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It was different but I liked it. Its the first paranormal written by SK. It kind of plonked me off a bit because it was written in 3rd person and I'm used to her writing in the first person but I could still follow the story. Andrew is........... beyond Alpha this individual has anger issues and control issues he is Alpha multiplied. At first Nyla was confusing because I knew she liked him but she retained throwing him off but once her past was explained her behavior made more sense. There have been some things that were puzzling in my opinion such as who and what was Darius as well as why Rinic was so deceptive and if Andrew was Alpha and the strongest and beat any every challenger why he always had to have someone around him. Who was Theresa and why were here and Cedric segregated? I guess I'll have the answers to these questions in January.... Hopefully., I'm not really a paranormal reader normally and the first part of this book did not really indicate that it was. With that said, I actually thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. SK Lessly has written one of my favorite romance books and characters with Mason Adam West in Ruined. It had been only fair that I actually give her paranormal tale the opportunity and I was not disappointed.

WOW, like Mason, A. P. did not disappoint either. He could be an ultra alpha any woman would be more than happy for him or her to say. When he claimed Nyla, OMG, that was some kind of HAWT. Constantly wait for guide 3 to get here. I hate it when cliffhangers take such a long time before the next book falls. This book was filled with suspense and mystery. About three months is simply too long to determine what happens next., I don't want to sound like a broken record but damn this was a great guide and don't understand how I'm going to wait for the next installment. I actually am in love with Andrew and Nyla is his feisty little Escaparate. The scene when this individual catches her seeing her friends and the explanation of him in the sweats, Timbs and sleeveless hoodie plus hard body - LAWD (fanning myself).... I actually can't get the eyesight out of my head. AP great brothers were an added bonus. Constantly wait for the fight that is brewing to come to a head and it seems Nyla may be about to make her transition... huh, maybe.

Great story and characters including baby Se'Nya with her adorable self, hot erotic sex and a genuine relationship between them., This one was chin dropping. I am already wanting November and December away. Wondering how Nyla will react when she discovers the truth of who/what she really is and also learns who/what Andrew is. I'm also wondering about the baby. Is she a hybrid just like her mother? What of the father, who will be He really? Can't wait around to determine more about the pack hunting her and of Cedric's woman. The reason why did she leave all those years ago? See.... amazing, leaving you salivating for more. I'm not worried, I know H. K. gonna have my jaw back in place and put me away my misery with guide 3. I'll be holding out., One of the best things about SK Lessly is that just when you think a tale is predictable, she sends in the twists.

I actually like Nyla and i also want to see her happy and settled.

AP is too hard and angry for my tastes.

But she settles him. Tends to make him lose himself in her quite place.

It's a cliffhanger.
And Ms. Lessly's apology at the beginning of the book is unneeded. I will make sleep of this ride with her., Wow Ms Sk. Standing up ovation. You really amazed me with this guide. Didn't proceed with the expectation that it will be dukun but you write fire in this book. Individuals brothers AP and Cedric.... goodness. This book is filled with Alpha testosterone. Avoid go through the heroine as yet so I'm looking forward to her evolving within the next installment. So glad Ms Sk is broadening her genre. Love love love., This book was good from beginning to conclusion. You hot sex, a possessive controlling ALPHA and a sweet young lady that that had no problem letting him know he needed to ask as opposed to demand. This is simply the first part but We would still recommend it, Andrew and Nyla are in the midst of understanding their attraction while battling the things that lurk in the dark. There are still so many questions that they need answers to.

Can’t wait for Controlled 3.

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