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Frequently I find books that I really love and Victoria Strauss’s hottest Color Track is one of them. Typically the first book Passion Blue I loved just as much. Colour Song does stand on it’s own but you get a lot of backdrop in Passion Blue that I think makes Colour Song all the better. The books are classified as YA Historical Hype and am do love EN ESTE MOMENTO books but I think these books are just perfect for the adult reader as well. I started out Passion Blue a few days ago and was completely hooked so when I put it down I immediately dove into Color Song. What do I love so much about the book – the art, the color, the passion, the writing, the characters, and in the end the beauty of the story itself.

Giulia has been living in the convent she was forced to enter and it is there that she is allowed to do the something she loves above all else and that is to paint. Giulia creates beautiful art but in addition, she carries a present that allows the girl to hear the vocal singing of the colors the lady creates and uses. It’s important to make note of that in 15th century Italy it was unusual for a woman to be allowed to be a painter so it is merely behind the convent walls that Giulia’s fantasy can be realized. Profecional Humilita saw Giulia’s present and despite some obstructions has always supported the girl. When Maestra Humilita lies dying she she gives her Passion Blue formulation to the one person she knows will recognize it the most – Giulia. Yet, in doing so also puts Giulia at risk from others that are desperate to get their hands on the Passion Blue formula as well.

Giulia decides to do the only thing the lady can do and that is to leave the convent. Giulia never desired to be a nun and the lady will not be held prisoner and punished for declining handy over the Passion Blue formula. But how – how do Giulia endure out there in a man’s world? Well there is one way – by pretending to be a boy. Clothing their self in boy’s things Giulia escapes the convent on a mission to make her way to Venice. Could she maybe find work there as a painter’s apprentice? As Giulia she couldn’t but as Girolamo it’s a possibility. So starts the journey of a young lady who dared to actually want more in a time when women had no privileges.

I absolutely loved Giulia. Exactly what a fantastic character. From eighteen she seemed years older in maturity and I loved her enthusiasm for art, color, and life and her determination to risk anything to get it. The author’s writing is beautiful as she strongly describes 15th century Malta and all it’s trappings. I listened to the audiobook of Color Track which is narrated by Justine Eyre and the lady does a fabulous job. She has just the right tone of tone of voice for the telling of Giulia’s story and the time just flew by listening to her. Im really hoping for another look into Giulia’s life in the foreseeable future!

Highly recommended for fans of historical hype!, " Color Song" is one of the best books I use read in the past few years. Giulia Borromeo lives in an Italian convent as the most talented apprentice of her principal Humilita, an enormously talented nun, teaching Giulia everything she must know about painting and drawing.
When Humilita drops dead of illness she leaves her biggest secret with Giulia: the recipe of " Passion Blue", a color she had created and nobody else can really make it. The recipe is handed over to Giulia by her Profecional the day before the lady dies with the strict instruction to never reveal it to Humilta's father, a painter in Padua who thinks he has the justification to own " Passion Blue". Giulia promises.
After her Maestra's death Giulia's final vows to become nun are ahead of her, but the girl new Maestra, Domenica, blackmails the girl handy over " Passion Blue" and leaves Giulia merely one decision: to flee.
The girl needs to take her life into her own hands to become what she craves most: a painter.
The late 1500's only leave her to become boy to fulfill her dreams. An adventure of remarkable courage and strength starts. Giulia needs to prove herself over and over again, always in danger to expose her biggest strategies. Jealousy and envy betray her noble intentions more than once. Will the lady be able to live her dream?
Victoria Strauss has created not only an interesting but also emotionally coming in contact with novel of a life which will catch every reader's attention. Victoria Strauss is an excellent writer with the present to paint situations and descriptions with words and create a vivid creativity of color, creativeness and emotion.
The truly passionate and interesting story I truly recommend to everyone, not basically the lovers of art and painting., I loved the typical story line a lot. It appealed to me as a woman whose tried her hand at the arts. Just a excellent story overall, very much a "feel good" book without unrealistic sex scenes, etc ., This is story every young person should be required to read. Many talents and items were never revealed by the people of that time and their archaic understanding of the role of women, I REALLY enjoyed reading this book. It is well researched, written and edited. One of the very best books I've read in years., Loved the whole we'll written, clean, we'll developed story. Not necessarily too mushy just the right mix of fantasy and realism. Would recommend this guide to readers of sixteen and up. Such a dun read!, loved it, Sluggish at first but switched into a very good book

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