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A compilation of books & articles written, published in the first half of the 20th century. The lady was a professional artist/illustrator, and one among a group of writers, audio speakers, who considered themselves "Truth teachers. " Collectively, they may be characterized as presenting a very positive, affirmative, view of Bible verses. They tended to emphasize the empowering messages, but dug much deeper than simply "self esteem" as many current materials do. A hallmark of this trend was also understanding the "mind, " & intuition as facets of human life to be noted, trusted, and respected as sources for the task of the Holy Spirit as taught by Christianity. She makes a very clear distinction between "karma" and the redemption work of Jesus Christ, which overcame all sense of being victimized by circumstances. Wish it were possible to adequately convey how life changing these ideas are when fully comprehended. Shinn is a pragmatic and worthy starting place., Florence Scovel Shinn was a healer who was kind enough to share her knowledge with us. This particular book has 4 of Florence's books in them, from the 1920's to 1940. There are so many insights, and ideas, and a-ha moments! This particular is a spiritual publication, not a religious one. It doesn't matter what religion you are, and/or not. I read this book, and We will read it again and again. There is always something new to learn that I failed to catch the first time. I've given this publication as gifts to family members. They've gotten a lot out of it, too. I recommend this publication. It's one of my favorites! For anyone who is a Louise Existe fan, Louise see the first book (in this guide of 4) back in the 1970's and it transformed her life. It's transformed mine, too!, It is a fantastic book to read and re-read as many times as it takes for the concepts to drain down into our brain. The book is absolutely a volume that includes four books by Florence Scovel Shinn. I recommend this book to all who can read, any age. Probably one has to be at the very least 15 years old., This particular is my #2 all time favorite empowerment publication of all time. We have read this book over and over again and each and every time I recognize something Some notice before. We have shared this publication with my closest friends and they have all been inspired to get their own copy. If you can only buy one book today, this is a GREAT choice. You can not read this book and not be inspired to empower your life., Outstanding publication of a wonderful lady that helped many people myself included enjoy the life. She is essential read for anyone that needs to discover a way to get out of a slump in life. Simply no matter what it luxury ? has the solution. We give this book to others to help them find their way to happiness., Good Book. Require to read several times to really get all the good nuggets. This particular was a lady before her time., It is really an old traditional understanding of the power of your thoughts and how they manifest in the world. It is also about trusting in the world and being aware that we create our fact based on our inner being. If you don't know what that is and your life isn't looking the way you want it, time for you to do some internal excavations., I acquired this book to add to my ever growing library for personal development.
I got the audio book first but wanted to have it in an e book as it's much easier to research content with a book.
The work of F Shinn is very different, somewhat antiquated, but I found it helpful to expand my mind.

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