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Stephanie, to be honest you are stretching the reading friendship a little here! I love this story but the episodes are so short that I want to scream when each one ends. At just over per issue, I have already paid around for this book - and we usually are finished yet! It better end with a thunderous episode to justify this, no matter how good it is.

I have enjoyed all the episodes so far and as you obviously planned, am getting anxious about Marigold's fortune - which is what all the best novelists do. The ending was obviously a clapper and I aren't wait for a next one - well, I have to don't I? I seldom bother reading serials - firstly, because I can't pay for to keep buying 50 percent a book and subsequently, because I forget what a book is all about if I have to wait for the next installment. This is a measure of your writing which i am continuing with an e book which has around six - at least - elements to it.

Best desires, Your Angsting Reader!, Publication 4 in the Coma Girl Series was captivating. I don't write reviews as faithfully as I use to but I had developed to do so for this the latest installation in this compelling Series. As with it's predecessors, Book 4 elicited a wide range of emotional reactions. For example, some events were so sad that I cried while others helped me so angry that I wanted to do physical harm to the perpetrator. The things people do and say when they think that no-one is watching or no-one can hear them is both heartbreaking and infuriating. The plot continues to be original and captivating, the characters are reasonable, the writing style is wonderful and the story move along at a fast pace. The only problem with the second option is the fact I'm never ready for a month's admittance to end. The cliffhanger in this installation was both surprising and incredible. Thankfully, I've already purchased the next book and I'll be able to discover what are the results as soon as I complete and post this review. Proof of just how much I like this Series is based on the fact that although I could read it free via my kindle endless subscription, I purchase each book. I only do that when I think that a book or a Series is what I call " a keeper. I highly recommend this guide and the entire Series. " Is actually not a downer together might initially think given the subject matter. These stories are so much more. Yes, there are sad instances but what you will experience emotionally while reading these books will both surprise and amaze you., Once I started reading the series had to continue until I read all 6. 1st was obviously a free Kindle, the sleep I purchased because just couldn't wait until next month for another free one to see how it ended. I have always head that a person in a coma could hear you so be careful what you say. So it was quite interesting how long this continued for Marigold and what people talked to her about because they thought she couldn't notice or might now wake up. Interesting lot of character types with their own struggles and a lot of guilt and secrets that they thought would be taken to their tragique. Don't want to give way the ending but one character should have been known to someone, unless was in undercover dress which was possible. I was told before to read Stephanie Bond''s books before and this was my first (of 6) which i read and will look to her again for entertaining and humorous publications., Stephanie Bond continually play us like a finely tuned violin in Coma Girl: Part four. She gets us waiting impatiently, phone or Kindle in palm, for the clock to bring in another month so we can get our fix! Each installment finds me channeling my inner Gladys Kravitz, eavesdropping to learn the latest scandals and predicaments of the many lives that pass by Coma ladies bedside. Each month locates the twists and becomes becoming more intricate, more suspenseful, and more poignant., I loved not only the story of Coma Girl, but also the serial format. I read it in the monthly form rather than daily, and was left on hooks and needles at the end of each month. It was sometimes an agonizing wait, but there was also something sweetly old fashioned regarding it in the age of overindulge watching and instant everything. Marigold's story was really worth the toruble.
I have been keen on Stephanie Bond's books for quite some time. Now i'm so glad her perspective of Coma Girl lastly came to fruition, and that she enjoyed the procedure enough to have another serial up her outter for people in the future. Meanwhile, if you missed out on Coma Girl, cheaters, you can read it now minus the waiting., I have been enjoying this series, I was very shocked at the ending of book 4. I really hope someone stops Sydney in book 5. I anticipate the next two. I recommend the Coma Girl series highly. There were a few typos, but I could figure what word was meant to go there., What a fantastic mini series style book!! I love Stephanie Connection, particularly her Body Movers series. This was an excellent addition to her selection. I simply hope we notice more from the Body Movers book soon., I am really enjoying this series! My only feel dissapointed about... finding this series so early, if I got waited I could've read all six books at once LOL! Now i am seating on the edge of seat waiting for every book to be released and having " what's occurring next syndrome" LOL!
I highly recommend this series!

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