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I rented the 3rd version from the library. The particular kindle version of this book is very bad. It's incredibly difficult to make sense of the page numbers since they are like 13, 420 also it doesn't translate to a standard book version. Additionally, it merely requires hard to navigate. I need to flip around my books to consider the blueprints and it's too hard to do in the Amazon kindle version.

The greatest issue though is that I cannot see the table of assembly opcodes at the front. You can't move on the image as far as I can tell as it's an image the table text message does not adapt with the rest of the text settings from the Kindle.

I'd return it but it's been two weeks already and I just rented it for ~ on the Kindle anyways.

Tried the windows software and the windows 7 tablet software kindle.

Merely rent the book or buy it. You'll actually be able to use the book. The real version of the book is pretty good in my viewpoint. Stay away from the kindle version though., Almost all of the text is your generic architecture book, nothing special regarding it (very good though) aside from chapter 4 about designing the processor. This chapter itself makes the book! It presents many details how to implement a CPU's datapath, both single-cycle and pipelined. This is the type of substance hard to come by in any book about them.

My main complain is the fact too much of the interesting and unique content was pushed to the associated CD-ROM. I'd go for removed some of the generic architecture stuff or the endless pages of exercises that you can find anywhere else and pressed some of this content onto the print!, I am in the middle of homework, and went to reference the IEEE 754 double precision floating point format. The initial mention of this in the book is wrong, on web page 198 it states that the exponent field is 11 bits, and not two centimetres away has a diagram showing the field with 12 parts.

On a previous section, page 69, the first introduction the book gives to arrays of words in memory is incorrect, with the 'lw' tackle being calculated incorrectly.

Unwanted on a book in its fifth revision., I had developed to acquire this book for my computer architecture school. This book is mediocre in some parts, and just terrible in others. If you aren't required to buy this book (such I was), look somewhere else.

As you will notice from other reviews, this book has a couple good ratings, a fair amount of mediocre ratings, and a lot of bad ratings. This extreme range is due to the inconsistency in the quality of the material found within the book. Let's start with the worst part of this book... the problems. I have never seen worse problem sets in a text book than this one. Many of the problems are baffling to say the least, require you to make various assumptions you didn't realize you needed to make, or simply reference substance that is totally absent in the book (like speedup, which another reviewer discussed about). Don't expect to work the ending of section problems without a fairly considerable amount of frustration.

The explanations of this book are reasonably decent, though sometimes the authors explain things in confusing ways. This book is rather dense, and improvement is incredibly slow. Most of the explanations are not very intuitive, limited use of analogies is made to aid the student, and a lot is described using math. This makes it comparable to a physics text book, whereby the authors often use mathematics (and in cases like this, code) to do a lot of the explaining for them. This makes the book less than suitable for self examine, so go to school if you would like to pass. Really the only part I liked about this book were the " Misconceptions and Fallacies" segments at the ending of the chapters. They were quite good at explaining common misconceptions and giving interesting historical circumstance studies about mistakes made before your time and efforts. They were a nice break from the otherwise monotonous, puzzling and boring segments that compose the rest of this book.

There are a great number of nice diagrams and pictures however they are not particularly helpful. The diagrams are pretty confusing to read, and there accompanying explanations do little to help your understanding of them. Again you are forced to rely on the authors' capacity to clarify, which is not the best. Overall, this book is mediocre best case scenario for learning about the inner workings of personal computers. It can be very frustrating at times, and there is not really a complete lot of upside to using it., It was authored by the developers of the MIPS processor so some of the details usually are there. They know the processor so well they leave out some of the details the newcomers need. I purchased it for a college or university course so the Prof. was able to fill in the blanks., This book is hard to follow, specially the exercises. I would encourage teachers to find better books on the subject make a difference. Also, these books fall apart. I had to glue pages back on to the binding when they fell out., This book utilized as the main book for my last college or university class. The substance is poorly organized and very difficult to follow. Until you are in your last year of CS or a Engineering pupil, do not buy this book. I even e-mailed one of the author's of the book to verify if there was any other material available to help better understand the text message, great answer to myself was, " you can buy the Advanced book. " What a joke., This is a crappy set up. I have several text message books on Kindle but this one is pretty crappy. No real web page numbers. It functions as in you can read it but if your professor states to go to a specific page your screwed. You spend more time trying to puzzle out where something is. Its just not set up well. I did not return it only because I don't want to carry around the actual book. For . 00 I expected more.

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