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Dana Ayer's Confessions of an Unlikely Runner is a must read for anyone who has ever laced up a pair of running shoes-- and the ones who have actually thought about it. This specific absolutely hilarious and infinitely relatable series of reports will leave you having a laugh and feeling inspired. Dana's experience are extraordinary. The girl ability to speak about the physical challenges and relationships made along the way will make you think about your own and possibly rekindle your love of running., In Confessions of An Unlikely Runner, Dana Ayers doesn’t just tell funny stories, but has hilarious side notes and thoughts throughout this guide. I just want to run a 5K with her and then go chat over coffee. Not only is this guide highly entertaining, but it may be supportive and motivates all of us to keep on operating – no matter how slow or lackluster our training is. In a world packed with life cyber criminals and ultra marathoners, Dana Ayers reminds us that average people run, too. This book has given us a new running life. If you prefer a hilarious, motivating read that will inspire you to run, get this book!, I'm very little of a reader, so when I tell you I couldn't put this down, weight it heavily! This was a quick read, and I was actually disappointed I finished it so quickly. I laughed, I got misty eyed, I smiled, I read components out loud to anyone who would listen because they were pure gold and I had to reveal. Then, I felt so inspired that I authorized up for a 50 percent marathon. Before you discount might write me of as " one of THOSE runners" (you know, the skinny girls who look graceful like a gazelle when they run), you must know that I am not. I'm just not. I've been told (on several occasions) which i " run surprisingly well for a girl my size" and that I " don't LOOK like a runner. " (Umm... thanks? ) Anyway...
Intermingled in all the wit and humor, is a resounding message of confidence that gives you that little kick to go for it (or maybe it's the shear competitiveness driven by that little voice saying " if she can do it, I can do it! " ).
Get this book for the laughs. You will discover numerous. Yet, beware, you might actually finish up all motivated and motivated and things by the end., Just what a fun, inspiring, read about the joy/pain/fun of recreational running. Dana Ayers writes in such a warm friendly connecting way that wraps you upwards in her experience of running various road and obstacle course runs. As a " 2nd half" of the pack rec runner myself, many of the things she gets seen and situations she gets experienced are very relatable. Her style is casual and the girl manner engaging. It is one of those kind of books that you get yourself smiling while your reading it.

Within the girl stories you'll find courage and inspiration mixed with each other with humor. I suggest this book to any person that enjoys a good read, runner or not. I especially recommend this book to anyone who has always wished for to achieve something (run a 5K, find a new job, etc. ) but have stagnated because of < INSERT REASON HERE>. Dana shows us how to push past those reasons, achieve unlikely things, and perhaps have some fun as you go along., This book is good medicine. I often look for funny publications or movies to uplift my soul. Often these books are not humorous at all. Ayer's guide had me rolling on the floor with fun and at times there was clearly great sadness too. Who else hasn't tried to run a race? Who have not had hilarious fun and tragedy as a outcome. This book is pure, it is true and it is for all of all of us who aspire to stay in a healthy well exercised body and also for those of us that want to read about it instead. Thank you for this great contribution. I will keep this guide on my shelf always., Fun, quick read about Ayers' experience being a " casual" runner. Not really a " how-to" for budding marathoners but it does give information into the nitty gritty of various types of souffrance and relays.

" All of us are the casual joggers, as opposed to the competitive runners. Casual makes it sounds like it's my choice. Like I'm just keeping things casual with running. Like running and I sometimes see other people, because we're non-committal like that. " That's simply the tone of the whole book. Very pleasurable, specially if you're intimidated by something you've wished to try but don't think you'll fit in - a yoga class, cross fit, marathons... she'll inspire you to require yourself so seriously and get out there and do it anyway., I don't typically read nonfiction because it doesn't maintain my attention well, but oh my goodness this book is my new favorite thing! This books is hilarious, so much so I would laugh out there loud while reading while waiting for my boy to fall asleep and I would be afraid I would wake him. There is certainly so much heart in this book as well and I teared up. Mainly though I loved how much I could relate (especially about adjusting my shorts at least 5 times during a run) to nearly all of what she's undergone though I've never run anything more than 5 miles. If you are a runner this book is a must read., Dana Ayers guide, Confessions of an Unlikely Runner (A Guide to Racing and Obstacle Classes for the Averagely Match and Halfway Dedicated) is an entertaining read for sure! It’s like she wrote this for the majority of us folk who aren’t necessarily the swiftest runners, but hey, we want in on the party too! This creator creates a whole new “mold” for runners who don’t fit the fast, sleek, competitive one. Extremely amusing and gives a fresh new perspective on operating!

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