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This is a memoir of Agatha Christie's adventures in the middle east with her second hubby, archeologist Max Mallowan, in the early 1930s. She tells everything with a hint of humor and it is able to laugh at herself and everyone else - the English archeologists and architects, the French government officials, and the local Arabs, Kurds, and Armenians. She gives exciting insight into the ethnicities of that part of the world, and also into the world of archeology. There are several areas of replication, which seem to be like an editing oversight. But overall, this is an outstanding read.

I read this concurrently I was reading " They Came To Baghdad" (also by Agatha Christie), and that made both books extra enjoyable., I actually purchased this for my mother who is a long time Agatha Christie fan, and a lot of people she knows are as well. I thought it would be nice for the girl to get a preference of her life and personality outside of the girl books on crime. Right now I could have to buy her one of the romance novels Agatha Christie wrote within pseudonym just to experience that as well.
She read this quickly and kept remarking with enjoyment through it about little points to me, and has told me which i should to read it. There may be a few other people who would like to share once I am done as well. I actually have heard from the great book, even though is actually about a short period of her life is actually still a nice snapshot of Mrs. Christie Mallowan. The historical value is also noteworthy, not only for the record of the time, people and place the location where the digs were, the same for the periods these were excavating, but also the world environment during her writing in the 1930s. Imagine the archaeologists of the future unearthing our WWII remains and trying to piece together what kind of people we were from the proof., In the 1930's Agatha Christie Mallowan joined the girl husband Max on archaelogical digs in Syria
and Iraq.

This specific small book is a result of that trip. Afer the WAR it was a surprise to Max. Paints a human
side of their expedition and of the people lives.

Elizabeth Monroe said in 1946-- the book is a contribution to literature on the Middle East.
It contains explanations of the profusion of the mounds that mark by gone lives and the silence
that surrounds them now. If you arrive at the right time in Springtime you will observe the marigolds
that cover them.

It is such as a page to a close buddy. Some call it a biography. It is practically nothing of the sort.

Agatha says she loves that mild fertile country and the simple people, who know how to laugh
and how to enjoy life.. who are idle and gay. who have dignity, good good manners and a great sense
of laughter, and whom death is not terrible.

She says--INSHALLAH, I shall go there again, and the things that I actually love shall not have perished
out of this earth.

Agatha gives warning--this is not a profound book. She says it is like a tiny cup of beer.

The publication was in very good condition, a great price and showed up quickly. AG 15 sept 1890.. 12 jan 1976.

bbp okc ok sixty two, Ever since I was pre-school-aged (having learned to read early), I've loved books devotedly ~ especially those set in far-away lands I'd probably never get to visit, & about people of many eras I came across fascinating. I have no idea how many 100s & hundreds of textbooks, both fiction/non-fiction, I've read thru my life, & I'm nearly 70 now. But of All textbooks I've ever loved, this autobiographical memoir of Hie Christie's days in the Middle-East would rank very highly among my top-10 favorites around me. The images painted wi. her words are, in turn, humorous beyond description ~ sometimes subtly hysterically so, vividly human & poignant, making me feel as if I'd been " Together for the ride", only W/O the many discomforts! The love she felt for that land, its people, her companions & unique helpers, shines thru the decades since the early 1940's when this was written. Many thanks, Dame Agatha ~ Love from Katharine B., Of all books Christie wrote over the years, this one and her autobiography are by far the best. This kind of story is what her style is best suited for, and he or she tells far more than she intends about herself and modern-day attitudes.

This is a report by a non professional who lived with a professional about the fact of being a working archeologist. There is the reality of local employees, local attitudes, local persuits that are antithetical to those of imperial britain. This is the story of accommodation to and with reality. Accommodation reached with good humor and good sense.

The reports of the personalities are extremely entertaining. You get a full flavor of the hard work involved by everyone in the trip. And you have a good time., I'm not a huge fan of Agatha Christie mystery textbooks. I've read several and I'd read another if it were handy, but a Fan... no...
That could color my endorsement of this as her best publication, a bit, but hopefully not too much. Those who are Fans will enjoy the autobiographical " slice of life" in this book, as Hie Christie displays a clear-eyed self-knowledge; presenting herself in an enthralling, self-depreciating and humorous way.

This one is a cheeky, charitable depiction of her years in Syria since the wife of an anthropologist. She identifies travel over dusty camel paths in vehicles held together with the genius of their driver, the big loose eccentric family that formed out of their team of Europeans and locals, the caprices and maneuvering of their native staff, the local " bosses" and the hired diggers, and the wry humor which the various factions use to deal with disappointment or triumph over one another... graciously.

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