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Thoughtful. After having loved the initial two books ( Don't Call Me Main character , Damaged Products (Don't Call Me Main character Book 2) ) in this series, I only felt trepidation when starting this one. Actually your chosen authors can fail you--especially the farther along you get involved a series. I was scared it will be stale, that the active between Cassidy and Julia would be off, etc ... I am thrilled to report otherwise.

The plot is truly interesting with a new cold case for Cassidy, the relationship still has that beautiful mix of tenderness yet tension, and the articles are as compelling as always. While it's just my personal inclination (which drew me to the series in the initial place), for one partner to be more distant and one other to be more open--it's an extremely smart technique that used so skillfully here keeps the relationship from seeming satisfied despite the first two books clearing showing they have insane chemistry collectively. Both Julia and Cassidy have their demons they need to work through, and the book deftly wraps the personal with the interpersonal with the key plot. If I had one bitsy criticism, it will be that the plot doesn't seem to be quite as intense and personal as that of the initial two books though.

That said--highly recommend. Acquire and devour.

(As a side note, I really appreciate the tremendous work it must take for Lentzski to put these books out on the girl own. And despite these books being in the same way good/professional if not better than what's coming out of BSB or Bella, she keeps the pricing much cheaper. ), With a title like Cold Blooded Lover I almost freaked out as to what that might mean for my favorite couple in Lesfic. Thankfully, the name reflects another theme within the latest installment of Don't Call Me Main character that doesn't include wrecking Cassidy and Julia. Which not saying they may face their own problems. They're officially and gloriously in love, but both of them still continue to struggle despite their genuine declaration. Cassidy continues to feel less than deserving of a classy dame like Julia, while Julia... well... she just doesn't play well with others. Oddly enough, these are a number of the contributing factors to their wild and still very hot attraction. The reasons they are pulled collectively despite sometimes overwhelming probabilities slowly become apparent to them and they soon realize they are so much more collectively as a team than these are standing on their own. These reasons all have connection and that connection is what undeniably ties their hearts collectively. Another great installment in this course, these two amazing women never cease to surprise me or infatuate me even further., I loved the next stage of the journey for Julia and Cassidy after Broken Goods (Book 2). Eliza Lentzski has done a fantastic job of continuing the story of such two character types with the right amount of tenderness, tension and sexiness. I can't wait to see where she takes both of them in book 4. Strongly suggested., Cold Blooded Lover was a very engaging tale. It had been particularly interesting to see how wonderful the key character types, Cassidy and Julia, progressed from the previous books.
This author always creates fully developed about three dimensional characters which allows the reader to be thoroughly involved in her stories. I especially like the realistic aspects of the storyline. One example was dealing with Cassidy's PTSD and the suicide of the military buddy, which actually resulted in a slight rift in their partnership. Another example was the cold case Cassidy was working on…. the teen came out to the girl parents and suddenly found herself homeless. These storylines not only became very emotional for the character types, but the reader as well. It had been only through the effectiveness of Ms. Lentzski's dialogue and vivid description of the characters’ side effects that added another superb realistic dimension to this book.
Associated with course, as with many of Ms. Lentzski's textbooks, there is always a feeling of balance…her secondary characters like Rich and his partnership with Cassidy provide laughter, as well as Cassidy and Julia’s interactions with one another and their friends. There were quite a few laugh out loud moments.
After reading any of this author’s novels, I often think about the words of Jane Austen “but for my own part, if a book is well written, I always find it too brief. ” Looking forward to the following book!, I was not embrassed to say that I had bought this book only last night in order to finish it the following day's evening. (I might have a bingereading problem when it comes to Eliza Lentzski books) I possess always loved the way her books capture me not only with her words, good results . the girl characters. The way I get attatched to the girl characters is kind of amazing to me. All of this Lentzski's character types in all her textbooks have an authentic feel to them. She shows all of us that eventhough they may have trouble seeing themselves as deserving at first, which is what all of us have faced between our lives, their will always be people out there who will be there to remind them that they're indeed deserving and capable of joy. And it's really a two-way road. Becuase everyone has some type of troubles or feelings of inadequacy about themsleves they need help finding out.

It's is also important and noticable point out that a whole lot of the couples in a lot of the girl novels have things that trouble them that everyone can relate to somehow or another. Whether it be a feeling of distrust in yourself and others around you, or a feeling of regrets nearby take the second chances that are given to you, or a tension and uncertainty that accopanies long distance relationships, or a feeling of inadequacy about ones self to function in society, or a feeling of fear of the unknown. Actually a simple fear of enduring the after math of an apocalypse that has swept over the world.... Okay maybe that last one's a little of the long shot... But you get what I mean I hope.

Anyways I have so far not been greatly disappointed but one of Lentzski's books. To the point of a i-can't-even-finish-this-is aweful feeling. Becuae usually all can do is buy the book and binge read it.

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