking Under Pressure. This book is a real winner. There is excellent variety in the recipe's and great accommodation for cooking times and different types of pressure cookers. The author takes into account a wide variety of tastes, and explains with great detail why certain pressure methods are suitable for different foods.

I specifically value the wide variety of common pressure cooker tips and tricks spread through the book which act as a research for cooking staples like beans, rice, potatoes, lentils, squash, and nearly every variety of meat and vegetable that a home-cook would ever guess. Regardless of the recipe I am using I usually talk to this book for an evaluation, notes, or alternatives. Overall excellent!, Plenty of interesting recipes here. Already tried two and enjoyed both. Some require a fair amount of preparation before pressure cooking food. I prefer the " dump it in and set the timer variety" (yes, I'm kinda lazy). Absolutely worth the bargain price!

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