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I absolutely enjoyed the historical perspective of encryption and rules. Simon Singh does a best wishes of showing how both cryptography techniques were created and broken through history. As someone involved in the computer industry, however, the more " modern" sections are demonstrating their age. This is a fast moving area. It would be great to see the publication updated with more context of state actors and the revelations who have appeared over the last ~10 years., I read the condensed version a decade ago and loved it, so decided to get the full book now. To be honest, I think the condensed version is better and more appealing to non-geeks, but I have enough geek in me not to be uninterested by the TL; DR version.
Elaborate great is that encryption still hasn't shifted much since the book was written so it is still very relevant. The dialogue about quantum computers and quantum encryption is great introduction to stuff that is starting to become a reality today., Great book! Let me personally tell you that those who may not have a fascination with cryptography will surely find this publication at least interesting. The particular science of secrecy is every bit as important in its contributions to human progress as with one other sciences. Prepare to be both surprised and mesmerized at how cryptography is a necessary part of human being survival., My husband's perfect favorite book. He'd read me passages, and even I found them interesting. He called it highly intriguing and he didn't want to put it down. So, if you value engineering and cryptology, you'll love this., I've been developing an interest in physics as well as cryptography. I was flipped on to Singh's The particular Code Book simply because it mentioned quantum physics in the title, a happy intersection between my two new hobby subjects. Soon after cracking it open, I realized that I'd indexed one of my favorite books in the past few years.

Singh does a best wishes of laying out the history of cryptography (code writing) and cryptanalysis (code breaking, essentially) as well as explaining the reasoning behind each one of the codes this individual discusses. It's a fascinating history that builds and creates upon itself, rendering it clear to the reader how the cryptography readily available to him/her now was born. All the while, Singh's explanation of the idea behind the rules is apparent enough for a non-math major to quickly grasp (i. e. myself).

I admit that the subject matter was right up my alley and this might not be the case for everybody, but I feel Singh's capability to weave a story into a convoluted issue (as it would be) is excellent and warrants a grab. The history is sturdy enough to support just about any reader and the analysis of the logic is clear and simple to latch on to, even as it delves into some deeper details.

In all, this was a great read and I'd highly recommend picking it upwards., It was a very easy reading book-- despite the level of sophistication of a number of the ideas. This is also great how the author reviews sufficient math for what you will need to know in order to understand some of the ideas in codebreaking.

You can also get lots of nuggets of knowledge for individuals who like trivia-- like the factor of the Navajo to the war effort by the use of their language, and also the Poles to codebreaking technology because of their being in between two hostile neighbors. This is also often not understood the level of aggression of the Germans during WWII and how much thought went into the military strategies of the different nations.

The prose is apparent and concise. This is defnitely worth a second read.

Like a final testatment to how absorbing this book was: I read almost all of it over a train traveling through China while seated in a car that held about 150 other people (in spite penalized suitable for 105), and that was so crowded that it was difficult to move down the areas. This guide kept me busy for almost the whole train ride., The most engaging, while at once complete, summary of cryptography I've seen. I read this publication alongside the course materials of a cryptography university course.

This book provides much appreciated context to the array of cryptographic techniques and frames them in a captivating story. It highlights the incredible lengths and difficulties people went through to develop the techniques that we today neglect; the latter is particularly satesfying for a student feeling overwhelmed by some of the course material.

Overall, this book motivated me in my studies of both cryptography and math. Highly suggested., I bought this publication when it first emerged out back in the 90's. Enjoyed it greatly, and then loaned it to a colleague, and then loaned to another friend, and then loaned it to another friend.... Alas, I never started using it back -- so this is a replacement for my shelf and time for a re-read. Specifically since the " futuristic" chapter on quantum cryptography is finally coming true in practice!

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