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I have read, in recent memory space.
Okay in all honesty I expected this book to be a shallow polemic alongside the lines of some of the "popular" authors today, pushing an agenda and setting up hay man arguments, to offer an illusion of balance. Full bloom, never backs down or even bother to arranged up "illusory" counter these to further his, he just piles on the examples, historical as well as contemporary to nail his indictment of the vapidness of modern "Higher Education. "
His thesis that the university today, reflects the overall detachment of American society from the Puritan moral values that were extremely important throughout American history, is conclusion i would not have put together.
Is this book out dated? Once i started reading it I would ha e said yes, but as I digest the situation I have just completed, I see in myself the same sins of "culture" and value relativism that he recognizes as the symptom of the deconstruction of a Liberal education. Like a executive graduate, I hear in my own thoughts of any "superior" education that got very little of the messy humanities as part of my experience. I see that attitude as a shortcoming after reading Bloom, and one which regrettably will be difficult to correct. Not that I am going to give up my technical high-paying career to become a philosopher, but I will now be forced to read and reread the very authors that Bloom uses to bolster his argument that it is those questions about values and the role of Man in relation to everything otherwise that is important.
I came across myself lost in a lot of ideas that I really got not considered at times and Bloom has the tendency to be over pedantic sometimes. My lack of depth to fully review his philosophical and historical arguments provides hope that perhaps I will expand the depth of my literary and historical perspective as Bloom suggests is the failing of my liberal education., He makes some good points, but he gets in his own way: the publication is too preachy and the thesis is far too convoluted for such a simple upshot. Half the book would have been twice as good. Yet, it's still an outstanding windows into a few of the problems underwriting the current university or college system, the majority of which have worsened significantly since Bloom's day., I really like the content of this book, but it's irritating which i pair full price for the book and it contains someone else's underlining., A little outdated. On the other hand that just gives more voice to the issues and concerns bloom was trying to express. great read!, Good book. Explains a lot of things about the decay of society., I have only read the first 2 chapters, but - WOW - really makes me think. I agree along with his main points, and look ahead to finishing. Not 'easy reading' -- a deep subject., well crafted should rise a lot of individuals from their collective, correct personal deep sleep, I read it 27 in years past and so glad I reread. It's a must for anyone considering the express of the U. T. A. today.

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