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I purchased this story because I am a doctor and am teach nursing. I was considering hearing another nurse's story about their assimilation into the nursing role. The catch is that this is also a male nurse and it is in England. I found that starting practice as a nurse in American or England, it really does not matter, the storyplot is the same. I enjoyed all of the author's stories, his assimilation was similar to mine despite the fact that I am in the usa and female. I think being a new graduate is always a transition, a reality shock, it will take time to master skills and learn to cope with people. Right now there are good times and never so good times, but it is great to become a nurse and offer back. Michael Alexander do a great job in telling his story and I will advise that all of my students, males and females00 read this book!, We have never downloaded an autobiographical book in a Amazon kindle format before - I usually go for works of fiction for light reads on trains and planes - or technical references related to my work. I was left delightfully delighted at how well this book read. I downloaded this just before starting a 48 hour travel convention. Needless to say, I had been gripped from early on - and really obtained hooked at the story of the missing bottom! (You'll have to learn the book to discover more).

We have attended hospitals all over the world as an information technology specialist - but never really got to understand the care-giving side of these organizations. I have also joined my fair share of hospitals as a patient (accidents in all situations - including the typical broken bones, lacerations from glass etc. - but also after having a severe car accident). My most irritating experiences have been in out-patient ER clinics in britain (the longiligne waiting) - now I am beginning to prefer the challenges on the other side of the formula thanks to this publication.

I came across myself giggling, cringing and being outright horrified at the escapades and situations that a health caregiver must come across in a career. It is almost always a good sign when I am in a queue at an airport and am still reading the book and having people look at me curiously while I burst out there laughing. I finished the book by the conclusion of my journey. If I have any comments at all on improvements - it will be that I was still left wanting more - the conclusion was a little abrupt for me personally... and I am looking forward (hopefully) to another installment or another thing from this new author. They have an root humanity and the sense of humour (and some political incorrectness) that I find appealing.

All and all - a good read., This particular is absolutely a funny publication to read, sad but funny. I have discovered after as being a nurse for 35 years, that you can laugh a whole lot or you can weep a lot. Its more healthy to laugh. The stories this nurse has discussed in the book are informative although sad are a fair representation of the variety of situations a nurse can get into. I do believe this will probably appeal to people who are already nurses, just for comparison, but also to possible nurses. I would suggest anyone who is thinking about becoming a nurse to read this guide and others like it to determine if nursing is for you delete word. If you can't deal with puke and excrement then perhaps nursing or this publication isn't for you, but if you've got nerves of steel, a stomach of cast iron and a heart of gold, then give this book a try. You won't regret it. Great job writing Eileen, I so enjoyed reading this., I really liked the book. It provides an inside view of what nurses go through. This made me appreciate those nurses more that really value their patients. I didn't like how often the f... word was used in the publication but I suppose this is what people in the medical field have to listen to many times from angry and intoxicated patients., I just had surgery and experienced the most most caring hospital stay ever! I was also cared for by a make nurse who was phenomenal! This book gives a glance into an interesting perspective. I intend to continue reading the series., Well written interesting sensed many emotions
. look forward to his next book. Socialize medication has their
Problems. A good doctor does makes big distinction, I will be in the UNITED STATES and was recently in the emergency department and a surgery patient of a local hospital. I came across it very interesting how similar the medical methods are identical and how the patients are identical not matter what country they live in. I, As a male RN myself with 20 years plus experience, I laughed and enjoyed Michaels truthful portrayal of our profession. Despite having proved helpful in the US all of my career, it as amazing how things are the same the world over.
I have found the profession just as rewarding, and recommend this well written accounts of what it means to really become a REGISTERED NURSE.

A very entertaining and enjoyable exposé!

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