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A wonderful and eye opening book. What I thought I knew concerning this event was based solely on the very public government theatrics at the time. This is the other part of the story and it’s shocking. Kimelman offers you a front line seat to the multi-year implosion of his life and the toll it took on him and his family. The entire degree of the damage is probably yet unknown. Even as he gives you a well written, frank discussion of the train damage that became his life he manages to make you laugh throughout as well which includes outrageous reports. One of the most human stories I’ve read in a long time, the book hooks you from the first page.
You’ll know full well what it’s like to be caught in the crosshairs of a motivated prosecutor lusting for scalps in the awaken of the economic crisis. If that’s you, you’ll be treated to an F raid befitting a medication lord or terror cell mastermind. At that point your innocence is almost totally irrelevant – if you don’t have the circa million to defend yourself you may get a package where you beg guilty just to avoid jail. Salem witch justice. Either way the charges alone are enough to destroy you.
The author is clearly guilty of associating which includes cartoonishly sleazy bozos, and owns it. But insider trading is a stretch. Even though you reject his claims of innocence (you won’t) 3 things are clear – (i) the author’s offense for which he was charged was heartbreakingly insignificant, (ii) trivial delete word it had zero to do with the financial problems, zero, and (iii) your government is a damaged disgrace. When you look at the real skunks that remain free, totally secure in the knowledge that they will never face those same prosecutors who squandered taxpayer resources to ruin this guy’s life, you will be disgusted.
Do yourself a favour and buy this captivating book. It is impossible to dislike., This is part 1 of my review. I am going to post part 2 once i finish the whole book (and I have had a opportunity to take into account the issues a bit).
I bought the book in kindle, and i also have read about 50% of the books (I did not read this book in chronological order). I also read the 2nd Circuit decision denying the initial appeal as the 2017 district court decision question Kimmelman's motion to vacate, as well as the Elle article.
1. overall, a clentching read. Kimmelman writes well, and so far it is an engaging read.
2. this book is within part a personal story about Kimelman and his relationship with wife. I thought that his wife's Elle article was most unfortunate, her decision to publish the article without discussing it with her husband demonstrates breakdown of the relationship.
3. Moe is K's close good friend from college, and was EDNY AUSA in the beginning of the book. he then joins K's legal team at Wilson Sonsini (i am looking for the section where Moe made the transition)
4. K's relationship with his lead legal professional Michael Sommer is quite interesting and puzzling. K does not discuss in the book how his motion to vacate leveled an ineffective support of counsel claim against his lead counsel (and by extension, his close up friend Moe)., WOW! I literally could not put this book down! Eileen Kimelman is truly a talented writer. As soon as the FBI is pounding on his door to the visits with his Mommy, Dad and 3 young children while he's in prison to the second in the car where his marriage basically concluded, you feel as though you are immediately with your pet. Very emotional yet filled with occasions of humor, this an amazing read. Thank you for sharing your story, Michael. It can the one which has to be noticed and heard by many., The book was so good I had to buy two copies, I also worked on Wall Road, in a somewhat different capacity. Since the economic crisis, we've heard calls for increased regulation of the financial industry, more prosecutions, and especially, more people in jail. We notice over and over again that nobody went to jail over the financial problems. But people did, in fact, go to imprisonment, but for insider trading--in a prosecutorial push that many people think went too far. And what a lot of individuals avoid understand is how heavily regulated the financial industry is already. As a dealer, I lived in continuous fear of ending my career (and possibly being imprisoned) just for pushing the wrong button on my keyboard. It would be very naive to believe that only " bad guys" wound up giving on-the-record interviews or facing charges or actually getting locked up, but it happens to good people as well. I have seen it happen. Michael Kimelman falls into that group.

This was a very hard book to read, because it basically confirmed all my worst fears when I worked on the Street--that all it takes is one oversight, one mistake, one lapse in judgement, and it can cost you not only your career, but your freedom, and your whole life. This is a book about bad things happening to good people, which, karmically speaking, isn't meant to happen. But you will learn that it will happen. The opening displays, when the FBI arrives at his front door, will be forever seared into my thoughts. It is exactly how I imagined it. I recommend this book with the hope that someday a wish for retribution won't cause individuals to dehumanize an whole industry and want to send them to prison. After you see how the justice system works, you won't wish that on anyone., This book is a must read for anyone that wants to know precisely what happens behind the scenes of real Wall Road. The author conveys a brilliant and at the same time very entertaining picture of real life in finance. He shows the risks that tend to be included in the industry as well as the unlucky consequences to be a prosecution target. I could not put the book down from start to finish as it took me through just about every emotion. It offers both a great insight into the real everyday world of Wall Street and also white collar prosecutions. I am hoping they make this book into a show.

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