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Excellent explanation of how income (gains) is to be calculated, your labor is NOT the subject of the TAX..., Very comprehensive, easy to follow, and thought provoking., Anyone who is required to pay federal taxes Must see the IRC statute that identifies how one is to tax 'compensation
for services' and recognize that the IRS is hiding this information from the public's view, so as to duty us unlawfully!!

Section 83 is everyone's saving grace, in that your 'wages' are NOT 'income', because 'income' is PROFIT OR GAIN,
NOT NECESSARILY 'wages'!!! David Myrland has de-coded this IRC Area 83. It proves that we get ALL been denied the statutorily-
safeguarded provisions of Sections 83, 212, 1001, 1011 and 1012!! Most ALL CPA's haven't a clue about these provisions,

The 1040 Type goes directly to Section 61(a) (which handles 'income') and has NO provision to utilize the protections
of Section 83!!, I never saw so much research to back upwards a single point made by any other author. David has plainly done his homework. The courts are clear. The law is clear. The author is super clear! Section 83 is 'the law' which should provide tax independence to most employee income and other compensation in exchange for labor, which includes most everybody! Everyone needs to have this book. Read it, understand it and then 'Use' it!, Get ready for the Shocker of Your Life and Wake up to the Fraud known as the IRS. David has a very direct and
straight forward way of teaching you on the only section of the 60, 000+ pages Referred to as IRS Duty Manual. C'mon
we all know no one has read that... they just keep adding to it... so out of the blue comes this fantastic researcher
and found what your accountant will never teach you... as it puts your pet out of business... at least during the current
busiest season marching toward that notorious date April 15th. Simply no one has ever gone to jail using This particular Code Breaker!
Buy it. Devour it. And then share it with your friends and family!, Section 83 Equation is a masterly work on the only section which explains how to duty your paycheck. David Myrland has done a significant job in deciphering the duty code to the benefit for all. Every American must have 'Code Breaker; Typically the ยง 83 Equation' in their library and my only regret is that I am unable to give it more than five stars... don't even think it over... get it!, UNBEIEVABLE!!! We've been lied to all our lives both intentionally by those in government and by those who are/were simply ignorant of the facts. This particular is a MUST GO THROUGH!, Ground breaking information that has been around for years. Now uncovered and used from the Pharisites in Washington.

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