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It is really an important and fascinating part of WW ll background which every American should know and appreciate. This helps you understand the way Indians were treated in the us, "The Land of the Free" and this amazing role they played in the war. The computer code was brilliant. If you grew up when i performed playing cowboys and Indians this will help you to prefer the heroes thay were throughout the war.
The book is written from a personal perspective rendering it come to life. It is totally engrossing.. Japan organized to make America part of the Japanese Enpire established in the 4th century. They felt it was their destiny and were a warrior race. The complete philosophy is something Some understand and the value they located on human life was linked in to this perception. I am learning and understanding so much.
The Navajos who had been so roughed up and were a peaceful people were recruited for this extraordinary mission undertaken by the Marines in the Pacific and surely were responsible for our victory in the Pacific.
If I had my way, every person in our country would read this book. It will take a lot for me to recommend an e book this highly.
Thank you Amazon for suggesting it., I believe it was President JFK who stated: " Think not of what your country can do for you; instead, think of what you can do for your country. " The particular venerable Chester Nez put the spirit of this quote before this quote even existed. He seemed death in the eye and fought for this land at a time when Native Americans were not even considered full American residents (Chester was not allowed to vote even after this individual came back from WWII, after serving the country so valiantly). It is hard for our pampered generation to imagine how he decided to serve in the army after all the injustices him and his people suffered, perpetrated time and time again by the U. S. government. Nevertheless in reading his memoir, I gained a full understanding of his heroism and motivations. He was a genuine American in nature first and let his actions the actual talking, rather than waiting for the government to recognize him as so. I was incredibly shifted by everything he experienced been through and done in his life. Constantly thank him enough for all those his services and setting an example for future generations of Americans. We can only aspire to achieve a fraction of what he did for this country., Great book. Presently there are lots of books written about this subject, with this one easily belonging to the better ones. Goes beyond just the war activities and shows what life on the reservations were as well. A very historical book that could be classified into several categories: military background, Native American studies, ethnic studies, combat history or biography. A really well written book, this is the definitive book on Navajo Code Talkers, Chester Nez was obviously a code talker. The marine, an American, a Navajo who even though he could not throw a single vote for his country served valiantly in the Pacific Islands during WWII. One of the very first computer code talkers, a group of Navajo men who were asked to work out there a code in their language, a code that proved unbreakable by the Japanese and was a major factor in their defeat.
The well-written memoir of this brave young man, who along with the other code-talkers, had to assist constantly. An Island obtained, the Japanese pushed back, the other soldiers were allowed to take a tiny relax, a lttle bit of R&R in Australia or elsewhere, but not the code talkers. These were moved on to the next battleground and the next and the next. Probably their strength grounded in their value system of living near to characteristics, the practice of self-control, and duty to family all in a tough environment gave them the need and the stamina and the courage to keep moving ahead, to keep doing their duty in the task for which they experienced trained constantly and vigilantly, to stay sharp and in control, for they knew lives depended on them.
Chester Nez came back from the war, but he was not allowed to speak of being a code talker and his contribution and that of the other code talkers stayed a secret for many years.
Eunice Boeve, author of Crossed Paths, This was much better than We expected and Chester is a true American treasure. He lived through poverty and prejudice yet clarified the call to protect this country, his country. He suffered through shedding three children, divorce, war and losing both his legs to diabetes yet he looks as well as states he had a wonderful life. What a wonderful man and fantastic story. I recommend this to anyone period no matter what you like to read this will make you really feel good about being human., The particular movie on this subject matter was so bad that my wife and We walked out after 20 minutes. The part of the the movie we saw was untrue, too bad it didn't deserve making.

The book was well crafted. Factually correct. Easily read. It was especially interesting about the treatment of the Navajos prior to WW2. Lots of paradox there but then there was plenty to go around during the WW2--incarceration of Japanese citizens for instance.

Glad the writer put such material into print so it can be followed in future years. Since I went to the University of Kanasas, was totally familiar with Haskell University(now a 4 yr. school) I discovered some of the references quite familiar.

The book is a GEM, a real contribution to WW2 background as well as Indigenous American History. An important addition to 20th Hundred years History. I have recomended this book to several who have read it. I read it on Kindle but told them to get hard back from Amazon so it could be passed around and to date have received several thank yous for such a recommendation.

Robert S. Mosser, M. Deb.
Kansas The. B. 1948, M. Deb 1952, The storyline of the code talkers is one of brave men who, though considered second course citizens, rose to the occasion, entered the service and helped win WW2 by creating a computer code in Navajo that no enemy could break. Your investment movie Windtalkers. Mostly balderdash. Read this interesting item of world war 2 history instead.

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