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I possess read all the Brian Wolf novels by Shaun Carson... and will continue to do this as long as he writes them! This novel is edgier in its violence in that the body count is high AND the graphic manner in which the fatalities were portrayed than Carson's earlier works. All his books are suspenceful, and I really like that. I would rather not have the graphic violence and shock value in these bad victims' demise, but which just me.

David Hair continues with his on-again, off-again relationship with his ex-wife and tries to maintain a relationship with his now dour teenage son. There is a real shocker around this storyline, which begs for another novel to see the situation. Never saw that twist coming; as a matter of fact, there are plot twists in this book to outfool almost anyone. I was completely taken off-guard, which is good. If we like suspence, then we may want too much formulation where we guess every turn.

The novel make so many twists, as a matter of fact, that I don't really know if there will be another one in this series or if this may be the last. This could go either way. Wolf doggedly pursues different leads in and around the near by alpine river, is outsmarted, if temporarily, with a young woman whom he shouldn't be drawn to, who is mixed up in mystery, and shadow-boxes in the woods and a woodlands home with someone... nobody... a ghost? This individual can't seem to be to get a read on this missing character but appears to be played everytime he investigates the environs.

If you don't mind gruesome murder victims, then this, as always, is a good tale and may keep you transforming pages to see who's the good guy and who's the bad. That isn't easy to tell in this one., When I received my Kindle, as a surprise from an old buddy, my reading habits changed radically. Over the months I found that I was reading much more and enjoying it more. I obtained beyond the first chapter of about 75% of the books I started; I'm a very fussy and difficult reader, since I'm also a article writer and my standards are perhaps a lttle bit too high. Certain authors began to stand out in my experience. I came across myself edging pieces over toward spy novels, true crime and the better mysteries. Early on, I found Jeff Carson and the David Wolf stories. I appreciate being advised when a new story becomes available. I sometimes lay the current book I'm reading aside to read another of Jeff's excellent novels. Cold Lake is as good as reading becomes. Some heroes and protagonists are interesting, but Brian Wolf is more. Although reading I find it easy to believe I'm reading a true tale, about a real person, and I like him and find his actions and choices reflect my own. The area where Hair works is familiar to me and the stories bring me back to my childhood in a good way. If you like reading in this style, you simply can't find the author than Shaun Carson., Just a great read.

This one begins with Sheriff Wolf who's running for Sheriff.

His / her county, Sluice County, is being merged with Byron County who has a Sheriff. MacLean by name. He and wolf run for the Sheriffs job.

Wolf isn't really involved with running for office. He wonderful ex Dorothy are coming together again and he's more involved with where it is going to go than he is with running for Sheriff.

He's giving it a chance though but MacLean is trying to upstage him at every turn.

MacLean is followed by reports as well as those who want him elected as Sheriff to the new merged counties. Absolutely nothing is beneath him when it comes to winning the election, even attempting blackmail.

Wolf has been doing his best to overlook the man but MacLean makes sure he's wherever Wolf is so he can upstage him.

A person fishing in Cold Pond pulls up a brain. The head belongs to a young man who disappeared twenty two in years past. It was a situation Wolf's Father worked. The case that baffled him for years. Wolf is wondering just how many more bodies are at the bottom of Chilly Lake.

So commences one damned fine read.

This particular on has Wolf, Dorothy, a twenty two 12 months old mystery, a woman named Kimber, bodies, murder, one insane woman, Wolf's deputies, a cliff, a MacLean who will do just about anything to get elected, a Senator, Wolf's campaign manager, Wolf's son Jack, a couple of PI's, missing people, a man with an interest in Sarah, a Sarah who lies about the man, a poorly hurt Wolf and one hell of a tale with one hell of an ending.

Five Celebrities and then some., I just finished this book this morning. I seriously enjoyed it and was looking forwards to its release. I will have to wait around for the next one. This is one of my very favorite writers and I particularly love the David Wolf character.
One thing that really impresses me is the care he takes in his writing. I get disgusted with most of the Kindle books that are so full of misspelled words and misused words. You don't realize that here with this author, he clearly has pride in what and how he writes. If you haven't read the short story Gut Decision yet, by all means read it also. I normally shy away from short stories but this one packed a punch. If you want a good book that keeps you pasted to the page, read one or all of the books by this author., Too much sex and nasty language, and that was just the first 14% of the book. I finally had to stop after that. If that doesn't bother you, overlook this review.

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