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I love to shop on Amazon online, but it can be a risk to order a brand new recipe book without having a physical backup to browse first. I am an America's Analyze Kitchen fan and have a lot of their cookbooks, so I am basically evaluating this new cookbook to others by them which i have.

****The book itself: quite heavy for one of the paperback cookbooks. It's got to be at least as heavy as the many of the hardcovers. The binding isn't very that great. Although I am super gentle with my cookbooks, I foresee that this one will have a crack down the spine.     It's about 450 web pages and I don't see any full-page pictures, most are 1 / 4 page or so. Its layout is standard America's Test Cooking area style, with sidebars and boxes that highlight certain techniques and ingredients.

This specific book is divided into eleven chapters:
Chapter 1--Hearty Vegetable Droit
Chapter 2--Soups, Stews, and Chilis
Chapter 3--Pasta, Noodles, and Dumplings
Chapter 4--Rice and Grain
Chapter 5--Beans and Soy
Chapter 6--Salads Big and Small
Chapter 7--Vegetable Sides
Chapter 8--Savory Flatbreads, Pizzas, Tarts, and More
Chapter 9--Sandwiches, Gloves, Burgers, and More
Chapter 10--Eggs for Breakfast and Dinner
Chapter 11--Small Bites and Savory Snacks
Note: The cover states regarding the 700 recipes, 250 are vegan and 500 are gluten-free. At the beginning of each chapter, the recipes are listed and discovered as vegan, gluten-free or fast (less than forty-five minutes from begin to finish. ) Just scanning through the recipe lists, I see some repeats from other cookbooks in each chapter as well as ones that I don't recognize.

****What I don't like concerning this cookbook:
--Each recipe starts with a little " Exactly why this recipe works" paragraph. I will confess that I love the long articles written by the recipe developers that are included in the yearly ATK editions. The little blurbs at the start are disappointing in my opinion. I am not a extremely chef, so I enjoy reading how the recipe was tested. Then I read through the whole recipe. For me personally, it is kind of like mental imagery that an athlete might do. So by the time I have gone through all that, I feel as if I'm prepared to cook the recipe. I don't love this particular mini description as much.
--Many of the recipes sound too adventurous for me personally (Homemade Tofu, Israeli Couscous with Carmelized Fennel and Spinach, Black-Eyed Pea Greens with Peaches and Pecans). Some people may enjoy these kind of recipes, but I am going to probably never attempt them. NOTE: this is why I provided the cookbook only four stars.

****What I like concerning this book:
--I feel like I can count on ATK to deliver a consistent, reliable finished recipe. These people have taste-tested and perfected the recipe as to what they believe is the best it can be. I may not always think a recipe sounds great, but the ones that do sound great in my opinion, usually turn out tasting great to me personally, too.
--This cookbook includes plenty of helpful sidebars, which I always enjoy going through. The beginning includes a section about prepping vegetables--very handy for people who haven't learned all that yet. (i. at the., I had never purchased or prepared bok choy until I made a recipe from this recipe book, and the vegetable guide was quite useful to me. )
--I have read complaints about other ATK indices, so to briefly test the index in your back, I looked for " Garlic Mashed Potatoes" under Garlic, Mashed and Potatoes and was able to see an entry for the recipe under each of them.

UPDATE: To date I have tried: created potatoes, quinoa and veggie stew, avocado toast with fried egg, curry-yogurt spices with cilantro for steamed or roasted veggies, cranberry-orange overnight steel-cut oatmeal, and coconut-rice with bok choy and lime. They all turned out well, with the exception of the curry-yogurt sauce. However, I did use a brandname of yogurt that I hate--I think it ruined everything. Lesson learned. My family's favorite so far was the Coconut Rice with Bok Choy and Lime scale, which I served with chicken breast in Dealer Joe's Thai Green Curry Simmer Sauce.

I will update as I cook through the recipes further!, I had see the reviews concerning the cheap binding on this cookbook, so I wasn't surprised to find the cover had separated from the book before I had even a removed it from the shipping package. But it was a simple job to run to the copy center to remove the spine and have the book spiral sure for . 00. Cookbooks should be spiral-bound in any case to allow them to lay flat when if you're using them. I love the recipes and all the hints in this cookbook, definitely worth the effort., I'm in a mixed marriage... my husband consumes meat, and I'm a vegetarian. We both love America's Test Kitchen and subscribe to Cook's Highlighted, but I've always had to cherry pick the vegetarian recipes among all the (delicious sounding! ) predacious recipes. We have yet to find a dud among one of the recipes we have tried. We are THRILLED that they have finally created a cookbook that we can both enjoy in its entirety! The recipes are flavorful and reliable enough that he doesn't mind the missing meat (that much... ).

A few of the recipes are from the journal or other cookbooks, but there appears to be many, many new ones. Some of my personal favorite recipes we've made in days gone by included in the cookbook are the Chickpea Cakes (SO tasty), Lentils, Rice, and Crispy Onions (Mujaddara), Wild Grain and Mushroom Soup, and Farmhouse Vegetable and Barley Soup. The concentrated Vegetable Broth Base has changed the way we cook... we can make a batch ahead of time and freeze it. We scoop it out by the tablespoon (it doesn't freeze solid) and add it to soup as opposed to buying canned vegetable broth.

A few of the recipes I'm really capable to try are the Lavash with Spinach, Tomato plants, and Olives, Sizzling Saigon Crepes (Bahn Xeo), Pupusas with Tangy Cabbage Slaw, and every single one of the soups and stews. I'm also looking forward to trying their recipe for a vegetarian version of fish spices (and for using it to make their Pad Thai recipe! ).

The particular index is color coded to indicate gluten free, vegan, and " fast" recipes (45 minutes or less). I wish that the recipes had nutritional information, but that's never been a huge focus in a the Test Cooking area products! I enjoy that there isn't any " filler. " A lot of vegetarian cookbooks will include recipes for breads, puddings, and other things that will almost always be vegetarian. This cookbook concentrates primarily on main meals, with a few sides, salads, and snacks. I can't wait to find new faves!

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