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Within ‘Confronting Capitalism’, the Master Marketer has aggregated many facts and figures that present quite an indictment of numerous aspects of capitalism that most of us in the Western world have held dear. In fact, the USA is presented as quite a scary spot to live. Whether we talk the right to bear arms (the immediate need for gun laws), the paucity of old age funds, poverty levels, ethnicity discrimination, non-maintenance of facilities, poor business governance, self-interest driven politicians, weak education and learning system, household and federal government indebtedness and other concerns, we are left with the lovely view that there is a better road to travel in life. I’m afraid that the solutions do not readily jump off the pages. I am still left wondering if democracy itself is at risk.
As one might expect, the book is well-written and as easy to follow as a fireside chat., Critics of capitalism are many. Many are long on whimpering about the evils of the system but short on suggesting effective options. Here comes a highly qualified Philip Kotler and presents fourteen major problems of capitalism. He does this without droning on, and with easy to follow and obviously easy to understand concepts and language : no jargon, no equations. Most refreshingly, he also identifies possible solutions to each of the fourteen problems. This compact and focused book can assist as a handbook for starting an extended overdue conversation about who we are, what we aim for, and how we can conquer the shortcomings of the system that is expected to bring about the financial well-being of all our population, but often fails to do this. Reflecting of its author, it is a hopeful and uplifting book not only for Us citizens, but people around the globe who face or will be facing these same problems. With this clear guide we can cut through the complexities and all take part in the discussion., Talking about capitalism is not easy. Because it is an financial system associated with a type of political system called democracy. As the practice of capitalism changes with time, so does the nature of democracy. The change can be in either path: positive or negative. This specific book does a wonderful job in bringing that relationship to the area., Finally a book that bridges the divide between hard collection right and left combatants.
Kotler knows why the nation is divided. Unregulated capitalism will eventually lead to
its destruction except if it takes into greater account the plight of the losers in this Darwinian battle for survival.
Smarter, more thoughtful historians and economists, have to gain more political power to invert what happens
to oligarchical nations that can't see the gathering storm of dangerous displeasure.
It should be required reading for everyone elected or wanting to be an chosen official.
The time has come for scholars like Kotler to cool down the rhetoric and expose the dangers that lie along the road we are traveling.
Great job., In the interest of disclosure Phil cannella was my professor, advisor, and then colleague at Northwestern University. Having now read the book 2 times, something I could never do with an common economics book, and having read other reviews about the magnitude of the challenges, We are prompted to now engage on a micro level. Washington has given us the “best government money can buy” but not at my local level. A city local has raised general public employee minimum wages to . 50 and We need to reach away and praise them for an excellent start. A next step is to award deals on the same foundation.
I need to tell my local Wal-Mart manager that paying such low wages creates an environment of surly personnel that ruins my shopping experience. Instead We go to Publix where employees are also investors and can afford to buy where they work. Publix understands the value of a lifetime customer.
Phil has told me that the challenges are daunting, the options on a macro level difficult, but actions where We are closest to the businesses and elected officials are not so difficult. Many of Phil’s positions and solutions apply equally, albeit on a smaller scale, about what can be done locally. I hope that is not come off as overly simple but We am compelled to behave., I have learned more about my own country's financial systems and reflected more on the intricacies of it than I would have ever imagined I'd do in a very long time. This book is absolutely intriguing. Mr. Kotler writes very well and the book opened my mind to mind-bending perspectives. I additionally recommend his other book with John A Caslione " Chaotics. " Genius. Truly genius., A book by someone that lays the issues as they are without leaning towards a personal side. Dr. Kotler studied under prominent scholars in economics one possessing a laissez-faire approach and the other having a Keynesian approach to economics. This is what makes his views more objective. I could not put this book down once I started reading. Having studied globalization in college, this book is a great read as it puts the issues upfront and offers options for a fresh financial actuality; one which is desperately needed and can be achieved. HIGHLY recommended, especially now that we have been in the midst of an electoral process., Kotler does a masterful job of compressing a huge amount of information into a understandable and concise review of financial points of view and the associated personal positions. Yes he has a liberal point of view but he is transparent about it unlike most on the right who cry populism but may mean it.

If Even more people on both sides of the financial church aisle read and discuss this book we may have a possiblity to change our course away from the delusionary financial policy most support like lemmings unaware of the impending cliff we are fast approaching. Who has better cred to make this argument than the inventor of marketing?

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