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The last thing you'd expect is to operate into the person of your dreams while remaining at your friend's house while your house is being completed. But that is what happened to Bob. One minute he was content with his life and the next he previously the woman of his dreams in his arms. Only is actually that she actually is his friend's daughter and completely off limits. There is way they can cross that line... or can he?

Megan is home after spending the summer season away. Running to Bob was so completely inspiring, that she'll do everything in her power to make him hers. She may be young and impressionable, but she knows what her heart wants and isn't afraid to visit after it.

This is an over-the-top, insta-love, provocative publication at it's best. I actually enjoyed this fast paced, titillating read with all is actually high sexual tension, luscious dirty talking, and hot flash inducing action. So if you are looking for something quick, witty, down right naughty, and outrageous love story, than look no further because Coach is made for you!, When there is one thing I love in a book boyfriend it is dirty talk and Bob had that in spades. I liked how hard and fast he chop down for Megan, consequences be damned. And I CHERISHED Megan. I loved that she was nerdy and proud of it. She rocked her glasses and goofy shirts with the charm and innocence of the teen she was. But she was also very mature for an 18 yr old. She was bold and fearless in going after what the lady wanted and what the lady wanted was Chris. Typically the chemistry was there from the first moment the crashed into one another and it didn't dwindle even through the difficult situation that was their relationship. I liked the way they fought for what they wanted even if everyone else didn't agree with their choices- it was their life in the end.

I actually will say that there were a few things within the plot that seemed somewhat far fetched but hey its fictional. Coach was obviously a fast paced, sexy and fun quick read., Older guy; good friend of the father not the older brother for a change. He is an ex NFL player flipped high school graduation football coach. She is the daughter of his closest friend. At the very least she is legal at 18. The writing had not been bad, but the history was strange. There was a lot of sex; on every other web page.; ) The H has known the h since she was a child and is shocked when he literally runs into and knocks down a beautiful young sexy lady who turns out to be the heroine. He has sex with her and is stunned when he realizes she is a virgin. The writing was okay; at least there weren't any glaring editing errors to drag you off the story., Premature, nothing but sex and dirty talk. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy those books, but I actually enjoy them with a plot., Lately, a theme in books that seems to be doing it rounds is the whole Older Man/ Young Woman theme, and Alexa Riley's Coach is another in that area. I must admit I am a fan of Alexa Riley's books as she was the first smutty creator I discovered. In Coach, we meet Chris who has retired from his stint in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE and decided to move again home. Chris happens to be building a house around the corner from his friends and working as the new Coach of the Football team at the local college. While his house is being built, he could be staying with his old university buddy Philip and his family which include their 18 year old daughter Megan. Since you can guess Megan still keeps her V-card and it seems her attention is focused on Chris and the pair have sex and in Coach hence the title Breeding - it is the " I want you to have my baby sex. " Exactly what will happen though when the pair get somewhat more severe and an ex-girlfriend of Chris's turn upwards? Can he prove to Megan, that he is hers and nobody otherwise? What will the school think when they discover the Coach is sleeping with a student and more importantly what will the reaction of Megan's parents be? Find out in Book #1 of Alexa Riley's Breeding series - Coach., I'd like to say I have no words... but I really do in truth have a few. I actually went in to this publication taking in consideration that even the author described it as " ridiculous, over the top, completely amazing, and pretty much nearly breeding the heroine". There's also the fact that the series is named the " Breeding" series. So, with that being said I actually was prepared for Insta-Love, lots of sex, pathetic romance and clearly plenty of " breeding" and I actually got just that.

It absolutely was a completely indulgent read to me and it was silly and sexy. That was a quick read easily read in one sitting. It won't be the best book you've ever read but it will probably put a smile on your face., Any time I tell you this publication was hot. It absolutely was incredibly hot. Short and Sinfully Fulfilling! I won't even get into detail but a man like Chris is unquestionably a danger to sane women every where. He could be too damn tempting and poor sweet innocent Megan never stood a chance. Absolutely nothing is sexier than an Alpha Male. My only critique was her parents response. Honestly that was beyond unrealistic. There is no way a parent would give their approval to this relationship. I guess that is what makes everything a fantasy., This is another author first! Total shattered my only read certain author circle and decided to go with something off the beaten path. " Coach" by Alexa Riley was pure smuttiness at its best! Quick, to the level, over the top insta-love fest. Once you read too much of the " heavy stuff", these are the perfect reads.

Chris and Meg's relationship is pure taboo older man/younger girl (she is legal, ha! ) nonetheless they played their tasks perfectly. They are both attracted and want to start a family immediately. He is obsessed with " breeding" her. Lord this man was insatiable! Can I get a aspect of Chris to go please! Yeah you need either your substantial other or your favorite adult toy after reading this! Sex in a classroom anyone?! Scandalous lol.

In all, if you don't have a stick up your derriè re, you can get over the truth that this is insta-love and can just enjoy a good time, pick up this publication!! Strongly recommended. Out of a 5, 4. 5 superstars for me. We're able to all use a Alexa Riley in our life.

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