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Fantastic perspective on the university search process, really helpful. It made me relook at our fundamental criteria for schools as we were considering Ivy Group schools for me personally son. We also loved the updates 10 years later. Analyzing what the graduates real outcomes are is very valuable. Who wants to send their child to a school where they might not have marketable skills when the graduate, if they graduate in any way., Despite the fact that the book's copyright is somewhat dated the information remains very helpful for students and parents seeking a good university fit for a student with desire for finding programs she/he can grow in. Several of these colleges and universities aren't broadly recognized, but several of my friends have had their students blossom and thrive in the College of Wooster (OH), Guilford College (NC), Kalamazoo (MI) and Saint Olaf (MN). The publication does a great job of presenting the educational opportunities in each university or college rather than information on deluxe dorms, famous name professors and sports clubs., This book, "Colleges That Change Lives: 40 Universities That Will Change The Approach You Think About Colleges", has become a recognized and classic guidebook read by many through the university selection process. It is the book that first introduces many people to the concept that small liberal arts colleges will often provide a superior education and are the options than big universities for many college-bound high college seniors. It challanges the notion that acceptance into an Ivy League or Ivy League wannabe college should be the ultimate goal for typical brilliant perspective university students. It points out that the Ivy League schools and most large universities targeted graduate students rather than undergraduate students. It also remarks that professors at those schools are often far more considering research than paying attention to whether undergraduate students are actually learning the subject matter or not. Small 4-year liberal arts colleges, yet , are different. There, class sizes are smaller, and the professors are far more likely to care about whether their students actually understand what is being taught. The tiny liberal disciplines colleges are also much easier for the standard high school graduate to gain entry to. Ivy Group schools are beyond achieve for the vast majority of high college graduates, and many large public universities have many more applicants than they can accept.

The downside to most private 4-year liberal disciplines colleges, of course, is cost. The published expenses prices are usually substantially higher than those of most public universities. However, there is some good information about cost. Most private colleges today discount their tuition costs via financial aid and merit scholarships. So, the final cost of a private 4-year open-handed arts university might not be too much more than that of a typical public university.

The vast majority of the publication is devoted to information of 40 colleges that the writer has chosen based on the criteria he chose to rate the impact of the colleges on the lives of their students. Those forty colleges he felt were the best among the colleges he considered. Several of the best information is therefore at the beginning of the publication. Starting on about webpage 35, he starts his descriptons of the forty colleges. I could not help wondering as We read through the university descriptions whether other writers would have used different criteria and therefore incorporated some different colleges.

It should also be remarked that one must be careful in wholely relying on this guide to make their university selection. One should take note that the writer included Antioch College among the 40 colleges. Antioch College, of course, is currently closed. That fact suggests that parents need to consider more than just if the university has historically been modern or life-changing when it comes to whether they want to spend their money to send their children to it. They may also want to check out a college's financial picture, its enrollment statistics, and in just what manner the university has been transforming lives.

Overall, "Colleges That Change Lives: 40 Universities That Will Change Typically the Way You think of Colleges" should be a must-read publication for parents and viewpoint university students. It will make one think about whether the best undergraduate university option is definitely a big public university., Organized by region
Nicely reasoned information about the university selection process.
Good suggestions regarding real schools.
Up-to-date., Liked it. Also found an online site on niche that gave a lot of good info. This publication includes my alma mater, which I really agree was a university that could change lives. In the past few years though, it has been all over the news because of it's stance against gays and it's inclusive issues with diverse faculty. I am wondering if it's time to update this publication., Not only were the schools covered interesting, the reasons for their inclusion lead us all to take into account new considerations in choosing a school, Got several ideas of schools for my daughter to visit., This book has helped me to evaluate colleges for my children and to find that excellent, albeit lesser-known colleges, exist for brilliant teens who have different learning styles than main teaching styles, and therefore do not necessarily fit the SAT/GPA cookie-cutter form once they are getting close to senior year in high school. This guide reports on a study of forty colleges that teach to various learning variations and produce a high quantity of successful graduates, in business and number of post-baccalaureate degrees, as compared to the Ivy Leagues. "B" students, and even frustrated high school graduation dropouts are appropriate among these colleges. One particular chapter entitled inch Today's Learning Disabled are Tomorrow's Gifted" discusses at length various common signals of "learning disabled" which are eye opening at least, because they are also normal characteristics of adolescents! I know from experience with my child having been in a Gifted Student program in school, that having got teachers especially trained to instruct to "learning differences" hugely changed his life for the better. We suggest this book to any parent/high school college student with similar concerns. We sincerely believe you can change your child's life if you read this book.

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