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Native indian author Ramakrishna Reddy works for a Multinational on the other hand out of India and the United States. He or she is an award-winning speaker in both India and the US to followers of corporate, student and business groups. He has published nine books ~ THE ULTIMATE SPEAKING IN PUBLIC GUIDELINE, TOASTMASTER’S SECRET, CONNET WIT AND STORY, SPEAKING IN PUBLIC TOPICS, HOW TO WRITE SUCCESSFUL EMAILS AT WORK, GENERAL PUBLIC SPEAKING TOPIC SECRETS, PUBLICH SPEAKING ESSENTIALS, and now CONFESSIONS OF A APPLICATION TECHIE.

In his personal Introduction Reddy states, ‘Currently, there exists disruption in the tech world. Yes, the disruption is real but not as exaggerated as it is showcased. If you are not ready to make changes to tackle this disruption, you cannot blame anyone but you. Technology is changing things at supersonic speed, and techies are in the forefront of this shift. Yet nobody appears to be talking about things that really matter in work, life, and beyond. My examples and data points often give attention to guy techies working in the United States and India, for the simple reason that I am a guy and have worked in these two countries. Yet , the essence of this book should help even techies that are ladies, techies in other countries, and any corporate professional in particular. ’

Reddy’s manner of discussing his subject is not only immediately accessible: it is valuable as well as entertaining. Roughly, his discussion topics are Ten lessons not taught in classrooms, How to deal with people and politics, The way to get more done with less, The way to write effective emails, Speak sense into your listeners, A straightforward system to succeed with presentations, Quantifying performance, How to handle the hard stuff, Hacking your way to a healthy life, On romantic associations, Money is not the condition (embrace frugality, spend money on resources, creating passive income), Learn why " Studying and getting a good job" is bad advise, and Five keys to unlock your creative potential (Take quick decision, Play the numbers game, Find a good mentor, Master one thing, and Find your WHAT).

Reddy shares more valuable general information than the title of his book suggests. Hop on board and revel in his techniques and ‘unlock your potential’! Grady Harp, October 17, After my first few pages of this publication, I thought: “Wow, it is so clear that this book was written by a techie - no frills at all! ”. ?nternet site flipped the webpages my respect for the content grew. I did not remember about the lack of decorations and concentrated on the book’s meat and potatoes. There is so much valuable and useful information that a well-trained marketing expert and a skilled editor may easily turn this book into ten new ones.

Plus yes, the book may be most relevant to someone working as a developer, but it is packed with useful stuff for anyone employed in a digital business, even for everyone starting his or her first job. The appropriate title gives a hint - the book think a few lessons that are not taught at school. Numerous learn them from personal experience but if you are smart enough to borrow and transfer them into the own life, you will for sure avoid a couple of serious pitfalls.

The conventional wisdom doesn’t always cut it at work. The barriers of social nicety and popular and desirable social values often miss the point and can sometimes set you back your job. Exactly what Ramakrishna Reddy does in this book is give you the school of life you can get in your best ten years of on-the-job experience. That is up to you whether you should choose it up from the book or taste it on your own pores and skin., This book, Confessions of a Software Techie, was obviously a surprisingly enjoyable read. Now i'm not exactly a geek myself, but I have always been thinking about geek stuff. I was really delighted to realize that the book is about much more than simply technical things though. Mcdougal, Reddy, did a fantastic job with this book and while it is certainly a really wonderful choice for techies, they certainly aren't the only ones that can advantage from reading it. Right now there are actually a great deal of really great things in the book that you may easily apply to your life no matter who you are. I reverred how real the writer was. Reddy was completely straight up throughout the book with no reservations and I found it very refreshing and unique. I appreciated the advice and information that he provided about the workplace and reasons for surviving the politics of the workplace. That was definitely an area that almost anyone could easily relate to. The book gives you the possibility to take the author's encounters and apply those to your own life which means you can possibly avoid some of the errors that he made. I definitely recommend it, particularly for techies, and give it 5 stars., Confessions of a Software Techie: The Surprising Truth about Points that Really Matter by Ramakrishna Reddy is loaded full of information for techies and about techies. Not only does Reddy distill what a computer programmer really does; it veers more in the direction of sales than programming, he or she also covers the framework within which one can and should work. This belief of building a meaningful framework that guides you through your workday, but guides you through your personal life as well, is prominent in this guide. The author talks about how to get along with one's boss, how to win at office politics and even how to succeed through personal relationships. There exists a wealth of knowledge and advice here, from someone who is intimately common with the tech world. There are great training to be learned in this particular book, rendering it a level above most self help books that are out there there.

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