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Given the sparsity of works by Vermeer, a volume including all the known works, as well as some predecessors and successors, becomes possible, along with commentary, analysis, and detail renderings, a combo that becomes somewhat irresistible in a volume like this which works handsomely in Amazon kindle tablet format.

The only proviso, as usual, is the low resolution of the captures of the works. Although it is likely this is done to prevent pirating and improper use, the vague focus and quick pixelation when zooming are irritating and of course no substitute for the magic of seeing these works in museums, a process that is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and therefore not ideal for extensive meditation on the artistry involved.

Recommended but could of course have been far more effective with high resolution renderings. And still no substitute for a well executed espresso table book., The incredibly elusive Vermer. I never thought I would see all of his some 35 paintings let alone with a back story of each painting with supposed beginnings and verified possessions by the various characters that came into his life and beyond. Needless to say his use of illumination was pretty outstanding and some discussion of his use of the technology of the time is finished into. It's certainly no secret his utilizing a camera obscura. I like the segments of detail for every single painting and how Vermeer was influencd by a given performer before approaching work with his own unique view. Much mystery still encompases him, and maybe that's section of the draw. A somber brilliance and dignity of technique pervades each part, even one of his early works... a brothel painting; so uncharacteristic of his later work is so commanding in his brushwork, you can almost forgive the baudy content., This specific is a good search of Vermeer's work, where not only are the paintings presented, but close up ups of details and some analysis of the actual works were trying to convey to us. Vermeer's works are important to study (in my opinion) because it is a window into the start of what we should could call the middle class, as the Netherlands were becoming wealthy from trade and the old social constructions of nobility and peasantry ended uphad been bridged by the increased prestige of skilled craftsmen and other deals that improved the living conditions of many people., Fantastic set of Vermeer's works of art with fascinating tidbits about how precisely various works were learned and rediscovered within the generations, the possible technique camera obscura, influences on Vermeer, and how several of the paintings were taken and later recovered. I only wish some of the descriptions were longer., We just switched from utilizing a kindle paperwhite to using the Kindle iphone app on an iPad mini so that I could look at these Delphi MofA books in the go to commuting tablet. I spend a lot of time looking at the Vermeers at the Met and the Frick, and I can confirm that the will not be in this book look fantastic on the ipad tablet; a kindle fire consumer could tell whether or not they look great on that tablet as well., First, it's more than worth its price. Which lot on info packed into the description of each painting including where each painting is located. To be able to see any Vermeer almost instantly is great. Be sure to use a device that's in a position of color. Only 4 stars? Well the resolution is midland at best. makes one want to go see these amazing paintings in person!, The particular Delphi Complete Works of Johannes Vermeer (Illustrated) (Masters of Art Book 2) features about 40 shaded paintings with short informative texts (approximately 150- 350 words each). Dates of the paintings are not always apparent. There are details of the works of art in addition to the whole painting, which improves one's experience of the artwork. You can zoom in on paintings on the Amazon kindle Fire. It's definitely worth perusing., This book offers the reader an information into the life of Vermeer, how he struggled, learned and accomplished. It is usually a lesson to be learned by aspiring artists, one which retells the aggravation and lack of reputation that has beset creative people for centuries. This should also teach the reader that determination coupled with talent are the generating forces behind all who have the need to create.

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