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Being a major Francophile myself, We are always thirsty for more Paris (and more French wine! ) and Vicki Lesage's Confessions of a Paris Party Girl totally quenched my thirst. Coming from late nights drinking at The Long Hop to surviving in (and learning to love) tiny Parisian apartments to navigating those oh-so-romantic Frenchmen, Vicki's lighthearted and amusing Parisian tales brought me personally right back to my days as a college student in Paris and made me yearn to get more. Vicki's writing is so personable and real that I actually felt like I was experiencing Paris with my best friend--a best ally who values all the small things about life in France, even when some of those things aren't easy (hello French bureaucracy...! ). Nevertheless she makes the most out there of all of her adventures in Paris, even the mishaps, and this made me love her even more. Vicki's story is an absolutely fabulous read for anyone who has that Paris itch that just won't go away or for anyone who has ever wondered what it's really like to live being an expat in the most magical city in the world., This can be the book you to not want to set down. This will keep you going and proceeding an entertaining book. This particular will give you an ideal what it like to live in Paris. So many crazy adventure Vicky got to go through such as finding an apartment she met on Craisglist, learning that store several hours are somewhat difference and worst of all is reviving your Visa was such an excruciating! Getting an job in Paris was the most interesting part because you got to take the 6 to 7 test and not to lose the score or document or maybe you have to retake the test from the beginning. The relax you got to read this will make you LYAO!!!!!, I was reading Tinaja Fey's Bossypants, got uninterested (! ), put it down, and started to read Confessions of a Paris Party Girl instead. Sorry, Tina, Vicki Lesage is funnier than you (or at least on the printed page--I don't know how she'd do on primary time television). Maybe is actually just because I too was once an American girl onto her own in Paris but this book entertained and amused me personally throughout. Yes, I did at times worry for the health of Lesage's liver (there's lots of ingesting in this story) but I also greatly adored her spunk, work ethic, and persistent good humor. This particular would be an enjoyable, even edifying, read for anyone considering moving abroad, or simply anyone curious about France and the French., Great and easy read. It made me miss Paris., Enjoyed every page of this book, and would recommend it.

The author is definitely a master of humor and vivid imagery. I have occupied Paris also, and I found her findings to be accurate, insightful, and hilarious. I read many passages several times, drawing out new color and detail with each reading. Loving the French is not easy, and the author does not sugar coat the complexity of living amongst them. On the other hand, she actually is also resistant to making a final view or condemning them too harshly. Anyone who wants an enjoyable but realistic view of what its like in Paris after the tourist glow has passed, will find a lot to love in this book., This was nĂ¥gra reading. Fun to read., Funny!, Just plain good old fun to see. Can make me wish I'd got the courage to go to Paris when I was younger.

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