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For anybody which have been able to shirk this religion, but might be having second thoughts, this book is for you. For anybody that use the word apostate, do not bother. That is a absolutely in your otherwise empty world.

Very thorough good the Mormons documented by facts, not scripture, easily found on the net or through the excellent sources listed by Mr. Fitzgerald. It is baffling in my opinion that people still follow and believe in this inane, false world.

One thing that really does make Mormons stand out among other religions is the fact that there is not one shred of archeological evidence to back anything up. Unfortunately for Mr. Smith ( unlike old history) he failed to realize the power of communications in his period and what it would become today. I will give credit to Mr. Smith for one thing, his imagination. An example: I have honestly given an effort to actually read the BOM. Suffice it to say that I am only able to get through the initial few books of the imaginary prophet Nephi. It actually has God inventing GPS and text messaging to guide Nephi to the guaranteed land. Oh well, what do expect from your flim flam guy like your pet anyway? I am offering this four stars only because of the past pain and abuse remembered as I suffered as a child within this gloomy, darkish abyss of horse pucky.

Anyway, great read David. I am looking ahead to your next one., a truly masterful work. There appears to be no limit to the creative dodges that believers will go to to be able to relieve their rounds of cognitive dissonance when their hopeful faiths come up against reality. This particular work addresses all of the popular questions outsiders have about mormonism, and then some! I expect no kickback from the mormons I know because of the reasons explained in the final chapters.
Well researched, well crafted and thoughtfully discussed., Of all the unfortunate and ridiculous religious histories, this one takes the proverbial cake. I never knew this in such detail. The work is wonderful and scary, that it could have happened in the U. H. and still be intact., Phenomenal book, really places this ludicrous faith in the fictitious light it deserves.
Amusing somewhat while remaining informative. being an Ex mormon i greatly enjoyed reading this., Very well written uncover of an American trends based on incredible myth and deception. Very happy I read it., A great excellent history on the founders and founding sagesse of the Mormon religious beliefs. Gives you a accurate perspective on exactly how ridiculous the whole cult is. Although I feel the same way about all organized religions, the Mormons are one of the front runners for bat-s#=! Crazy. A good read if you are just like myself and you prefer to be educated about a subject before you attempt to debate for or against it., Nice job Mr. Fitz!, I really enjoyed reading this on my amazon kindle. I couldn't wait to spread out it and read more about those crazy Mormons! It's ok for me to say this, as I was raised in a most devout Mormon family where everyone but me remains " drinking the kool-aid", and doin work for the dead and so forth!! It's such a mind scratcher in my opinion! I I just don't understand how anyone can keep thinking the ridiculous story. This particular particular book lays the history and issues out so well, and is completely accurate. This pleased me, as so many books by non Mormons contain errors in information which seem to be to try to make the LDS church seem to be crazier than it actually is. The particular Mormons I know and love are all wonderful people... it's simply a mystery they still believe in this elaborate hoax. I keep thinkin.... if only they would read THIS book.....

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