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Plus weight training for 21 years. Now in my 40's I recently decided to simplify my life and sold off much of my gym equipment (I had a considerable amount) retaining only the essentials to do power lifting movements such as: profession, deads, snatch, clean/press, along with, etc. I have experienced injuries in the past from working out (knee, back, & shoulder), as well as in the last few weeks I reinjured my make. The thought occurred to me that I could further simplify my workouts, and reduce the possibility of injury, by removing weight training completely. I commenced researching information on bodyweight training. We researched several books on Amazon & several health/fitness forums. Convict Conditioning was the book I chose depending on all the comments I collected.

I purchased the book about two weeks ago and read it in five times. When researching Convict Fitness the main negative I found was folks complaining about the " prison" aspect of the book. We saw some reviews which commented about how the penitentiary related stories were bogus and that Coach Wade was most likely a fictitious character. Personally, We dismissed the prison aspects of the book as marketing hype and concentrated on the training substance (these days you need some kind of marketing angle to get your product noticed by the right crowd). The information is excellent. The exercise progression is worth the price of the guide (I purchased the Amazon kindle edition for under ). It starts off with exercises which are very easy figure (My elderly, over weight, diabetic, triple bypass, high blood pressure, father could follow this program without risk of injury). This particular was key for me personally. I am looking to workout with little to no risk of damage... and, hopefully, to improve previously injured joints to prevent future injury.

We have been following the plan for almost 2 weeks. I am on level 3 of pushups and squats, level 2 of pull-ups, and still on level 1 of leg lifts (my abs are obviously weaker than We realized). Per the suggestion in the book We will hold off on bridges and handstand pushups until I am further along with the other 4 actions.

So far I love this workout! I can work away right in my family room, during commercial breaks, for many exercises (except for draw ups). The workouts are short and simple. We am building " functional" strength... as well as " demonstrate-able" strength (In the future I may easily demonstrate my strength by dropping and doing one arm pushups, or pistol squats... I'm certainly not above doing a little showing off. ) We no longer have the fear of injury while doing these exercises.

I'm looking forward to buying Convict Conditioning 2 (when a Kindle edition is available - Which I wish will be VERY soon. ) so, someday, I can start working on doing " Flags" (talk about demonstrate-able strength!! ).

3/5/13 Update: Seems following the program for over per year and I still love it. I reached the master phase for leg raises with regards to a month ago. As of today I can do 1 hand pushups on the floor, but my feet are not together yet... I am still working on that. We figure I'm still 6 months to a year away from reaching the master phase of squats (due to lack of ankle flexibility) and pull ups (still need to develop more strength). I am probably at least 2 years away from the master phase for bridges and hand stand pushups.

I possess had no injuries since starting the program. We feel strong and my wife has commented that I have gained muscle tissue. The pain I experienced in my knee, again and shoulder have washed out away over the last year (that alone was worth 50 times the price of the book).

I love the ongoing challenge of slowly (and safely) working my way through the progression. We purchased Convict Conditioning 2 and read it, but I won't start working on those exercises until I possess learned pushups, pull ups, profession, and leg lifts from the first book.

We don't miss weight training. If only I had a book like this after i was a teenager.

9/22/2014 Update: I've been next the program over 2 years now. I have also begun to integrate other gymnastics movements into the my routine.

Pushups: I have been doing great with 1 arm pushups, but as many others have found, doing them with the ft together seems nearly impossible. Instead I am doing 1 arm/1 leg pushups.
Pull Ups: We still haven't mastered 1 arm pull ups. We am still working with one hand on a low towel and archer draw ups.
Lower leg Raises: I mastered the straight leg raises and have moved on to Dragon Flags (not pointed out in the book).
Pistol Squats: As a result of lack of ankle tendon versatility I have struggled with pistols. However, We am very near to doing my first pistol lift with my heal on a 1 inch block. I can squat down very slowly, and then give myself a minor push started and stand back up. I expect I will get my first pistol very soon.
Bridges: We have tied to doing bridges for sets of 10 reps (stage 5). We am in no be quick to get to the master phase of this exercise. Let me focus on it when I've mastered the core 4 exercises.
Hand Stand Drive Ups: I am doing handstand pushups regularly. It will probably be quite a while before I can do a 1 arm hand stand push up.

I am still injury free and my joints still feel great (I am 45 years old). The mixture of the Paleo/Primal lifestyle and the calisthenic has extra a lttle bit more muscle size in the chest/back/arm/shoulder areas (haven't noticed much gain in the legs).

We recently purchased " Full Calisthenics: The Ultimate Guideline to Bodyweight Exercise" by Ashley Kalym. This guide has similar progressions to Convict Conditioning but includes several gymnastics exercises (Levers, Planche, Human Flag, etc). I am incorporating a few of the routines in this guide into my weekly schedule.

I still don't miss weight training. For me personally Calisthenics have given me personally much better results without the injuries/aches and discomfort.

11/5/2015 Brief Update: I am doing freestanding pistol profession (with my heal over a 1/2 block) regularly. Now i'm still a long way off from doing 1 arm pull ups & 1 arm handstand push ups. I am doing bridges for reps (bridge push ups) with my feet raised 6 in . started (on a pub on the on my power rack) which work the back of the shoulders very well and offer me a great again stretch. I can do very high leg boosts (touch toes to the bar) at this point, plus I'm doing monster flags. I am still injury free and experience great. I am doing a mix of other bodyweight exercise along with the CC workouts. I am now doing 1 arm push ups with my feet on a 10" block as well as 1 arm/1 leg push ups.

6/10/2016 Update: This particular may be my last update. As my exercise routine evolves I continue to expand my schedule with new exercises. Nevertheless, I cannot say enough good things about this book. It was, for the most part, the start of my body weight training journey which We know I will continue for the rest of my entire life. I will keep working in the direction of 1 arm pull ups. I may worry about 1 arm handstand push ups. I recommend this book often to people who have whom I speak about physical fitness. I'm 47 years old now. I'm lean and strong and will remain this means for a very long time, thank you in part to the information provided in this guide. Advice to anyone just starting out: Stick with it. The system works well and may improve your life., "Coach" Paul Wade's book is fantastic. His is a remarkable book that catches the complexity of training the body through six "simple" exercises.

Wade's commitment and knowledge about bodyweight training shines throughout the book. The exercise progressions make intuitive sense. The chapter on coaching is also particularly relevant and useful - as eventually success using this program will depend upon one's perspective. Interesting tidbits about old-school strongmen sprinkled throughout the text add to the overall taste and tone of the prose, which is simple and generally concise.

Inside phrases of value, the book also delivers. Are usually these exercises "new? " No . However, as pointed out above, the progressions are absolute gold. A particular example: his bridge progression series. As someone with a relatively flexible posterior cycle but tight anterior cycle (I did martial disciplines as a kid), We found Wade's comments on the bridge and their progressions to be very helpful. Again, the exercises are not new (e. g. short bridges) - That i knew of a number of them before buying the guide. Yet, Wade puts it together in a way that helped me understand why I was very flexible in some ways, but lacked mobility in other ways.

Wade's discussion of human anatomy and exercise science was also an interesting and informative read. (He does not hold neither states hold any advanced degrees in these areas, but his ideas appear sound in my opinion based on experience dealing with my own exercise-related injuries and my time spent doing work in a physical therapy medical center. )

Serious students of bodyweight training and physical culture (as well as novices! ) will benefit from reading and training the exercises in this book; I know We have., Excellent, excellent guide about health and fitness with an eyeopening explanation how health clubs, weights, machines and supplements are not necessary - which is the last thing the fitness industry wants you to know! Nobody can profit much from training bodyweight exercises, and therefore the average person will not hear much about it, this is why is is not advertised on TV. Plus that is why this book is so important! I recommend the Amazon kindle version, sicne it is just about $ 10.
His system is pure genius - no wonder - he experienced many years to perfect it. Invaluable book!

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