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I will be amazed at a expected to be, love history with a rat of a H and a wimp of a they would. Like a housekeeper who views off his stream of one night stands with a watch and flowers for 8yrs. she still loves him and comes into bed with him or her!! The whole story is unbelievable... He has been married to a lady 10 yrs his mature who commits suicide when he agrees to offer the girl the divorce she desires! Her lover was seemingly already married. The they would is upset about all the women who go to their engagement party as they has slept with a lot of them! He claims these were one night holds and for that reason meaningless! As if she had no idea!!
He has experienced to face tragedies in every area of your life but should be man enough to rise above them, as a man of character would. He or she does redeem himself in the last few pages, but it is too little, too late.
I expected more substance in a history by JL. Very, very disappointing.... a stupidity., This specific was a sweet history, with heart break, and trails along the way. Cesare Falconeri lost his wife. His wife was his first love. He or she vowed never to remarry. He or she never wanted to go through, or feel that kind of pain again.
Emma Hayes did for Cesare Falconeri for years. She knows that he is a play boy, and is also aware he will never love anyone again. She knows she aren't fall for him. Really bad her heart doesn't understand. The two share one night together. That night time had lasting consequences. The girl quits her job, and moves to Paris before telling him.
Later he finds out he has a son. It was then, that he found out can love. He or she was in love with his baby son. He or she would move Heaven, and Earth as the dad that his son needed, and deserved. Can Cesare convince Emma to marry him or her? Emma has always wanted a family of her very own. Is this her chance?
The history had twist and turns, romance, heart break, and happiness., I'm glad I actually acquired this guide. It was fun and enjoyabme although the h was really whiny and insecure. Unfortunately I actually think the girl with a golddigger who came across an opportunity and took. No shame. I don't knock anyone we come up. Sadly I don't see this marriage lasting. She is definitely way to insecure., I actually almost didn, tt check out this book based on the first few negative reviews. Then i read the other reviews which were positive and took a leap of religion. Was the hero an ass? Sure but he was straight-forward not verbally abusive where he belittle, s the they would until her self respect was beyond repair, hell he couldnt have put a dent in this girl, she was too strong, strong enough to explain to him to ---k off and leave him because she saw he was a brick wall in his insistence that all he felt was lust. " I will not love you, I will not marry you and I will not have access to children with you" coldly shows her. I absolutely loved the h, she wasn, t gonna stay with him under those circumstances, she believed in love, having been raised by a loving father. Internet marketing not going to give any more away but i, ll say this, if you like angsty stories where the H is a moron because someone in the past damage him and like it when the h gives him a hard time in enabling his way and then they have the HEA then read this publication, Wow what a good book. I was worried at first after reading other reviews. Require reviews are the view of the reader at the time they browse the publication. I at first missed around in various chapters and located myself caught up in the chapter wanting to read more. Therefore i started out at the beginning and completed.

This book bargains with how we all are afraid of things and losing them if we let our feelings show or give into them. I would recommend this guide. Hope you enjoy... I actually did., The Consequences of the night: Jennie Lucas
Ok so I actually was feeling rebellious and reading all of the so so reviews I actually said “what the heck I’m going to learn it anyway. ” And so I performed, I was glad Used to do. This book was very good and the heroine was tough, smart, and she was not proceeding to compromise on what she wanted. Ok the girl got pregnant to a very rich man who was beyond empty and a little cold. The storyplot didn’t take its normal route of the woman winding up broke, cold and pregnant at his front doorstep, oh noooo! She ended up employed by more money for his rival, the girl was well off their self, and she had a baby that she loved as well as in the end…. Well the new romance so the girl wound up with everything else. I actually thought this story was very very good. I actually enjoyed it immensely because the hero was rich, handsome and a jerk but I still liked him, he was broken and she mended him very well, he was worth conserving. I give this publication four stars and recommend it highly., A lot of continuous angst and unbelievable history line. Not sure I actually would check out this author again. Why does the lady have to be so clingy and the man THESE KINDS OF a jerk., I knew this was coming out on Nov 1 so I actually actually waited up all night to download it and it really was ok. The most interesting thing regarding it was the beginning which seemed spontaneous and showed promise. Their a good buy if you're bored at home or only a simple afternoon read. I absolutely gave it 3 stars but since it wasnt totally terrible lol I decided to 4 stars since i am the first reviewer and didnt want to discourage.

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