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You're going to love this book if:

one ) You want to be wise away from years, and
2. ) You are involved in the EHS business both inside and outside of California.

And here are the reasons why:

1. ) The author has used many important OSHA rules (and some others) and distilled out the paramount elements of each. (Hint: the paramount elements are those that can get you a serious/willful OSHA citation compared to those other lesser elements such as paperwork infractions. ) Now why would this be important to you - well, if you are faced with limited budget and staff (maybe of one) what are the most important, highest priority things you want to work on? This book tells you all that, which in my viewpoint offers you a real leg up on running a smart program - `smart program' is one where you feel like you are recorded top of things instead than being the last participant in the march just behind the elephants.

2. ) This book has one element that you will not find elsewhere - it provides the Cal/OSHA regulations with the corresponding Federal OSHA rules. (Note: you need to know this fact - the Fed OSHA rules DO NOT apply in California - check the Fed OSHA website under `State Plans'). If you have a business inside and outside California then this book provides you with what you need to know - why? because you cannot apply the Fed OSHA regulation to a California work situation. You might, but you would not be very smart, and anyhow this book lays out there the priority elements of the Cal/OSHA regulations for you, so why look stupid? Don't be astonished in case a Fed OSHA compliance officer never comes banging on your door in California (or Washington, or Oregon or others, too). You're not in California? - well there exists enough here to do your EHS program proud.

I actually would say this book is probably the closest thing you will find to a real live mentor - that is, having a seasoned professional telling you to "pay attention to this because it is important" or "spend your time on these things and the rest is not that critical at this point". You will hear the coach speaking most strongly in the `Addenda' and `Endnotes' parts of each chapter - take notice for there is wisdom there..

This is not just another dull book that parrots the OSHA regulations; you certainly can buy a selection of those that will just stay on your shelf and make you `look' erudite, I guess. But I actually wager this book will be one which is not on your shelf but open on your desk, marked plan yellow highlighter, and have that feel like your best old pair of shoes.

And, I can see where this book would be good within an academic arena (limited as such programs are at the school level) where the graduate could be someone who would be outfitted right out of the gate to manage an ESH program in a business rather than anyone who has already been through these academic exercises where students just put tabs on the webpages of the government printing office's outdated book of Federal OSHA regulations. Therefore which student would be more valuable - one who can intelligently discuss ESH program priorities and solutions or one who can rapidly find the Fed OSHA regulation on power transmission belts?

I actually am so tickled to see that someone has finally come out with a guide that address both the Fed OSHA and Cal/OSHA regulations as both similar and different which is a great boon to those who have business inside and outside California. I would suggest the author for the second edition of this guide include the OSHA rules from some of another major state-plan states to include Washington, Oregon, Minnesota and Michigan for example.

And to make this the ultimate guide, I would suggest including all the safety and health requirements that are included in the fire code and mechanical code. The International Fire Code is probably the most often adopted code today, of course, if you have not been associated with that as a safety professional, well your experience is obviously missing an important component. Perhaps Mr. Chambers could possibly be the first to provide a digest of those elements common to the OSHA rules and the fire code, and in some instances more strict than the OSHA rules, such as flammable storage space cabinets, hazardous materials, exiting, fire protection, and well, I will leave it to him tell you about the rest of all that.

Robert Moats, ESH professional 33 years, For the reasons stated by most of the earlier reviewers, this publication is a great resource for the practicing Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)professional. I have found this book helpful (recently) in benchmarking my understanding of the regulatory requirements applicable to various security and health programs for which I have responsibility at two different work sites throughout California. While, as also mentioned by other reviewers, there are some EHS program areas that are not covered (e. g., nonionizing radiation), I actually find this guide very comprehensive in the treatment of those program areas its does cover. Despite having my background as an EHS professional(mostly as an industrial hygienist) for 35 years, I find this syndication be useful in making me personally aware of the time available to me for EHS program review and constant improvement. This guide is also useful to those newer to the health and safety field as they can learn quickly what the regulatory requirements are in portions of EHS practice with which they could have only minimial familiarity., This guide is a terrific reference that addresses a broad range of subject areas in a to the point way - but offers the user what is needed to dig much deeper or do a more exhaustive review. The format used for every single topic allows you check for every single matter, for example - "Is training required?, Is there a requirement for a written program? ", and so forth, and know where to go in each chapter to realize that information. FedOSHA is covered, but if you practice or have procedures in California you will be grateful for the CalOSHA references on each topic.

I have found information to be a great field research when preparing for or performing H&S audits. Needed elements for every single topic are covered, but if needed, there are references to get to more comprehensive requirements. Many practicioners want to convince you they are an exahaustive expert on each and every matter, but we all know that is merely not possible. Here is the reference to refresh you on the subject areas you might not exactly practice in on a daily basis.

Another great thing about this guide is that a number of chapters concentrate on specialty topics: Nanotechnology; Aerosol Finishing; Office, School and Retail Safety; Process Safety Management. We would like to see a few more subject areas covered, such as fall protection, trenching and shoring, nonionizing radiation, and warehouse safety issues, for example. A companion guide in the same format for environmental issues would be terrific as well! I suppose we can't have everything!

Overall, a great reference for the practicing EHS professional., This book is a very concise summary of health and safety requirements for the majority of businesses. It is a great way to acquire a quick update of what is very required from a regulatory standpoint, particularly for small businesses. It spells out in a simple, readable outline type format what is required from training to recordkeeping. This will definitely help even small business owners to understand what to do to stay in compliance with OSHA requirements. In the current less than friendly business climate, keeping in compliance is essential., There is the book to be not only useful, but confidence boosting by the authors clear advice, use of 'on the job' anecdotes and what to troubleshoot to avoid problems in so many different possibly hazardous situations. Thanks for making me personally conscious of dangers that might not exactly have otherwise occurred to me.

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