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Terrific book that succinctly explains the basic tenants regarding conservatism. Despite having recently been written in 1960, it is relevant to this politics. This edition will be well bound on good paper. Hats off to be able to Martino Publishing for creating such a quality reprint. I recommend this book without having reservation - regardless regarding your politics you will find it interesting and informative., Simply taking off one superstar due to the actual build from the book. It's very evident whichever publisher printed these types of copies just copied and stretched Google image pictures over the front and back covers. The covers usually are really pixelated and also have a lot of artifacts, is actually just a really bad career before a computer. Likewise the book is massive as far as the particular width and height from the book, it's like a magazine but a little thicker.

Other than the clear second-rate printing and submitting job, the content of the particular book is great. Typically the essays hold up and give an excellent clear manual of what an real classic conservative political thoughts set is. It's perfect for if you need honest reference for a paper or perhaps if you much like to be able to read political essays. If you're worried that it'll just be a collection of propaganda-level persuasion on why to be able to be a conservative, I would relax. While he argues for why he's a conservative, at no level can it feel like most likely being recruited. Like I said, it's great research material, and you'll seldom discover a conservative politician respected this much by the two parties like Goldwater has been., I wanted to learn this particular book before reading Senator Flake's. I have usually considered myself a democrat with occasional republican leanings. Some of the specific issues inside Senator Goldwater's book might be distinct from what we all are facing today nevertheless the message is nevertheless profoundly relevant. It will be a vastly different perspective than most democrats would certainly take but he tends to make a compelling argument. Our view of American monetary policy and foreign relationships is going to be forever changed simply by reading this article book., All very conservative must have this book. Period. Fact is several things are not completely correct to goldwaters position in no way the less, great guide and also a classic must go through for all conservative oriented folks... And others as well, great for any Us., So clear, concise, and challenging to argue with.

Certain, there might be considerations not manufactured in this guide. But just what is stated is pretty very much the truth.

The thoughts and opinions about 'victory' over the reds - I can observe how that could be misunderstood. To be able to me, it's clear Goldwater is not advocating success through force, but will be suggesting the US need to collaborate with policies that will would be against the law regarding us, and should not necessarily support a system that will truly was inhumane. Victory could have been achieved by letting them fall aside, as opposed to propping them upwards.

It's just a great go through - sure wish a few modern Republicans would go through it. Also, sure desire he was elected more than Johnson..., It states Mind of a Conservative, nevertheless reads like Conscience of the Libertarian. I was seeking to understand the conservative perspective and I think I only got one element of it here., When I first read the subject guide years ago I thought it read like a evidente for the liberal philosophical position.

Upon reading it this year I recognize that will it is a well-thought-through defense of what will be now considered the neo-conservative philosophy.

It would take a great effort to problem Goldwater’s arguments and i also do not know if I could, but I feel (without real justification) convinced that the position is not defensible within the framework of our current political and monetary debacle.

It appears philosophically defensible but lacks even a hint of compassion for those in dire financial straits.

Unfortunately, the modern day neo-conservatives do not offer Goldwater’s logic to justify their own positions; they just weep ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’ as though they are four-letter-words. Such foolishness eliminates the particular possibility of rational personal debate., Unlike most of the particular books coming from modern day politicians, this book will be short, very succint, and although it speaks regarding what were current affairs in 1960, the examples chosen still stand out as relevant and a good explanation of the problems exposed.

But this guide is great not due to the fact it flows well and it is readily understandable despite the particular distance. This book will be great because almost every a single of the dangers that will Senator Goldwater warns about, is still there, and is nevertheless worsening. The us government encroachment, the particular habit to taxing and spending and also to creating brand new social programs, the risks to monetary freedom from subsidies to inefficiency and disproportionate power of unions (but not from the workers), the particular increasing interference on education and learning, a foreign policy planning and execution that doesn't function American interests (although Communism is no longer a world threat or a threat to the USA), and through it all, patent disregard for the particular Constitution, for the text and for the reasons the reason why it was written with the particular words it was written. Just about all of them, also, risks that both parties were doing feeding already inside his time as they will still are in ours.

Seeing the current express of America, its society, its government, and the relations with all the rest regarding the world, it's eerie to see how a prescient conservative with a clear mind was already predicting the world we are now living in, and how still a lot more than 50 years later on so many still decline to listen and decline to act. It also makes it all the more exciting to think about what would have been the results of a Goldwater victory inside the 1964 Presidential election; and all the particular sadder that it didn't come to pass. After Goldwater, over 50 yrs have passed and also together with all the problems he spotted in 1960 worsening, America and the free world remain surviving, when battered. But do we all have 50 more yrs to waste?

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