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I would actually forgotten that I would read this one before until I read it again today and remembered different scenes from the book and remembered my anger the first time I read the novel which was why I actually still haven't read the 3 rd book, though I'm planning to today or tomorrow now that We have come back to the series. I've always been very team Will in this series so when everything went so incorrect together in the previous book and she seems to move on to Jem in this book I was so angry.

Reading the book a second time I can really feel for Tessa as she actually is torn between two figures loving both of them for their likeness to each other and their vast differences. Yes their love story is different and at times she might come across as a little wishy washy as she moves back and forth between WIll and Jem, but it is actually really clear that she does love both of them, immensely. I loved getting to know Sophie better and the insights into Charlotte and Henry. I actually especially loved the displays with Magnus Bane and Wolsey Scott. These two characters as just a joy to come across.

So while I actually might not have given it as a high of a rating had I actually taken the time to review it the first time I actually read it, I definitely think it deserves a four star rating now. It's a fantastic book filled with all the elements present in Clockwork Angel and an Amazing read., Tessa has no spot to move into any longer because her family members are either dead or working for Mortmain, the man who claims he or she made her and wants to use her on her magical abilities.
But the good news is the Shadowhunters who run the London, uk Institute, that are also her newfound friends, aren’t willing to throw her on the street. So even though her life has been turned upside down Tessa at least has a spot to stay for now.
But even that is compromised when Benedict Lightwood attempts to claim the Institute for himself.
Now Tessa and her friends must find Mortmain that has disappeared from the face of the earth. They only get two weeks to accomplish this task or they will lose the Institute.
In addition to while they look Mortmain will get more time to work on his plan to destroy the Shadowhunters.

I really liked this book. We get to know more about the characters and few mysteries from book one are solved. The storyline continues to thicken but I actually would have liked some more action. We are fired up to read the previous book and find away how this will end., Although I read from several genres (classics, bestselling fiction, mystery, romance, and so forth. ), my favorite genre is typically adult fantasy, usually of the goule or witch/warlock variety, time-shifters, and so forth (one of my favorite writers in this genre is Karen Opportunity, love her writing style, but also like Betty Harrison and several others). However, having tried and also loved the young adult series of Harry Potter, Hunger Games publications, the Rick Riordan demi-gods series Percy Jackson, and so forth., I believed what the daylights, I'd try at least the 1st Mortal Instruments. I had read that you of the books was going to be made into a movie. Once I read somewhat to the 1st publication, I was completely and totally hooked, and pretty much devoured the series, and soon moved on to the Infernal Gadgets trilogy. I did not want to put any of the books from the 2 series down. I liked the Mortal Instruments series, but I have to say my favorite number of the 2 has been the Infernal Devices. Exactly what a great bunch of characters, with adventure and a fabulous romance too. Right now there is more action in the Mortal Instruments series, although there is still " some" action in Infernal Devices, as well. I liked the figures of Jace and Claire in Mortal Instruments (Simon not until about the next book of Mortal Instruments when so many changes are taking place), but my favorite character considering both series is Will Herondale (Infernal Devices). (**Spoiler Alert): The best line in the book (Clockwork Prince) is when Will claims " I have wanted to do that every moment of every hour of every day that I have been with you since the day I met you, " sigh...... dissolve, melt. I also loved that the eccentric Magnus also appeared in this three set. I did not think Clary (Mortal Instruments) was practically as likeable a personality as Tess (Infernal Devices), but for the most part, I really enjoyed the mix of figures in Mortal Instruments, and also many of the primary characters in Infernal Gadgets. When I shared some advice about the books to my co-workers, they started reading them too, and also LOVE them!!! I was sad to say goodbye, even if perhaps temporarily, when I actually finished precisely what is currently available in both series. Now I just have to wait for the 3rd publication in the Infernal Gadgets trilogy to come away soon, (as well as the next Mortal Instruments book), and of course the first Movie (which I actually hope follows the book). Well done Ms. Clare!, So, I have check out this book so many times, I have entire passages memorized. I browse the Clockwork series before the Persona Instruments and it really contributed to the development of many of the figures you find in the Persona Instruments. So, if you are going to read the Clockwork Series and the Mortal Instruments, start with the Clockwork series because many of the characters are in the Mortal Instruments.

I love the story of May, Jem and Tessa. I really like the way they conclusion up. Overall, I just love these books. I actually have been on the edge of my chair, laughed, cried and been inspired. It really is truly a wonderful set of publications and I never get fed up with reading them.

I actually even purchased the audio books and have listening to them numerous times. Of all the books I own, This series are my absolute favorite. When I actually can't find out what to read, I learn about May, Jem and Tessa. I actually have even purchased the graphic novels.

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