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For a book about a child growing up in a hoarding environment, I found this to be surprisingly tragic. Like numerous others, I'm hooked the popular tv set shows that feature, and some might argue exploit, this mental health issue. If you look around online, it's not hard to find articles and discussion board comments that are extremely judgmental, and often times bad, towards the people who appear on these shows. It's not uncommon for viewers to claim that watching " Hoarders" is inspiration to clean their own homes. It's easy to overlook that these are human beings-- not motivational tools.

Kimberly Rae Miller puts a very human face on the issue of hoarding. Her father has no memories of his years as a child, in any way. His parents were hard-core alcoholics and whatever happened to him in his youth was protectively erased by his brain. Her mother grew upwards unloved by neglectful parents. She suffers with an extreme spinal condition because her parent's couldn't be bothered to get the woman a back brace since a child. Kimberly's father starts as the catalyst for the hoarding situation. He's fond of papers, any paper, and radios. Their house quickly fills of these. Her mother is angry at the mess, but additionally in the end retired to it. She eventually becomes a compulsive shopper who adds to the hoard.

The hoard slowly takes over the family's life. Their first house burns down in a fire, spurred on by the mounds of document, killing all the family pets. Her parents independent for a time, partially to keep CPS from discovering their true dwelling conditions. The boiler explodes, and they have to start out taking weekly showers at a local gym. And then they find a surprise residing in their attic, the expose of which literally experienced me screeching at my Kindle fire.

This is a very well-written memoir, better than many I've read from professional writers. The creator is likable and down to earth. I think some individuals will be puzzled, maybe even put off, by her forgiving nature to her parents. But I get it. My fascination with hoarding actually comes from my husband's family-- both he and his mother have hoarding habits. Yet, I were raised in a dysfunctional environment, and I could relate to every inner struggle with her parents. I wish her the best of luck going forward and dealing with her parents as they continue to age., As a watcher of shows that details hoarders and the behaviors, I actually was fascinated by this guide. It shows the perspective of a child being brought up for the reason that environment and how deeply these are impacted by their upbringing. This book altered the way I view these shows... my coronary heart aches for the households as well as the hoarder. I give Kimberly a huge amount of credit for the woman ability to go beyond this and yet remain so sympathetic to her parents and their issues. The book was terribly unfortunate and Kimberly's courage and strength is incredibly uplifting.
What an amazing young woman the lady is. For those (such me) who looked forward to the train wreck and the disgusting dirt on hoarding shows, read this. It will change the way you see these people and the way you judge their lives., I would highly recommend this book. It was well written and an incredible story. What a strong, resilient person Kimberly Rae is. To have to reside in the filth she did and conceal everything about her life from the outside world is absolutely nothing in short supply of amazing. Not only that, but the love they all have for one another was so wonderful. Can't say for sure that I could have ever done what she did, again and again, cleaning up after her parents. There's a special place for you in paradise Kimberly Rae!, Raw truth how a child and parent dance. Sometimes you need to read different things. I have great affection for the writer as she shared personal thoughts about her love detest relationship with her compulsive father or mother horders. Bravo for you Kim. Thanks for sharing your heart!, This is a great read- very personal. It's easy to empathize with the author's situation. I have seen many episodes of the hoarders shows on tv set but I never considered what it would be like since a child growing up under those circumstances. This book provides a unique glimpse into that experience and was an enjoyable read at the same time., It is very hauling but interesting enough to continue reading. However helpful of how far the disease of hoarding can go., I enjoyed reading this quite a little bit. It is well-written enough that it is quite effortless to read, and I was always asking yourself what happens next, so was hard to put down. This story is about a girl who grew up with hoarding parents and just how she worked with it emotionally and psychologically as she increased up. Very inspiring., Kimberly Rae Miller learned early in life that she didn’t live like “normal” kids. Their particular houses were neat and clean; hers was filled up with “papers”. That’s the phrase her mother used for the clutter accumulated by her father. But, it wasn’t just clutter. It climbed the walls. It covered every horizontal surface, including the floor. It filled every nook and cranny, attracted rodents and bugs, and reduced their family eating space to a corner of the woman parents’ bed.
The author does not spare us the physical or emotional effects of residing in squalor. She hates the way her parents live, but loves who they are, leaving her in a continuous state of interior turmoil. She did an admirable job on this book. Displays are easy to visualize and the characters are portrayed in a way that seems true. I look forward to more works by Kimberly Rae Miller.

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