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First thing that strikes me about Scott Pratt's series is they are self-published. The paradigm has been that publishing yourself online means second (or third) rate writing. This is not really true is Scott's case. These are fun, imaginative reads that frankly, improve as the series continues. This is in stark contrast to all however the creme de la creme. Make no mistake though, #1 made me starving for more. He's the gift.

My brother, legal counsel, turned me on to Pratt's books and I actually simply cannot stop reading them. I admit that I am an aspiring writer myself but the Joe Dillard series has taught me as much as the writing publications I have read. Their writing breaks many of the " rules" of noveldom but he will it with great skill that moves the story forwards. Rather than each guide building on the previous books, Pratt's variety of plots makes reading them out of commission possible even though I would suggest you read from book 1. He plainly has certain issues that are near to home and it is this over-arching family adventure that makes one want to read every word. It's not Polly Anna-ish in any way and at points makes you want to cry but that is life; with all its good times and oh... not so good.

One thing that must be mentioned is Pratt's knowledge of the law. I actually live a couple of states north so learning about Tennessee law and politics is both academic and fun. As I start the last book in the Joe Dillard series (#7) I can only hope that # eight is not far at the rear of. The publishers that failed to choose to publish should have the earnings they failed to get., I enjoy the Later on Dillard series because the character is more like a real person, i. at the. his wife's battle with cancer & his partnership with his children. The and building plots are interesting & the books are sequential. About a personal level, I actually grew up in Knoxville and Dillard & I actually both graduated from LACE. I'm a little miffed that his son played baseball at Vandy rather than football at Tennessee (sheesh). But the familiar referrals bring back good memories., This is the 3rd guide I have read in the Joe Dillard series. I really enjoyed A great Innocent Client. I liked In Good Faith. I actually think Conflict of Interest is below standard for Scott Pratt. Much is a rehash and some is predictable. I failed to find the plot compelling or suspenseful. There is the usual stereotyped regulation enforcement officer that has is inflexible and to be able to toenail the accused irrespective of other exculpatory evidence. Nor do I buy the quality.
In other words, it was just okay for me dawg., This book is very intensive, as are all the Later on Dillard books. Within this one Joe is attorney to parents of a missing girl. The story of his personal life is connected which makes him appear so real. You'll feel like you know him and care about. him as a person. Adored it enough to purchasing book six even though the price went up., I have read all of the Joe Dillard series. Each book, including this one, is an extremely enjoyable read. I was sad when I finished the series... Please, Mister. Pratt, write another one! Scott Pratt is now one of my favorite creators. If you enjoy episode, action and courtroom uncertainty, you will not be disappointed., This series continues to surprise and draw my interest. I try to keep from binge reading all the publications in a row, since it is now my go-to series once i want a really good read. Pratt's character types and location keep a back story that pulls you back, and each plot is a really good ride on its. I highly recommend this book and the series., Scott Pratt is an awesome novelist great arch-hero, Joe Dillard, is a attorney one can like. The stories are good and the characters are believable. The ending in this story is a little abrupt and the explanations of motive relatively far-fetched but getting there was worth the time., In case you liked Scott Pratt's earlier books you will like this one even more. I typically try to only read a section or two each day; I recently like to spread the enjoyment out as long as I can. But once you attain about 2/3 of the way through this guide, I couldn't input it down.

Once I was about 3/4 of the way through I had a strong suspension " who did it. " I had been right, but the how was fun to follow.

A couple of Scott's earlier books, all of which I have really enjoyed, got kind of " super hero-ish" with the lead character stepping into real jams and then being able to survive all sorts of attacks that would have killed mortal men several times over. That wasn't the case in this book. Story seemed much more believable.

Looking forward to reading the next guide in the series.

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