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This can be a box set about 3 billionaires Isaac, Denny and Sammy that formed a sex club called Golf club Desire. In the first book Isaac is getting bored with the golf club life and is attracted to Amy Rossetti. They will both have genius IQs and can't appear to stop thinking about each other. Then when a friend invites her to the club luck is on her side when a masquerade party is being held that weekend and Amy grows to give in to her desires with Isaac. However Isaac does not have clue who he mystery woman is and sets out to find her. In the second book Denny is wanting to find what his friend has and is attracted to Serena a waitress at their golf club and secretary at Amy's business. Things never appear to go as organized but lucky for Denny he's friend buts in and sends him his greatest desire. Denny knows that Serena is it for him but will they be able to make their relationship work. Within the last book its Sammy's use find love. Andrea is a tall woman and is used to being mentioned for her height but when she sees Sammy for the first time she actually is instantly attracted to him. Sammy is a big guy and isn't good at the social side of being with a lady outside the club so he could be somewhat at a loss as to how to talk to Hazel. After buying advice from Amy he goes on a date with Hazel and learns that everything he was told was the wrong approach with Andrea. It was an amazing box set I loved it from learn to complete. Incredible characters, hot intercourse and a little theatre tossed in you could not asked for more in a book. If you haven't read anything by the author this would be a great start.

I actually received a copy of this in exchange to have an honest review. Loved it so much I acquired a copy., Bad boy billionnaires are at it again
That they like to play
This specific 3 book collection from Amy Brent would not dissatisfy

Great setting
Awesome supporting cast
Dirty boys- oozing sex appeal
So Hot-Steamy- Sizzling
Creative angle on secret Club Series
Compassionate edge
Strong female protagonists
Sexual activities are intense and well written.
Amy Brent does it so well
I actually thoroughly enjoyed the whole approach to these textbooks.
I read all 3 right through even carrying my Amazon kindle once i took health breaks.
I get obsessed but I love Romance with a great erotic edge
I read and listen- the books pass my Litmus test

Thank you Amy for giving myself pleasurable adult moments

I actually volunteered an honest review for an advanced reader's copy of this book, Wow! I absolutely loved this book by Amy Brent. This is a great deal, there's three textbooks in one boxed arranged. I was hooked from page one. Isaac Hanson, Denny Chambers, and Sammy Branniff are billionaire's that created Club Votre Wish. But what happens when Issac gets serious with Amy Rossette? The actual other men start wondering what having a relationship should be like? Then as Denny and Serena Diaz drop so hard for every single other, is Sammy now the fifth wheel? Can Imperturbable Diaz forgive what the lady sees? I love how all the stories link with each other. You've got to buy the book to determine what goes on. I highly recommend this book. I really like the writing style of Amy Brent and she's always an instant buy for me., I normally don't write reviews but this book irked me to no end. There was no consistency. For example, in the beginning of the book, the writer writes about the physical characteristics of the parents of Amy. A few paragraphs later, she creates that Amy looked exactly like her mother and then goes on to talk about her blue sight when her mother experienced dark eyes. She creates about how exactly IDS got started with the 3 friends from MIT when these were seniors. Then later in the book it describes that Isaac is 40 so wouldn't his lovers also be around that age? Yes, they should, yet, she writes Sammy to be 22? Really? In addition to the inconsistency continues... Typically the author wrote that Amy was studying for her PhD at Harvard but it's written that she's doing research for MIT. Typically the final straw was after Amy was confronted by Isaac in front of her building. Her assistant is named Serena, yet she writes Mandy many times. That was when I actually put the book down. Obviously, the author didn't have an editor or proofreader who would have caught this stuff. Also, the book is short enough where if the writer herself went through the manuscript, she would have caught these inconsistencies. Typically the storyline was okay but I just couldn't get past the constantly changing characteristics and names., What a hot box set from Amy Brent! Centered a couple of friends that created a billionaires playground where almost anything goes, this is one sexy set!! I actually voluntarily reviewed a sophisticated duplicate of this book.
On Your Knees - The first book is about tech geniuses Isaac and Amy. They will may be nerdy nonetheless they are sexy too and have the drives to match! Super sexy fun with a little Cinderella-esque theme running towards the end.
Tough On - This second story is about Denny and Amy's assistant, Imperturbable. She is already very aware of Club Desire since she is a man there. Denny has been eyeing her for a time and now he decodes their time to move in. This one is warmer and dirtier than the first, it will certainly leave you panting for more! Thank goodness there is a third book!!
Deep Inside - This last book is about Sammy and Hazel. Sammy is somewhat of the giant and has experienced a thing for Hazel because he reminds the girl of an Amazon. These two get together and the paint starts melting from the walls its so warm. But she has no clue about Club Wish and when she locates out, Sammy learns that her red hair is an excellent indicator of her character. Great super hot read and aptly named taking into consideration the... um... size of Sammy: )

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