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Excellent book! It's filled with very beneficial and practical information., great book for CS college student: ), This Book cover All the aspects of Algorithms and Data structures. It covers lot of questions, and would be useful for Interview preparation. The Author has done a great job. I might definitely recommend this book., This is a large book with lots of tutorial and examples. Right now there is a very regular format and style, with very predictable progression. For a self published and self edited work, this is a good book. In times, author's English, though correct is not quite American. The technical notation is lucid. The solutions have been in pseudo code and easy to know. Love it., The other "big hitter" coding interview books which everyone knows about and that we review and compare frequently for our library purchasers include:

Aziz,   Aspects of Programming Interviews: 300 Questions and Solutions by Aziz, Adnan, Prakash, Amit, Lee, Tsung-Hsien very first (first) Edition (10/11/2012) , 2012, 481 pages, six x 9, , three hundred problems (mostly C++, concurrency in Java, discrete math concepts in formulas and English)
McDowell,   Cracking the Code Interview: 150 Programming Concerns and Solutions , 2011 (5th edition), 500 pages, 6 x 9, , 150 problems, (mostly all Java except of course the C, C++ question sections! )
Guiness,   Expert the Programming Interview: one hundred sixty Questions and Answers for Success , 2013, 419 pages, 6 x being unfaithful, , 160 problems, (mostly Java and C# but some unusual JavaScript, SQL, Ruby and Perl illustrations too)
Mongan,   Programming Interviews Exposed: Secrets to Landing Your following Job , 2013 (ed. 3), 301 pages, 7. 4 x being unfaithful, , 150+ problems (C, C++, C#, Java).

All four of these are for VERY ADVANCED programmers, and assume you already know a LOT about trees, hash dining tables, arrays, matrices, etc . KARUMANCHI IS REFRESHINGLY DIFFERENT!

Nara does NOT assume most likely a veteran programmer or a newly released high level grad in the dream job interview! He assumes you (maybe) know slightly IT and a lot of Engineering or Math, for example, or that you are currently an older manager who is fantastic at systems and strategy but rusty on coding. OR EVEN, maybe you're on the embedded or data science side and your development is very deep (circuit/assembly) or broad (data mining) but not necessarilly OOP style algos and data constructions.

There is no book quite like this, because, even though it is in a different category than the 4 biggies above, it should appeal to a lot bigger audience, not just for a certain type of interview (a little or no direct coding but perhaps managing people who do? ) but a vast range of more recent job types. Example: "Data Scientist" is a brand new, warp speed growing occupation with starting incomes as high as 200K US, and some organizations are even creating "CDSO" positions (Chief Data Science Officer).

The other thing Nara does, is give progressively more detailed and complex solutions to the same problems-- allowing you to go as shallow or deep as you'd like. From my field (math) an example would be: If you can code at interpreter level in Maple or Mathematica or GNU, it will compile and run, but not nearly as fast as if you know C++, algos, data structures and even a little assembly.

If the job description states you'll be tested with phony problems to really code in the interview, the other big four above are the ticket, but if the position only needs you to UNDERSTAND algos and DS's, Karumanchi is wonderful. It also is a great (good sized), up to date REFERENCE for all levels of IT from Data scientists to math concepts, engineering, research, physics, biochemistry, etc . Even "R" people with this problem can learn a LOT. After i create tutorials, if the students want a specific language to health supplement this, I have them review a specific, usually older and used textual content like Lafore ( Data Structures and Methods in Java (2nd Edition) ) or any other in Python, C++, R, etc . Highly recommended for that somewhat different, unique, but GREAT job-- go for it and good luck!

Library Selections reviews only for the good thing about Amazon shoppers and contains nothing to do with Amazon, the authors, manufacturers or publishers of the items we review. We all always purchase the items we review in the interest of objectivity, and although we search for gems, are not shy about trashing an object if it's a waste of time or money for Amazon shoppers. If the reviewer identifies herself, her job or her field, it is merely as a place of reference to help you gauge the background and any biases., My ideas got cleared and We became confident in data Structures.
This particular book is good for beginners and it is also good for Job interview preparation., I like this book. I'm learning a ton from it. The particular book covers everything we learn in cs classes from beginning till college graduation. Explanations
are extremely clear, making this guide a lot easier to understand than some of the other programming interview textbooks. I would have given this book
5 stars except for the fact a few of the codes in the book aren't tested and don't work. Female easy to see the mistake made in the code that doesn't work and correct it. We suggest the author should test all the program code in the book and publish them, say on github. Without some of the untested codes, this book would hand down be the best coding interview book of all. I definitely suggest you buy the book if you are in doubt. It will eventually pay off a thousand times., This book is completely different than the traditional book. This guide is more problem analysis oriented and provides different approaches how the problem can be solved. Each problem is handled algorithm analysis and the techniques which can be used. Especially topics on Graphs/Trees/Strings and dynamic development are excellent and covers many problems which you find in other text textbooks. This is the way the interviewers will be looking and this guide helps very much in cracking the interview of any top notch companies. This particular book helps in building the skills to solve any type of algorithm problem/data construction puzzles.

Advantages when in comparison with other books
Complete program are available when compared with other books
Wide variety of problems and optimized algorithms how to resolve them with best difficulty
covers design patterns also

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