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Lots of great recipes and information included in this book. I will say that the latest mead making book which i have found recently (2014) is a gem that complements the information in Schramm's book- see inch The entire Guide to Making Mead: The Ingredients, Equipment, Processes, and Recipes for Crafting Honey Wine " by Steve Piatz (ISBN: 978-0760345641). That being said, Schramm's book covers in good detail advanced mead making techniques as well as walking through the essential process of making your first batch. Note that many of the references found in this book are now out-of-date (ex. the essence store Schramm references frequently-Rafal's- is now out of business). Schramm's discourse on different yeasts he used is helpful for someone that is just getting started in mead making rather than certain which wine yeasts to use (since there are few mead-specific yeasts available). Pair Schramm's book with the above mentioned 2014 Piatz book (which provides great photographs of the mead making process) and you are ready to get making mead!, For a subject such a meadmaking, where even the vastness of the internet has failed to put together a hub of meadmaking information, this book is a great starting point. even more so, until you get comfortable with the process and start experimenting on your own, it can take you as far as you want to go. From honey varieties, to spice and fruit addition amounts, it will eventually get you started, all you have to do is modify it to your flavor and maybe get it a step further if you are devoted enough. For people starting out from scrape of maybe beer brewers who just have to have a handbook on trying mead, i would give it 5 stars every day of the week. just keep in mind it's the foundation, you have to build on it is you move through and try out new things!, My second purchase of this book. The first walked off when I had a beer making class. Hmmm. Lots of recipies and added flavoring that you can add to your mead., I wish it had more tested recipes but the information in this book is excellent. Everything is explained well so you know very well what is going on while making mead., This book is a great read! I actually found it after experiencing a bunch of step-by-step guides I found on-line. Typically the book is concise. It contains pertinent information that you can use to create your own process for making mead. Typically the recipes section excels at giving suggestions for flavour combinations that work with mead fermentation. With a wide range of mead-types covered, I found them to be an excellent starting-point for many excellent (and sometimes strange) variations.

The information about the production of mead provided may easily be used to synthesize your own genuine processes for making different types of mead. Typically the author rightly encourages you to experiment and maintain detailed notes so you know very well what worked and what performed not.

Even after making many, many batches of mead, I find myself mentioning back to this book over and over. It is a great resource!, I picked up this publication with the concept I would get a couple base recipes and maybe a much better notion of what it takes to make a good mead. This book offers so much more! Historical past, mead styles, and more! Enjoy it and will be poring over this book many times more over the years. A " must" have for everyone enthusiastic about making mead or wine/beer brewers wanting to make something scrumptious and different!, When i agree with some of the points raised by the 3-star reviewers, I think the section on "Yeast and Fermentation" enhances this title to 5-star status because the advice offered can shave months off a fermentation schedule.

Mead has a reputation for sometimes slow, months-long or even stuck agitation phases. Don't get smothered by the biochem lingo in this chapter: you can skim past the ADP-> ATP, NADP and permease discussion to find the recommended process for adding nutrients, aeration, and pH control. The author cites research indicating the proper addition of yeast nutrients (now commercially available) are essential together with aeration and pH buffering in the number of ~3. 8 using CaCO3 to ensure a strong growth phase followed by speedy fermentation. There are a lot of opinions in connection with correct numbers here, but I prefer to place my trust in people who can cite peer evaluated research., Helpful, but I wanted basic, beginner, here is how you do it at home, kinda instructions. This gets a little too involved for me.

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