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Avlyn, reassigned to a suitable family when she was young, is preparing for her configuration. Today the lady will get her work assignment, check her partner pairing and move out there on her own. She could also cut ties ready school friends, because childhood friendships are discouraged after your configuration. Above all else you must “Remember your function. ”

Life in the new world, in Elore, created and run by Direction is predictable, safe and determined by the Direction authorities at every level. You must keep control at all times, but what if there’s more to life than working and providing your government? Avlyn is about to find out that she’s not your average citizen and that keeping control isn’t always possible or best. It all starts with a mysterious message the lady recieves “Lose your life and you might find it. But time is operating out. ” Will the lady ignore the cryptic concept or investigate it and launch herself into a world she didn’t believe existed?

Configured, besides being my favorite dystopian genre, drew me in from the beginning with it’s parallels to the world we reside in today. Direction runs society, their message; fit in, do what you’re advised to do, don’t ask questions. In so many ways they are the unspoken rules we live by today, aren’t they? I do not have the space to explore this in detail, but ask yourself why. Why would you do the job you do? Carry out you love it, or was it position path that “fit you best? ” What choices have you really made for yourself or do you just have the illusion of choice as Avlyn does?

We probably do not require a full on revolution to change our lives but Avlyn does. The only choice she has left is to keep doing as Direction tells the girl to, or join the revolution and use the girl skill to alter things.

We loved this guide, in circumstance you couldn’t tell, and my guess is you will too! It has an overarching truth resonating through it that is summed up in this quote from it., We absolutely loved this story and was blown away when I found out it was Jenetta Penner’s first appearance novel. I haven’t read a dystopian novel in quite some time and now all I want to read next are more dystopian novels until the next in the Configured Trilogy comes out! The entire world Jenetta built is fascinating. We can’t imagine a life where showing emotion is illegal: it sounds so cold and miserable. I discovered myself empathizing with Avlyn on so many occasions as well as losing tears during some displays.

Is there romance? Not really outright, but there is unquestionably budding romance happening throughout the storyplot. I am fascinated to see if a love triangle possibly develops between Meyer, Aron, and Avlyn. I enjoyed the little bit of tension at the finish of the book between Meyer and Aron. I won’t lie, I crave drama—especially when it involves love!

We also look forward to learning more about Avlyn’s unique talent. Did it develop due to environmental causes or is it because of to genetics? The things i liked most about the story is how Avlyn isn’t your typical dystopian hero where she becomes a trained fighter (which don’t misunderstand me, I love a strong butt-kicking female lead); the lady aids Affinity on a completely different level—one which i have never seen before in a novel. We found it brilliant and refreshing! Good work, Jenetta!, This particular book was a satisfying read. I agree with other reviews that there was a dash of Hunger Games and Divergent thrown in but there is only so many Dystopian type stories to tell. The particular main character was amiable and easy to associate to as she experienced her moments of uncertainty and guilt but the girl humanity and capabilities made her stand out in a world where only conformity was rewarded.. Avlyn wanted to do the right thing although the choices she made all had consequences and she would have to live with that. Some secrets are revealed at the finish which surprised me so that was a bonus. General this was a good first book and this series has piqued my interest so I will reading the following one when it released., I'm such a fan of dystopian stories, and this one was amazing! Avlyn lives in a country that has gone the way of THE GIVER, stopping violence through essentially ignoring any type of feelings -- especially love.

In first, Avlyn meekly comes after the rules of the girl society, though she really does allow herself to mourn for her long deceased twin brother, who was raised as a Degree One with their birth mommy while she was brought up by a higher-class Degree Two family. She also wishes the family who raised her would show her love beyond mere duty. On the day of her Configuration, the day she discovers the girl " ideal" career, the lady lands an assignment past her wildest dreams. She is matched to a computer security position with a prestigious company. With a great salary and a condo that offers a fantastic view, and the names of some potential spouse pairings, it seems like Avlyn is all established for a life the lady can be contented with -- but part of her knows there can be more. When she actually is contacted by rebels and learns the sinister activities carried out by the girl government in the name of promoting intelligence and maintaining peace, she begins to break free of the shackles of the girl society and discover a goal, a cause worth fighting for.

I truly liked reading Avlyn's journey from meek, loyal citizen to a rebel fighting to live freely, and We highly recommend CONFIGURED to dystopian fans. I'm excitedly awaiting the sequel!

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