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Doctor Schwartz’s book gives a fantastic thread of hope to help guide individuals through recovery from childhood trauma. Persons fighting C-PTSD often have spent a lot of their lives shrouded in fear, remoteness, anxiety, depression, and hopelessness. If I were required to choose one key takeaway from this workbook, it would be validation. Through accessible education and learning, affirmation, and delicate prompts in the direction of self-exploration, Doctor Schwartz validates the often confusing and overwhelming experience of those who who have experienced years as a child trauma and empowers them to indulge in their recovery. For the professional, Dr. Schwartz’s workbook could be considered a physical symptoms of the hope that we hold for our clients in their most troublesome of times. This is a guide that provides concrete information about the etiology, symptoms, possible barriers, and pathways to healing from C-PTSD. Dr. Schwartz’s warmth and consideration are evident in the girl writing, offering an file format of the healing relationship experienced in the therapist’s office.

Aesthetically, this workbook is different from what you might expect from a self-help workbook. The cover has a lovely softness that invites you to hold it in your hands and just notice. The size of this workbook is smaller than the usual 8. 5 x 11 where you might feel compelled to to use a desk and “do your homework. ” Rather, Dr. Schwartz’s publication feels more like a publication that you might curl up with on the couch, along with your selected pen, to reflect at the end of chapters and note the passages that resonate with your experience. Each chapter begins with an image, a windows into nature, a place of simple but profound beauty. Brief passages of wisdom and reassurance are easily accessible by just flicking through the book and noticing the orange text message near your fingertips. Pathways in blue text express the real encounters of individuals healing from C-PTSD and thus, reminding the reader that they are not, in fact, alone.

This workbook is empowering and a companion for those who have observed childhood trauma, a comprehensive overview for those considering understanding more about C-PTSD, and an invaluable tool for professionals to see their clients as they partner on the journey in the direction of recovery from C-PTSD., This publication is an excellent resource for those who have experienced childhood stress as well as for those who work with them. Whilst designed to help support the therapeutic process, this publication is also extremely helpful for those who want to better understand C-PTSD, find quality about which therapeutic approaches are available and might become a best fit, and learn new ways to resource their healing journey and process through regions of their past. Dr. Schwartz draws from the best ideas and interventions from a variety of therapeutic approaches, resulting in a workbook that I suggest to anyone who is on the path to recovery from C-PTSD or to everyone who is supporting someone more on this path., I am only 68 pages in, out of 165 (ofcourse not counting glossary/appendix/references), and I really like this workbook. The writer explains things in a very straight-forward, easy to understand manner. It's helpful that I have a degree in psychology and am working on a professionals in counseling, however the subject of Complex Injury is not taught in my program. As a survivor of narcissistic mistreatment, I found that the experience stirred up a great deal of childhood stuff, and I saw parallels between the relationship with my ex, and the relationship I had developed with my mommy. It had been at that point, that I realized We would need additional help to resolve these issues. We read a lot of narcissistic abuse survivor publications however they didn't delve into the underlying causes like this one does. Also, I didn't realize that a great deal of the symptoms of C-PTSD are similar to those of BPD, which I was diagnosed with 20+ in years past. After reading this book, I started to wonder if maybe I had been misdiagnosed and have existed with this label my entire life, the one which my psych professors and counselor have always questioned. The activities in the workbook are helpful without being challenging, if you are someone who it fairly self-aware. Presently there is even s segment on breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness, for those who perhaps are unfamiliar with those methods. I have found it useful to just explore a couple pages at any given time, and sit with each activity for a few days, rather than hurry through it. This is a book I will recommend to future clients., Fast delivery. Good publication for clinicians and patients.

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