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Being a teenage " Catholic", I had been looking into the protestant faith because I did not discover why the Roman theories influenced the Catholic Church so much. I recently learned that I possess some Judaism Roots as both of my grandparents on my mothers side(which died while We was young) were Judaism and my mom was a convert to Catholicism which I never realized. I set out to read more about being Jewish and whatnot and learned that it is a beautiful religion and even started talking to my parents about attending a synagogue. I then contacted a Orthodox Jewish synagogue and they told me that I was already Jewish and that We would just have to be circumcised and whatnot else. I had a bad feeling about proceeding to a service and on that same day as I was doing some research I emerged across Messianic Judaism. It combined my belief in Yeshua and Atonai. We proceeded to learn about how exactly it came to be and exactly what it was and We learned that it was a beautiful religion and so I began to search for an appropriate " messianic" bible to compare to my parents Catholic Bible(NRSV–CE). We purchased this bible for the purpose and the interpretation is beautiful and We like how it includes Hebrew names rather than the translated English names. It has helped me a lot on my way. I want to thank taking the time to read this. Yeshua bless you., If you are expecting a highly navigable version of the Bible, you will be sorely disappointed. As a mature believer with several Bible versions on my Kindle, I was stunned at the inattention paid to one of the most crucial considerations in an e-book--navigability. It seems the authors were so wanting to make clear the origin of this work that they did not remember to inform their readers (also known as paying customers) ways to get to the content.

While the language itself is downright riveting, finding it could be in comparison to the 40 12 months trek through the wilds known as Exodus--wandering and wondering where in the heck is The Guaranteed Content. Notwithstanding, for those willing to sacrifice precious reading time to drill down through the work to find the navigation---and then have to re-find it when they open the job a day later, the language will be worth the trouble.
I am hoping they fix this, but We am not optimistic, given the trouble they continue to have with their website (except for the payment collection part which works quite well). Shalom!, I needed a textual content more relevant to the original. For me, the historic reasons behind another snel led me to wish this one, and this one is awesome. I am not discounting others because they still serve their purposes to tell all of us about hope, forgiveness, and salvation. I would recommend it if you do comparative studies, or if you just want to remain true to the first. for me, it's kind of like listening to a remake of a Motown, or traditional rock (pre-1970) song. We usually don't prefer the remake because it is either overly complex, or just messed up. Yet, others love the remakes. Another example is how the older cars from the 50s through 1960's rode when compared with today's cars rode softer because they were created for unimproved roads, and so the suspensions had to be gentle and strong concurrently. We think a lot of today's cars are excessively jittery. So, basically, my preference is to stay with the original so I can get the complete context in as near it's originally designed context as possible. We tried to make this as politically correct as you can to keep Amazon out of trouble. Hope it worked well., Not good reading at all. Very difficult to understand the words or even get the meaning. Regrettably this Bible is merely great reading for Jewish people or anyone else who understand the words. It would be so wonderful to be able to read and understand because We love reading the sword of God. In seeking to read this Judaism Bible, it took away the joy I normally have from reading God's Holy Word., The Complete Jewish Bible: An English Version of the Tanakh (Old Testament) and B'rit Hadashah (New Testament) or Translated by David Demanding. Clarksville, MD: Jewish Brand new Testament Publications, Inc. 1998. pp lv, 1630. ill. (maps). Includes Index. Bibliographic References. [on verso: "Published by Messianic Judaism Publishers"]

Unless one is trained in biblical languages (Hebrew, Koine Greek, and Aramaic) the Scriptures (both Jewish and Christian) are only accessible through translations. Yet, not every translation features equal use in every situation. Right now there are some translations that are excellent for academic study and homiletic work (interlinear, and word-for-word translations), some are appropriate for devotional and personal reading (paraphrases, thought-for-thought), some are appropriate for public proclamation in liturgical settings, and some snel can fulfill more than one.

The Complete Judaism Bible (CJB) translated by Doctor David Stern -former professor of economics at UCLA and now a mentor of Messianic Judaism in Israel- is a multipurpose translation created for personal use, study, and general public proclamation in synagogue "by Messianic Jews and by Christians open to experiencing the Jewishness of their faith" (p xiii). The CJB "is the only English version of the Bible fully Jewish in style and presentation that includes both the Tanakh ("Old Testament") and the B'rit Hadashah ("New Testament"). (from the Introduction, p xii), yet even this work is not a translation for everyone. It is not, for instance a translation for Jews who do not take the messiahship (yet by yourself the divinity) of Yeshua, nor is it well deployed in critical scholarship. It really is, however, suited to anyone who wants immerse by themselves in the flavor of Judaism as lived by Jesus. The CJB is a good companion volume to other translations, but should not normally (except possibly by Messianic Jews) be used as a stand alone interpretation. As even Doctor Demanding admits, being the merchandise of single translator, there are bound to be problems in translation or transcription that a committee of translators working together would overcome.

Fair warning: The CJB was not conceived as a single whole. It incorporates an earlier work "The Jewish New Testament" (published in 1989), and the commitment to take the JNT and a compatibly paraphrased (non-Christian) Tanakh together under a single cover came later, which helps to make clear some minor inconsistencies in the 2 models of texts. (xiii). The Tanakh as rendered here is "something between a translation and a paraphrase" using the 1917 JPS text (now in general public domain) as a bottom for modernization and offered in Hebrew order, with accompanying lists of the Christian Old Testament Purchase and Books of the Bible in Alphabetical Purchase. Aside from the biblical texts themselves, the CJB also includes a extensive introduction that provides the history of composition, intent, style, structure and technique CJB, a glossary and a pronunciation guide, a catalog of Tanakh texts cited in the B'rit Hadashah, and maps of biblical Near East and Yeretz Yisrael, as well as an "About the Translator" on the back page.

New readers may experience difficulty in reading and pronouncing words and names, and question Doctor Stern's choice to transliterate Hebrew names, idioms and certain expressions, but as with any repetition-induced familiarity, perseverance with the text will reward the reader with a richer appreciation for the vocabulary and culture of the Son of David.

Several reviewers of the CJB condemn it as a deceptive tool of Christian evangelism, and thus an "unJewish" book. Yet , in evaluating the claims of a work, it is necessary so far as possible to know who the intended audience of the job is. It is not enough to learn the body of the text without giving concern to Forewords, Prefaces, and Introductions of a work. Likewise, other reviewers reward it as the best translation out there and ponder over it to be the only Bible needed. The meaning and beauty of the Scriptures, though, are not exhausted by any one translation or meaning, no matter how contextualized -the fullest understanding (apart from reading it in the original languages) originates from a comparison of many translations, and close study of the texts. Inside this regard, the CJB is a fine addition to someone, seeker, and interpreter's toolbox.

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