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When I first read the concept of this book I thought it was kind of morbid to write about a person in a coma. But it's actually a story told by the person in a coma who hears everything people are saying to the girl and really allows you to think about that. It's enjoyable reading how marigolds life was before she went into the coma and brownie feels about the people in her life. Aunt Winnie is immediately a favorite character. Dr Jarvis is another. Marigolds family though; not so amiable and you could tell why the lady doesn't get along with them. I'm pumped up about the next book about Coma Girl, What a ENJOYABLE read. Stephanie Bond has written a wonderful series. Buy every one of them as you will want to continue to the following one to answer the cliff hangers. They are well costed so don't complain that you need to buy the next to find out more of the story.
We laughed, cried and gasped out loud. The characters come to life as you read. The coma girl.... who hears everything... is a hoot.
You will love this series. As well as the ending.... well there is an ending and their outstanding and brings all our questions together.
What a fun beach read... it also teaches us that just because we can't move our body when we are in a coma- doesn't suggest we can not HEAR. So be nice the very next time you visit someone in the hospital who you think is unaware of your presence and protect your secrets.... someone is listening., I read the Body Mover series and thoroughly enjoyed it, especially being from Atlanta and a true fan of Neimans. Come Girl have not disappointed me and has made me really think about how exactly fast our life can change. This book is funny and at the same time gives a lot of insight into human nature and the problems we carry around around that we would only show someone who we think cannot hear us. I look ahead to the very first of the month when the next segment is released. Sadly, I read the complete segment on the day of release and have to wait another month. Genuinely entertaining., I loved the story. I was hooked, BUT... I don't /didn't understand how many " parts" there would be or the final cost. I had been ready to read the next part but it was not yet available. That was a bummer. I desire eventually it available in one whole read., Regardless of how busy your day may be, a daily part of Coma Girl is a short, brilliant "Must Read"! For only a few minutes every day you are transported to to the most fascinating episode of "People Watching" you have ever experienced. Ironically all of this revealing and emotional watching occurs without sight, it depends upon the sense of smell and hearing of our quirky Coma Girl. I can already tell i was going to mourn the loss of this serial when it is over!, This can be a great concept, one that had me looking into this concept of comatose patients listening in on discussions while they may be in a coma. Sure enough this is possible. And of course all of the other details are possible too. It's like playing a movie, getting to know the other characters through their activities. In many ways, Ms Bond requires away our sense of vision and truly raises our other senses as readers, finally putting all of us in that bed. Genuinely loves this first one and can't wait to begin with the second (third, 4th, etc)!, I have loved all of Stephanie Bond's textbooks so I was really fired up to see this new serial. At first, I was a little uncertain about the unique plot line of a woman in a coma who can hear all the conversations going on around her, but who can't communicate. And though this sounds very sad - and also truly terrifying - is actually actually a really amusing book with quirky characters and witty dialogue. This totally sucked me in and I can't wait to get started on reading #2!, This book is actually fun... and the telling of the story interests me. It's all told from the POV of a comatose lady and it is developing characters around her with her only to be able to pay attention to what they say, and exactly what she can pick up from actions, seems, smells, you get it. I'm buying the next one now to see how it goes.

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