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I'm a self-help junkie. I was raised by a individual dysfunctional mother. I realize now- 38 yrs. later how I was raised has impacted me socially. We only thought I was useful if I was doing something for somebody else, as well as in the process, We lost my sense of self. I would have acquired any addition of this book really, I recently occurred on this edition. I do believe the " dummie" series is effective on any subject that is difficult to grasp. Concepts of myself that need to change are difficult to see, but this book helps to ensure profound results. As other reviewers have said, change isn't overnight, good results . education comes an opportunity for change. I used this book in conjuntion with other lectures on Youtube . com: Ross Rosenberg, and Oprah's life class when she talks about balancing the woman success and boundaries to help others. Also, I have participated in Zen deep breathing which helps me observe how mindfulness can help established the stage for seeing my errors objectively so that I can correct them enabling them go. I think for almost anyone (myself included), the learning process is a combo of things. I'm gald I got this book. I'm best for having read it!, Solitary most enlightening book We have read. I've always thought it was " others" - I have already been in some hard associations. One with a malignant narcissist and one with what, I think was probably a psychopath though not clinically diagnosed. You need to know everything about each of those personality types, yet, in regards to myself, I considered myself as kind and thoughtful. What I failed to know is the fact I was hiding a bunch of dysfunction in my own thoughts and behavior--and actually matching their manipulation in my own way. This specific book has helped me a great deal that I are not able to even begin to explain to you. Just turning the focus onto myself and practicing non-attachment has changed my life considerably. I never thought I was the one with the problem, but Lancer defines codependency in such a matter of fact way that I can no longer ignore my own behavior and point the finger at others who are so much more " obviously" sick. There's typos in this book, but let's face it - they pale in comparison with the hundreds of information that, if you're anything at all like me, will change your life., Darlene Lancer has put together an easy to understand easy to follow guide to understanding codependency and tools to begin breaking free in "Codependency For Dummies". You can read a handful of books on codependency and still not walk away with the value this individual book can give you. Codependency can be a very hard topic to narrow down and give specific assistance with, but Darlene gives a well-written, but not overwhelming look at the history and differing views of codependency and where they come from. The lady follows that program real to life examples to help show how codependency is showing up in your own behavior and in your own associations. The problems of codependency come in all designs and sizes and this book will guide you through discovering how to build a much better relationship on your own, and help you to have and understand associations with others. Even if you don't believe you are codependent, The tools available in this publication will still be valuable in your personal growth., We acquired the very first edition of this book about 7 months ago and worked my way through the text and exercises. Darlene obviously knows what the girl with talking about. She addresses with a voice of authority as one who is well versed during a call and also with the voice of compassion as one who have surmounted the woman own challenges. Personally i think this book should be recommended reading for anybody who wishes to improve their relationships, most of all the relationship with oneself. It is the catalyst for some serious breakthroughs in awareness to me and it is gradually but surely changing the way I relate to others. I now have a clearer grasp of the concept of interpersonal boundaries and the difference between limitations and barriers. I no longer am the dumping floor of the universe for other peoples dramas, traumas and unresolved projections. We are taking more time to give attention to my needs, would like and desires. I no longer feel Need to jump right in and fix the problems of the world while simultaneously leaving myself. Did it happen over night? No. Carry out I slip up from time to time? Sure. However I am capturing myself out with these old behaviours more quickly. Carry out however be warned! If you are no longer the door mat of the world many people around you will not like it in addition to to hold company in your resolve to claim, own and admit your right to be considered a sovereign being. You are no longer a slave to another people reality and you may start living your own life., Useful book on basic concepts of codependency. Many good suggestions regardless of where you think you are on the co-dependency spectrum, even if you've been uttering under your. breath, " *I'm* not codependent--am I? " Or, " It's not *my* problem, it's *his* problem! ", Thank you to the author! This publication is eye opening, extremely helpful with great application points., This book is very informative. I'm happy that I purchased it. It arrived on time and in great shape too!, This book is outstanding! An absolute necessary for anyone needing to understand what codependency is and begin their recovery. This brought me immense comfort. Darlene Lancer is a gem to the publication world.

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