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I thoroughly enjoyed this perfectly researched and well written story of an unusual competition. Your competitors is in the form of a ham radio contest by practically 120 of the best ham operators in the world, operating practically identical ham stations propagate over a lot of Massachussetts. This specific could have been informed as a " techie" story, but difficult. Rather, it's a story of very human rivals ready for almost anything, and dealing this things that make a mistake. We learn of their backgrounds -- where they're from, how they got into ham radio, their professions (some techie, by many not), and their history in earlier runnings of this event that's repeated at four year intervals. Prior events have been saved in Russia, Brazil, Finland, Slovenia, and the west coast of the US.

Jim George obtained his first license as a teenager, and with his Electrical Engineering degree enjoyed a long career with a significant electronics company. A skilled contester, John had competed in earlier runnings of the big event. He knew many of the competitors, the referees, and the organizers (all volunteers) who made the event happen. His perspective, his decision to make this a human story, wonderful ability to tell it make " Contact Sport" a great read. Their story of growing upward in a little town in the mountains of ZE West Virginia parallels mine in another West Las vegas town 100 miles away. We both used our EE degrees for a happy and successful techie career, and we're both active contesters. This is Jim's second book; his first is fiction about a guy much like himself growing up in that same small town. I liked it a lot, because its tale was of a person who loved music, cherished ham radio, and was dealing in a very positive way with the social upheaval of college integration.

As a pig and active contester, I understand many of the US hams that George writes about, and have contacted practically all of them over the years. I found Jim's observations quite perceptive for those I knew fairly well, and I gained good insights into those I did not know or knew only casually. My partner of 25 years is not into ham radio, but I am giving this book to her to read. I think she'll have fun with this., I love Amateur Radio and factual books about events concerning ham radio. This is one of those books and I did love it. The story is about a special ham radio contest. Each weekend, there are many contests where amateur radio workers contact other amateurs in order to rack upward points, the winner having the most points. Typically, ham operators operate off their personal stations. Each owner has a different stage of skill operating these contests and due to dissimilarities in skill, equipment and location, there is always some debate who truly is the greatest contestor.

The contest which is detailed in Contact Spot is a special contest, where the very top contestors are transplanted to the same basic location, given equipment as similar as is possible in order to stage the playing field. And then, for 48 hours, they battle against each other to truly determine who is the best of the best.

As with any technical undertaking, " Murphy" ensures that unforeseen problems arise which are handled by volunteers all throughout the contest.

The story isn't overly dramatic and the author will do a good job of striking the right tone. As with many contests, the act of participating is the real thrilling is the center of this book.

Possibly not a great read if you are not somewhat intrigued with pig radio but if you are, it will be a page turner!, Wow! I had listened to an interview of John George on the popular podcasting, " QSO Today. " However, I never expected this book to meet my expectations, much less to surpass them at galactic dimensions! With the turn of each page, I found myself becoming increasingly engrossed in not only the details of this tale, but in addition the powerful incertidumbre that made it extremely hard to put the book down.

I have highest regards now for what Mr. George accomplished by penning this treatise. It's a terrific read not only for all of us ham radio operators, but also for anyone who has even the slightest inclination to investigate amateur radio. Hats off to the author for a job supremely well done.

It had been especially rewarding to read what they are called of so many of my contesting friends. That just realized this documentary that much more realistic.

If you have not yet read this book, I encourage one to leave no stone unturned before you purchase and read this book. Then, pass it along to another eager reader.

---Dr. Larry S. Anderson, WB5EIN
Tupelo, MS (birthplace of Elvis! ), Contact Sport is a story of the intrigue, skills and frenetic pacing of radiosport or " contesting". Amateur Stereo operators who organize and compete in contests will enjoy this book as it has the flavor of any contest and gives outsiders a look not only at radiosport itself, but at the people who compete at the sports highest levels. Contesting combines technical skills along with knowledge of radio propagation in addition to being able multi-task throughout a contest. Contact Activity shows the difficulties of organizing the big event, creating relatively equal stations and the logistics of putting upward antennas, power and radios.

Using CW (Morse Code) or Single Sideband (voice), the competition is explained in detail, but it is not boring in any sense of the phrase - Non-contesters along with new " hams" and non-hams will enjoy this book. Jim George has created a masterwork for a sport that not a lot of men and women know about to get heavy technical talk down and understandable. As a contester, I appreciate Jim's effort to bring our sport away into the open for all to see and enjoy. I highly recommend this book to anybody enthusiastic about the nexus point of technology and sport. Really best regards, Tom Francis, W1TEF/4

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